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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A Belmont? I thought your family had vanished.
A good doctor
A great hero who sleeps until he is needed,
A legend, probably.
A little more than one year ago,
A small one.
A story made up by heretics!
A tired little...
A vampire hunter and a magician.
Absolutely nothing.
Ah, come on.
Ah, yes, we are quite protective of our ways.
Ah. I wish Speakers wouldn't do that.
Ale! For Christ's sake!
All the evil that hides here.
All the good little people dying horribly, all that.
Although I fear there may be trouble ahead because of it.
Although my father once got into a fight with one.
An army...
And a lot less happy than you are...
And a naked man with blood and straw all over his peck?
And a scholar of magic.
And a scholar.
And all the stories say the man who lives here
And burned out of the ancestral home, then...
And defeat my father.
And dying has never frightened me.
And garlic in superstitious fear?
And glass in shapes you've never seen, thin as paper.
And have practitioners of magic knowledge in your tribes.
And he says, "Well, she fucks me, don't she?"
And how do you know that?
And I told you it was necessary to offer aid to the people.
And I told you,
And I'm here to be disciplined?
And I've never lost a fight to man nor fucking beast.
And it had to come to this?
And it is the presence of men of God
And many thousands of people just as innocent as her
And no, I don't.
And now black magic is all over Wallachia.
And now Dracula is carrying out an execution order on the human race.
And now Dracula's hordes are abroad in the land.
And now I bring your death.
And now the headman says I have to pay the bastard money
And on top of that,
And once Targoviste has been made into a graveyard for my love,
And remove any marks you have made upon the land.
And see? The sun is up.
And so you know that just because we found a story in our past,
And that's when you hit him.
And the church will blame you, and it'll start all over again.
And the matter of your excision from the church
And the one thing that justified humanity's stench upon this planet
And then I'll wipe all human life from the land of Wallachia.
And then you can come down here and get killed again. Deal?
And there can be no doubt now that she consorted with the devil.
And they'll do as I ask in His name.
And they're not even the worst.
And what am I?
And what did you do in the face of that?
And what do you do?
And what makes you so sure?
And who's caught in the middle?
And whose fault is that?
And you haven't offered me a drink or even to take my coat.
And you offer for me to walk the earth like an ordinary peasant
And you were at Targoviste?
And you will either be gone or be dead.
And you're here to wait for him?
And, I think, your restraint.
Any one of them could have stood up and said,
Anybody home?
Are good for Gresit,
Are the Speakers dead?
Are you calling me a coward?
Are you in search of a mythical savior?
Arn, bring our friend some water.
Banished, disowned,
Be better than them. Please!
Because he went blind.
Because I'm the only man here who knows how to fight these things.
Because if we truly are the sort of people
Because it is what my mother would have wanted.
Because the locals are blaming you for the attacks.
Because we don't matter.
Before the night creatures conduct their next raid.
Before the sun goes down.
Belmont, no!
Belmont, you can't do this!
Better than fire, anyway
Bit of dried goat.
Bloody Gresit.
But because you don't have your grandchild's body?
But he saved my life.
But I don't care.
But I won't let you commit genocide.
But I'm excommunicated.
But now he sleep under the catacombs.
But now...
But that doesn't matter, does it?
But the Belmonts fight monsters.
But the bishop's men come in the middle of the day.
But the Sleeping Warrior is still down here.
But they didn't want us.
But we love you.
But what am I supposed to do
But you didn't answer my question.
But you were there for the burning of Dracula's wife. I heard all about that.
But... you don't.
By his logic, you have to die
By killing a defenseless woman.
By morning, no Speaker will defile these streets,
By your own country for the accident of your birth.
Celebrate the day you killed my wife.
Come on. Come on!
Come over the wall every night
Confess, and I'll make it quick.
Dear God, please don't let the vampire's guts
Descriptions of the inside of Dracula's castle
Despite the crimes your family has committed against God,
Did you have a destination in mind?
Did... did you climb on me?
Didn't think I'd manage it
Do this thing for me,
Do we not know his works to be illusion?
Do you care, Belmont?
Do you know why?
Do you remember what we saw down there?
Do you think you can?
Do you understand?
Do you?
Does one run away when someone tells lies about them?
Don't bother this man or his people again.
Don't forget... spread the word.
Dracula's monsters come at night,
Dress the girls like boys.
During the God willed punishment
Either someone left a statue of a Speaker down here, or...
Eleven, though I insist we be counted as 12.
Everybody out there already does that.
Everyone with a pike or long weapon,
Everyone with a sword wipes their blades in the salt.
Excommunication came from a little higher up the ladder.
Finally just rips through this place.
Find some more food, find some drink,
For evil bastards to win power, all ordinary people have to do
For fighting vampires and demons.
For generations.
For me to tolerate human life!
For my knowledge,
For no more do I travel as a man.
For people you don't know?
For the aspersion?
For twenty years have I served you
For we are the righteous of Targoviste,
Four steps forward!
Fresh oil.
From the baby eating freaks of nature who apparently raid Gresit every night.
Fucked within an inch of its life
Fucking a goat with mange?"
Fucking face down here!
Fucking right I hit him with a shovel!
Get drunk, eat some food, move on.
Give your aid to the survivors when the night horde
Go forth into the country.
Go now
Go now and kill.
Go to all the cities of Wallachia:
Go to the nearest well, start drawing water.
God forbid you should warn anyone before emptying your fucking shit pots.
God is not here.
God shits in my dinner once again.
Gresit will be the last major city in Wallachia.
Gresit! Chilia! Enisara!
Ha! Reflexes like a cat.
Had I but time to burn out
Has fought and died through generations for this country.
Has not returned.
Has secret knowledge.
Have ever seen a priest draw a knife before.
Have we come down here to wake up the man who'll kill Dracula,
Haven't seen you before.
He died in the first horde attack.
He does not love us
He has an army of monsters.
He thinks I'm dead?
He was supposed to be myth,
He wasn't much wrong.
He went that way!
He wouldn't leave the city until he had your body.
He's a vampire.
He's determined to wipe out all human life wherever he finds it.
He's rude.
He's the one we've been waiting for.
Head south, hook up with another train.
Here we go.
History is a living thing. Paper is dead.
Hit him with a shovel!
Hmm, what for?
Honestly, I didn't, no.
House of Belmont?
How did you divine that?
How exactly do you intend to help these people by killing Speakers?
However, I was met by some of the Christian priests.
I also know you gather hidden knowledge
I am Adrian Tepes.
I am from the Village of Lupu.
I am the Bishop of Gresit!
I am the Bishop of Gresit.
I am Trevor Belmont of the House of Belmont,
I am Vlad Dracula Tepes,
I believe she's exhorting Satan not to take revenge on us,
I came down to recover your remains so the Speakers would go to safety.
I came from shit.
I can hear you.
I can see you're carrying a blade.
I can still rip your throat out.
I can travel. This entire structure is a traveling machine.
I care about doing my family's work.
I care about saving human lives.
I could pee in a bucket and tell him it's beer.
I could slip and take your eye out.
I couldn't be there.
I didn't ask you to fight for me.