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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A good feeling, huh? When did the feeling return to your head?
A hot dog and mustard!
And I am gonna have fun doing it!
And I'm sick of the high hat!
And you can't recall when you last used it.
Anyone sees you, you really are dead. You're not my problem.
Anyways, thanks for coming by.
As dead I well may be
Because the Dane's already dead, halfway across town.
Before I know it, the odds even up
Bernie ain't satisfied with the honest dollar he can make off the vig,
Bernie is a small price to pay for peace.
Call me a big hearted slob, but I'll square it
Caspar hasn't broken the rules. Bernie and you have.
Does this go on the tab?
Drop Johnson? He play your book much?
Ever noticed how the snappy talk dries up
Eyties, more like it.
For starters.
For you will..
Funny thing is, she asked me to tie the knot.
Get me out of here! Tom! Tommy!
Get your little Hebe ass in the car! Let's go.
Giving me a headache, you little sheeny. Let's go!
Go to the Palisades. I'll join you soon.
He left.
He wants you to ask Leo to watch him. Leo listens to you.
He won't be for long if this keeps up. It's no good for anyone. You said so.
He wouldn't, so you'd likely have the drop on him.
He's still alive.
Hello, Tom. What's the rumpus? You like kids?
How horrible Rug was, how he goaded you, shook you down.
I bet you kept him plenty worried.
I can't die! I can't die
I deserve it.
I don't know who he's selling to, maybe the Los Angeles combine
I get you, smart guy. I know what you are.
I had a feeling about this son of a bitch!
I need help from friends. Like Leo and you.
I pay off to you every month like a greengrocer,
I plan to ask her to marry me, Tom.
I understand. I'm dead. God bless you.
I'll admit, since last we jawed, my stomach's been seizing up on me.
I'm glad you came, Tommy.
I'm on duty.
If Bernie's there, Frankie and Tic Tac will take care of him.
If it'll help you think, you should know if you don't do this,
If Leo did want me back, he's a bigger sap than I thought.
If you don't mind keeping the gun that killed Caspar. And Mink.
Is that all you came for?
It ruins it.
It's confusing. You know a yegg named Drop Johnson?
Just in the nick of time, huh?
Leave town for a few days. Things are gonna heat up around here.
Leo says we're quits.
Leo'll do what suits him, you'll obey. He still runs this town.
Maybe that's why I like you, Tom
Mayor, you don't hear so hot! I said head of the assessor's office!
Mink took a powder. We can't find him. Dane's making excuses for him,
Mink? Tom Reagan. Where you been?
My mother didn't recognize me. I want Mulvaney.
No one really cares, do they?
No, thanks, Delahanty.
Not bad.
Nothing for me.
Nothing more foolish than a man chasing his hat
Nothing will stir until I talk to him.
Nothing. It ain't my business. Bernie wants to see you.
Or in shadow
Or, I'm betting on the short money. The sheeny knows I like sure things.
Out here in the woods, like a dumb animal.
Rug was tailing Verna. Mink was just with her
Same as when you left us 10 seconds ago.
See, I wanna watch you squirm.
She's under a lot of strain.
Shut up! You take a page out of this guy's book!
So you wanna kill him
Stirring this up won't be good for anyone. It'll mean killing
Tad? It's Tom
Take care, now.
Take the kid and wait in the car. Give him a penny, boys!
Tell Bernie he has to get in touch.
Tell Lazarre I've got his money
That ain't even the point anymore.
That wouldn't help your play with Leo.
That's you all over, Tom.
The Royale, room 302.
The smart play. Give Bernie up. Let Caspar think he's made his point.
The two of us, we're about bad enough to deserve each other.
The way you're going..
Then he's dead, then we go home.
There's nothing in it for you now.
Things aren't as clear cut as you make it.
Tic Tac!
Told you to put one in his brain, not in his stinking face.
Twist a pig's ear, watch him squeal.
Understand, if we don't find a stiff out here, we leave a fresh one.
Wanna know why I'm squaring you with Lazarre?
We can maybe have tea sometime.
We can't pin this on the Dane.
We're getting married.
Well, think about whether you should start.
Well, you did a bang up job. I'll be sure to tell him. Where's Leo?
What is this about, Tom?
What's the matter, somebody hit you?
Where's the mayor? Why aren't the police here?
Why would I, or my brother, kill Rug or anybody else?
Will warm and sweeter be
With him dead, we got nothing on each other.
Yeah, news at this end too. My stomach's been seizing up on me.
Yeah. Let's do plenty.
Yeah. Thattaboy.
You came to see if I'd kick if you killed Bernie. There's your answer
You can't be part of this! I think these guys are gonna whack me!
You don't need it for Leo. He already thinks you're Miss Jesus
You got me to tell you where he was, and you killed him.
You hear that, Dane? My kid is as smart as a whip!
You keep it. I want you to have it.
You know it's right.
You ran and ran, and finally you caught up to it.
You think I murdered someone? Come on, Tom. You know me a little
You're missing out on a complete life. I know, kids, big deal.
Any news about Rug? Still dead, far as I know.
But there are two of them! I can count! Co heads.
Does he want a pillow for his head? Think about it.
Don't let on more than you have to. In the rain.
He'll have to carry me. He won't like that.
How do I know you ain't got it? Because I say so.
I didn't start this... You did. You and Verna.
I put a tail on her this afternoon. Uh huh.
I told you so. What?
I'm the only one who can get you out. Wait, Tom...
Leo gets Verna. What's for me? Come on.
Look in your heart. What heart?
Mink thought Rug was tailing him? Yeah, you know Mink. Hysterical.
Shut up! I understand. Thank you.
So opposites attract. Mind your own business.
Some friend. You know how nervous he was.
The other three? Lead.
Verna around? In the ladies' room.
Well, I'm sorry about the hour. Uh huh.
What are you doing? Walking.
What was that party about? We do it every week.
What's he seeing her for? Beats...
Why can't you admit it? What?
Why did Mink take Rug's hair? Beats me.
Why do you hate him? I don't hate anyone.
You know who I am? Yeah, Johnny Caspar's shadow.
You might find Mink with him. The hell you say.