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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
And watched my life become more and more empty as a result
Atwater? Tremendous. Except I just fired him last week
Because he was able to keep Sidney from harming his old self
But I most seriously doubt it
But this is embarrassing
Fella, I got something!
Fire whoever you want
Get your feet off my desk, get out of my office.
Hey, what do you think you were in a previous life, Amy?
I developed it myself
I don't know. Maybe I was just..
I guess Sidney's putting the screws to you, Norman.
I say, yes..
I've got a company to run here!
If we had an appointment, we'd be in the book.
It'd be more of a grabber than your piece on the county grain surplus!
Knock kneed at the first sign of adversity
Looks like you're finished.
My, it certainly is beautiful. The people look like ants.
No magazines! No coffee!
Or Italian coddee and the people there, well, none of them quite fit in
She hits the streets this evening
She'll be coming round the mountain I said coming round the mountain
Shut up! Exactly
Some will be butterflies, others will be elephants..
Somebody call the cops!
Sorry I'm late, Sid. That back nine at Riverdale's really murder
Such is business. Such is life.
Tell me why the board decided to make Norville Barnes president?
The Swingerina!
The whole world, it seems, is against you?
Those folks have to protect their investment
We're making so much money in sub franchising..
Why don't you come there with me?
You know, for drinks?
You know, for kids.
You let Mrs. Eisenhower down. You let the American people down
You take no prisoners, give no second chances
You, a Muncie girl
You'll be tattered, torn and hurting
You've outdone yourself. You've reinvented the wheel