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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A home rink, and a coach over the age of 21.
ALEX: You got it!
All right, let's give it a shot.
And anyway, who cares? Those guys don't deserve you.
And now we have the **** Rapids Cardinals!
And on a club team or whatever... It's just like...
And that's all for tonight on The Wraparound.
But at my age, if you're not already awesome,
But I'm a Mighty Duck. This is my team
But not for long. Because we're coming for yours.
COACH T: Get that puck!
COACH T: Lean into it!
COACH T: These parents are serious, all right?
Come on, Nick
Coming in with an exclusive interview with Alex Morrow after her tragic breakdown.
Cool. Cool
Do you understand that there is about zero chance
Does no one see the insanity but me?
EVAN: This bag is bigger than me
Guys, guys, I think we did it
Have you ever thought of playing hockey?
He won't come out of his room.
Here we go! Here we go!
Hey, the Ducks don't get to take hockey away from you.
Hi. Just wrapping up my podcast.
How can you have no ice time? You're the last place on my list.
How is it coming together?
I am
I do not own ice skates!
I feel ya. I love hockey.
I hate hockey
I have more of a podcast body.
I just don't wanna make a bigger fool out of myself than I already did.
I mean, we don't want a replay of that cheese puff incident
I want you to think about all the other kids
I'll find a coach. I'll find a rink.
I'm not a trainer. I'm a pediatric sports psychologist.
It says in order to be a team, you just have to have six players,
Let's start our own team. A whole group of Don't Bothers.
Look at this. Your first teammate!
Look, you don't wanna be here. Trust me
My name is Alex. Hello
Nah, too many rules. Not a rules guy
NICK: "Teammate"?
Now you want to fight his bullies for him?
Oh, what? That? It ain't no thang.
Okay, so it wouldn't be a powerhouse team like the Ducks, but that's not the point.
Okay, this is exciting.
Okay. Snack schedule for practices
Okay. This is a tough one. I meant to do that
PLAYER: Missed a board!
Practicing seven days a week
Saying what a fool you made of yourself?
So she sits under the Minnesota moon, wondering, "What lies ahead?"
So we only have three days.
So why are you living like this?
So, Sam, I noticed you enjoy flinging your body into large objects.
Something's going on with your knee 'cause you're pushing so hard.
Sorry, sorry, sorry. I like the orange
That any one of these kids is gonna play professional hockey?
The 6:00 a.m. practices, the thousand dollar clinics,
The God like worship of protein.
There's a new team joining the league. The, uh..
These are children. This is a game.
They get me from point A to point B
They just wanna get out there and play.
This is Nick The Stick,
Ugh, I know
We are out of here.
We can friggin' find, which I lied, contain no actual cheese,
We can maybe do that.
We can totally do that.
We have our first hockey practice tonight. You should come by
We just need four players
We're gonna go to a store and we're gonna buy all the cheese puffs
We're letting him go
Welcome to the Ice Palace
Well, I know your parents are always on your case.
Which is a big dead end, if you ask me,
While you guys are busy training your little hockey robots?
Who've been told that they're too small or too slow.
Wouldn't even be any good.
Yes... Psych.
You brought two private trainers to your kid's hockey practice.
You can't just start a team. There's gotta be rules.
You did not make a fool of yourself.
You guys find four more players and let's just get out there and have fun.
You know what me and Evan are gonna do
You know, actually, I'm starting a new hockey team.
You know, she never misses it. She's a great mom
You, don't bother, sir. You don't bother.
You're not happy there.
You're telling my son, "Don't bother."
(SOFI GROANS) Hey, you all right?
Can you just leave me alone, please? No, I'm sorry. I cannot.
Cool. Any chance for a follow up interview?
EVAN: I'm okay. Thumbs up
I did. He's so upset,
Love you to be a part of it. You're asking me to quit the Ducks?
No offense. No, I agree.
Really? Really? Yeah
Uh, I don't think so. Great. I'm headed over.
Where is that guy? (EVAN GRUNTING)
"Don't bother."
"New team
(WEAKLY) Great.