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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A future I don't want.
A hardened facility in the Sierra Nevada mountains
And I would lead what was left of the human race to ultimate victory
Basic psychology is among my subroutines.
Bitch. Wait your turn.
But there's a catch
Do you want me to call 911?
Drop your weapon!
General Robert Brewster is program director of CRS...
Get down
I can't get a line
I have a fiance.
I must have made some kind of impression.
I opened Pandora's box.
Just wait in here with Hercules and I'll be a few minutes, all right?
Look what you did to my car
Maybe the future has been written. I don't know.
Maybe the most important thing anyone has ever done.
My database does not encompass the dynamics of human pair bonding.
Negative. Katherine Brewster must be protected
No phone, no address.
No! What are you doing?
Now what?
Oh, God
Once the connection's made, it should only be a few minutes.
Out of my way!
Release your hostage!
Sir, the Pentagon has proposed we use our Al to scan the infrastructure.
Take care of my daughter
The access codes are in my safe
The beginning of a war between man and machines
The Mojave area will sustain significant nuclear fallout
There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.
There's nothing here.
There's nothing you can do. Come on.
They tried to murder me before I was born
We were supposed to meet
Which ones are the codes?
You are John Connor
You cannot self terminate
You're safe now. They can't hurt you
911. Yes. Yes. I'm being kidnapped.
Go, go, go! Move it!
It sounds like a hairball. I know what a hairball sounds like
Look God, you were always a delinquent.
Okay, what have we got? This new computer virus is tricky
What? She's your wife
Why are you here? Where are we going? Keep moving
...nanotechnological transjectors