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Home > Cruel Summer (2021) - Season...
A car accident.
A desperate thirst for gossip.
A devastatingly handsome older bother
A dozen times when I was her age.
A few gals are coming over
A few months after I was kidnapped,
A few months after I was kidnapped...
A girl.
A girls' day sounds like fun.
A house sitting vacant still
A letter accusing her of lying?
A little more open than most.
A lot.
A lotta family drama back then.
A man can dream, right?
A man joined her.
A man the grownups trusted.
A mother will go to great lengths to protect
A new year, a new you... Smile!
A non couple couple today at school with Ben?
A recipe for disappointment.
A rumor like that could tarnish his integrity,
A therapist is not a sister.
A very happy anniversary it is.
A Wallis cannot be calling a Turner right now.
About something so serious.
About that necklace, I have had this pit in my stomach
About the other girl from Widow Falls.
About your likability.
Actually I thought I saw her at the drug store
Actually kind of like this one. You should keep it.
Actually, I may have one that'll send shivers down your spine.
After I hit "play," I'll slip out.
After I took a chance at freedom, things got worse.
After Kate was rescued?
After my last two birthdays,
After raising two kids...
After... the promise ring.
Against that malicious little weenie weasel.
Ah, an out of towner. I'm new here, too.
Ah, kids are kids.
Ah, whoa. No public affection, okay?
Ah! Thanks, Mom.
All alone.
All I'm saying is that the weird apple
All of it?
All right, come on, I'm closing up.
All right, here we go! So we're going up on the bench. Let's go!
All right, then.
All right, Tucker, you always have the best ghost stories, hit us.
All right, your funeral.
All right?
All right. Let's get you home.
All set?
Also on the list is stealing, lucky number 13,
Also perfect. He's a newb, which gives you the social upper hand.
Also, sorry to say this, but your dad is kind of fine.
Always a pleasure, Greg!
Always happy to meet a fan, and a new neighbor.
Always win.
Am I sleeping at your place tonight?
An apology for child abuse.
An arm and a leg for every minute of Ms. Harper's time.
An unnamed teen from Widow Falls, Texas,
Anchor: A strange twist in the shocking story of Jeanette Turner,
Anchor: Kate Wallis was not the first minor
Anchor: Storms across the Midwest have caused a series of blackouts...
And "B," she's way out of your league.
And a very large sum of money.
And all hell will break loose.
And an investigation into her abduction is underwa.
And are praying for her safe return.
And as comfortable as possible.
And at that time, you believed Jeanette?
And athletic like you and your friends?
And awkward or whatever...
And big, nasty anniversary smiles.
And calling all the shots.
And cheerleading captain.
And children and property,
And dinner's not even until 7:00.
And enjoy movies like you and I used to?
And even worse, she saw me.
And everybody's gonna see that gorgeous smile.
And finally, thankfully, rescued
And front door is base, okay?
And go thrift shopping again.
And happy first day of summer.
And have her sprinkle that around town.
And he had a couple of showings this afternoon
And he realized that I'd claw him to death if I had the chance.
And he thought maybe he had left his briefcase here,
And he took that!
And he's my friend.
And hearsay doesn't really amount to much.
And held captive by her former assistant principal
And her abductor has been killed in a deadly shootout.
And her phenomenal travel agency.
And I actually think that Jeanette should choose the movie,
And I came with a little bit of baggage
And I can give you a ride if you'd like.
And I can't anymore.
And I drew a bath and I got in.
And I forget for a moment
And I got a contact high.
And I got this sort of weird sensation.
And I just grabbed it and I told him to run.
And I keep thinking, why me?
And I know that you said that I should choose my battles,
And I know you already talked to Jeanette's lawyer, so...
And I know you don't wanna hear this,
And I know you very well, because you're me 24 years ago.
And I lied to you about it.
And I need somebody to talk to, and I need to talk about it.
And I needed you to take this lawsuit seriously!
And I ruined my best friend's future.
And I saw Jeanette fleeing the scene.
And I saw you.
And I thought that I was like...
And I told my lawyers that I had my story straight.
And I was gonna give it back to her when school began.
And I went to the windows to
And I will discipline her as I see fit!
And I will never forgive myself
And I...
And I'd love to say I'm sorry, but I'm not, at all.
And I'll regret what I did
And I'm her father.
And I'm over seeing him everywhere, but...
And I'm really...
And I'm so... so sorry.
And I'm tired.
And I'm Vince.
And I'm who you invited over?
And I'm...
And I've never seen you happier than
And if I did set into motion
And if I ever find out that it was you who sent that...
And if one of those roaches gets deposed,
And if you had anything to do with that...
And if you were the Wicked Witch,
And if you're giving it away, I could really use a printer.
And in its place, this bullshit.
And in this case, falsely equate lying
And it can be confusing.
And it got me thinking.
And it loses us this case,
And it means I am all in on us.
And it's a bit of an extension
And it's your problem,
And Jeanette said that maybe I could use your bathroom?
And Kate may trust you, but I don't.
And last I checked, Jamie's still with Kate so even if he is here,
And look how short the lines are.
And love me anyway!
And making me out to be the bad guy...
And most of the time that row winds up being in first class.
And much perseverance in order to...
And my feelings.
And my mind.
And my mom leaving.
And my sweet girl, he was hooked.
And now look...
And now she's just going out in public to taunt me?
And now she's watching old movies,
And now that I'm a high school grad, I don't need permission.
And now that I'm back,
And now we have proof.
And now?
And one of these days, the rest of the world's gonna see what I see.
And only a week ago seeing the guy that did it
And our daughter just lied about it!
And our daughter just lied about it.
And our daughter just lied about it... to the police.
And our marriage was...
And parents can't keep you safe,
And perfect.
And pretty soon those braces will be off
And Rod makes a venison dish that is to die for.
And saliva.
And she denied it.
And she did send the "liar" letter
And she'll never back down?
And so lonely...
And speak gibberish to complete strangers.
And squishy.
And surprised...
And tell everyone what a sicko you are.
And that falls into a ball and so on and so on,
And that falls into stacked cards
And that is how we prepare.
And that means that you have
And that stupid Jeanette Turner
And that was when I met Annabelle.
And that you were puking your guts out.
And that's not gonna be good for anybody.
And the Fourth is starting off with a bang.
And the governor of Texas called me a disgrace.
And The Marsha Bailey Show.
And the moment that I questioned you,
And the other one's gonna join them soon enough.
And the Wallis kids if you see them, okay?
And then I realized no one in this house had an appetite.
And then overnight she became like this other person.
And then she changed.
And then somewhere along the way,
And then they said a whole bunch of stuff about Jeanette
And then you remember?
And then you twisted my words
And then you wind up sitting next to a corpse?
And then you'd be stuck in a town that's turned on you
And there ain't too many of those.
And there was something...
And there were days that I couldn't
And there's another here, uh...
And this one might be silver.
And throw that little bitch in jail.
And to celebrate...
And to the movies, and to the roller rink,
And to your knowledge,
And to your knowledge, has Jeanette
And tomorrow everyone will be talking about
And walked out that door.
And we are sympathetic.
And we can pretend like we're from a different country
And we fight tooth and nail to survive it.
And we have to finish them all before school starts.
And we're making a list of all the things we're gonna do this summer,
And we're pretty much strangers.
And we're the geniuses behind it.
And what about Jeanette?
And what is the nature of your current relationship?
And what makes you think that?
And what's your excuse?
And whatever you say,
And when my Rod moved to town, we welcomed him with open arms.
And why should I even believe you?