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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A urine delivery system
All right, well, that's great. We don't give a shit,
All right? That being said, it is difficult to decipher
And there's no way we're gonna figure this out
But, I mean, I don't know why it took 'em so long to realize
Fine. Fine, Scott.
For a lot less than that, hon.
Freeze! Get on the ground!
Go home. Or wherever the hell it is you go during the day.
Guys, I think we found ourselves in a Quantum Leap
I feel like that's the nicest the police have ever treated me.
I mean, look, this may be
I mean, really, our lives aren't all that different.
I mean, they they've always mattered,
I think it's still, I think it's still unclear.
I think we're in the respite of a musical,
I would see that. I would see that
I'd like to report a disturbance.
It's that. And the three of us,
Kiddie Twis... Oh, shit!
Like the Scarecrow in The Wiz.
Look at this... the VCR's toast.
Look, how are we gonna get in your car without your keys?
Now, are those older guys your friends?
Off ♪
Oh, Christ, I'm singing again.
Oh, right.
Oh, shit, there it is! The Wiz!
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit. Oh.
Oh. Oh. Oh, I see.
Ooh. Man, that was, like, one Mississippi that time
Reunited a family, and we're gonna, Yeah.
Sleep with a bunch of other people, and I...
So you never forget me.
Somebody shit all over the dining hall.
That their lives matter.
That they get their version? You know,
There you go. Hey, see?
This is gonna keep happening, I think. Oh, God.
This is the exact same place where I found Old Black Man..
Um, sure.
Wake up! Hey, go home! Go home.
We're their kids!
Well, guys, maybe we didn't keep our brains after all,
Well, not you're just stereotyping.
Well, we did have a black president before the orange one.
What are the rules?
What are the rules?
Why are you looking for a chance to say it?
Why do a remake of The Wizard of Oz? I mean, the original
Why do we have to watch The Wiz?
Yeah, I don't want to see that
Yeah, we got electrocuted. Holy shit.
Yeah! Oh, great!
Yeah. Church... we're just church people.
Yeah. Don't steal our leap.
Yeah. We'll see you, pal.
Yes! I see it now.
and we're still not changing back. Really? Huh.
because that's a face switching movie. Yeah, no,
How'd you do it on the show? Tell us how to do it.
I'm not gay, I didn't... but... Well...
It's a wallet. I know it's a wallet, asshole.
Right, right. And then... Yeah.
so we still have to test it. Oh, yeah
That's the lesson. You know what, no, I think we're not
We're to see the Wiz. Yeah, we really got to talk to him.
What. God, God, Frank. Oh, sorry, sorry. Old Man...
Where are my keys? You got 'em?
Whoa whoa whoa. Ugh, I'm sick of that one.
Why are you doing this? ♪ I don't have a reason ♪
Why do you got a mop? Researching a role.
With time to spare! Charlie! We..
Yeah, I don't know what that was. That was super weird.
♪ ♪
♪ Ah... ♪
♪ And assumptions make bad through ways ♪
♪ And my mansion in Van Nuys ♪
♪ And we wanna go home ♪
♪ But too much of it ♪
♪ Every word that we say ♪
♪ How did they know ♪
♪ I'm gonna say "fo' sho'" ♪
♪ It's so hard to understand! ♪
♪ Leave me far... ♪
♪ Let's hope we learned our lesson ♪
♪ Let's make a better guess ♪
♪ Let's make one thing perfectly clear ♪
♪ Maybe it's just that ♪
♪ No, that's not what I mean ♪
♪ Not saying the "N" word ♪
♪ Ooh... ♪
♪ Ooh... ♪
♪ Our home ♪ ♪ White home ♪
♪ Played poker with The Fall Guy ♪
♪ That's happened today ♪
♪ Then I sleep in the closet ♪
♪ They gave me this train
♪ Unless he brings home a hooker ♪
♪ Wanna go home ♪
♪ We'll leave off the "E R" ♪
♪ Well, I think we just found out a new rule. ♪
♪ What are the rules? ♪ ♪ Who can say the "N" word? ♪
♪ What do you mean? ♪
♪ When you've just turned black ♪
♪ Where I sleep with a man named Frank ♪
♪ Ziggy, if you hear me ♪
♪ Like maybe I'm a doctor ♪
♪ What are the rules? ♪