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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All the shits I have to plunge for a while.
And broke all my samples.
And more urethra swabbing.
And saved humanity
And we're kind of, like, becoming friends
And you're Wolf, and you're time travelers
As to go you can
At Caltech.
Barbarella had an HSV 1 outbreak.
Behind the dumpster, quick!
But I don't know how to ride one of these
But I'm not buying it, okay?
But we don't want you to leave
But yet he makes these giant green pipes
But you aren't.
Can't be a coincidence.
Clearly it's not working
Come on, you little buddy boo.
Country in your eyes
Cum on my leg
Day to day, hour to hour
Do your goddamn drugs somewhere else,
Everything that happens in the Biotic Wars is real
Filled with your piss so you don't have to stop playing?
Fuck this place up!
Fucking hippie
Go, go, go!
Going back in time to 1969
Got a good thing
He's actually not a motherfucker
Here we are, again
Hey Carl.
Hey, you know what they say, keep your friends close,
Holy shit
Hoo, how long have you been in here, buddy?
I am moving around, getting familiar,
I have never made it this far with this many
I know that you're upset
I paid my only bitcoin for that!
I suggest less tongue lashing
I was coming back for
I was conceived right upstairs in the same room
I was looking for a closer for my toast
I'll never forget the night I contracted it.
If you were as good at cleaning as you are at leering,
In real life?
Is he gonna watch or..
It's a TTD, time travel device
Just get on
Leave it.
Leg shot!
Let's go
Look good with a bald head,
Nine forward
No, he's right, we can't do this without him
Oh shit, we need to change our clothes
Oh, shit, is he okay?
Oh, shit!
Oh, these little green logs are fucking amazing
Oh, yeah
Oh, you should've been there.
Okay, I got it, I got it.
Or be killed
Our first call, we've wanted this
Ow, stop!
Run, you little fucker, run!
She gets high
Since we were kids
Smash your joystick...again?
So that's not a water bottle
Something more with my life?
That you'd be the key to stopping Elias Kronish,
That's a clean break, double points
The human race is on the brink of extinction.
The year
Then why you sweating right now?
They took all your limbs.
Thirteen forward
Unequip all gear
We all jerk it to video game people.
We don't know that yet
What the fuck happened in there?
What the heck?
What the hell?
What's that supposed to be?
Where like you can't forgive me and move on
While you keep on dreaming, you kids,
Who are you?
With this video game
Wolf, fire up the TTD, we're sending him back
Yeah, you have, but it's not true.
You are needed in the executive restroom.
You have defeated all of the Biotics
You'd be a pretty good janitor.
You're curing disease.
You're our newest recruit.
You're safe now.
Your right hand should be called Siegfried, man.
Break, break I time
Blow 'em back to hell. Yeah, hoo!
Go, go, go, go, go! Two.
Hoo, 83. 83?
Man, no, no, no! She gets high
Mom! Calm down!
No, I'm Future Man. Joshy!
Nope. Things are about to get real
Oh, fuck! What the fuck are you doing?
That makes no sense. No, 'cause it's destiny.
Your babies are dead. She's having a bad trip
'cause I'm in heat also