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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A call girl, actually. and she came to my house
All I'm saying is..
All right
Are you Joel?
Are you the kid I chased last night?
Dalby, get your ass over here
Do exactly as we say, and no one gets hurt
Fair enough
Glenn, all right.
Guido, go home. We don't need you anymore
Guts to open.
Ha. We won't bother you.
He gets a little crazy sometimes
Hey, Barry
His exact words
How are you this evening?
How much you got on you?
I concentrated on sales
I don't wanna do nothing with you anymore.
I don't want no problems
I grossed over $8,000 in one night
I wrote that down, it's on the fridge door.
I'll give the key to the girls to help. Maybe they'll do you a favor
I'll never get to college.
I'm gonna get a cab
I'm gonna go to school now
I'm over three hours late.
I'm sorry.
It sounds great, Miles.
It's Joel. Ha, ha
Joel, do you hear something odd?
Joel. Joel, listen, this is my cousin, Ruben. He's from Skokie
Lana, I'm in a meeting
Last night?
Look, Lana, my name really isn't Ralph
Look, will you do me a favor?
Look, you're writing again
Love it
Miles, you know...
No charge?
No, she's not waiting for me, Joel, she's waiting for you
No, you didn't
No. I'm playing cards
Oh, fuck. Will you just..
Oh, God
Oop. I'm sorry
So she introduced me to her friends.
So you going straight home now?
So your folks are going out of town.
Sometimes you gotta say, "What the fuck."
The doctor said nerves.
The dream is always the same.
The girls were exhausted.
Then I see her.
They are?
Wanna put your books on the floor, please?
We made a profit of $850 last semester
Well, I, uh..
Well, I'm sorry
Well, tell me this:
Well, then, you listen to me, buster. You... You A hole.
Where will you get the money to pay for something like that?
Who is that?
Yeah, I can see that
Yeah, I need a few minutes, okay?
Yeah, I'm still here, Dad
Yes, we do
You call me names
You had carfare
...and stuff
All right, thank you. I'll be right there. Okay
Asshole. Hey. I'd like a good time tonight. Bye.
Joel. Hell of a party. Hey.
No guilt, no doubts, no fear
Start the goddamn car, Joel! Lana, open the door
What? Yes, I'll buy it.
Yes. Bill Rutherford, Princeton Admissions
You didn't tell anyone, did you? No. Glenn knows
...and I'm being chased by Guido, the Killer Pimp
...but I'll tell you exactly what happened
...I just want my egg back. I want my house back couple of days here's a little pop quiz to confirm it
...where we might be 1 0 years from now, you know?
"A hole"?
"I don't know what I'm doing here.
"I'm taking a shower," she says.
"The Leather Castle
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