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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A couple of Cottonmouth's people got hit
A free black man.
A slap on the wrist.
About time
About who Chico really is.
Actually, it's Power Man.
After abolition, it's how gun laws got enacted in the first place
After an ambulance was forced off the street,
Again! Again!
Aisha shot that dude?
All I wanted to do was take my control back.
All over Harlem, young black and brown men are being slapped around by an NYPD
All right, let's go.
All right.
All the way up
All you guys wanted was the cash.
Although police still have not detained any suspects,
And bring me in at the same time.
And get her hands dirty
And he still has time to get to Genghis Connie's before anyone else.
And he was wanted for robbery in three different states.
And I am not going back to prison.
And if you believe that, you're dumb
And it was the only way I could get on the court, so...
And it's like a get out of jail free card for me, right?
And progress that Harlem's famous for
And protect them from the forces that would do them harm.
And they both needed my help.
And they shine.
And they've given the captain a heads up.
And you ain't Rick from Casablanca, neither.
And you still... can't speak English?
Are you okay?
As long as you stay on the clock, it doesn't matter.
At the Rucker, jacked your shit
At what cost, Cornell?
Back in the days, people had respect.
Back! Back!
Be careful.
Before you make things worse.
Bobby. Bobby Fish.
But I let that go
But it remains to be seen if he'll be cleared for stage three
But it's worth a shot
But let's think about this
But the pacing?
But you've got about five problems, far as I can tell
Bye, Felicia.
Cage? He's evolution.
Call me anyway.
Claire, what the hell are you doing?
Coke, smack.
Cottonmouth ain't trying to kill you
Crazy would be leaving you alive to run a very profitable drug business.
Darrell, how we doing after Fort Knox?
Diamond what?
Diamondback is here to collect.
Do you hear me?
Dominicans? Cubans?
Don't expect me to be.
Don't worry about it, Cornell.
Double down
Dumb men like little girls.
Either be a part of the solution or leave
Either way, I gotta get you someplace safe.
Either you have it or you don't
Even if you don't trust me..
Even Thembi Wallace wants another sit down
Every time.
Everyone knows he's the one who busted up Cottonmouth's...
Everything you need?
Find out what you can right away. And somebody get me Misty Knight.
For the first time in a long time... I felt at peace.
Frank Castle shot the city to hell, and he only had regular bullets.
Good? Okay.
Gyro guy's back.
Ha! The suspense is killing me.
Had Willis not framed me, I wouldn't have gone to Seagate.
Harlem is risin' like a phoenix out of the ashes
Have you even seen the dashboard footage that's all over the news?
Have you seen the emails? The interview requests?
He can laugh. You can't.
He did everything in his power to give me the kind of life
He doesn't have to.
He doesn't want him to end up like Shameek.
He said, "Everyone has a plan..
He saw precious jewels.
He wasn't wearing a ring.
He will be saved."
He'll be out in a minute.
He's for real.
He's interesting
He's Latvian.
He's putting me in a rotisserie spit?
He's still alive
Helping a sister out.
Hey, Bailey
Hey. When I get back from the memorial,
Hold up, hold up. Somebody ain't playing that thing right.
I ain't here to spank you.
I am my brother's keeper...
I can do that all by myself
I could take 'em out if you want.
I did time with him at Seagate Prison when I first got there.
I did try to protect you from [stutters] all the shit.
I didn't have one single skill when I got out.
I don't even know why you back here
I don't know how this happened
I don't trust him
I don't want to have to look over my shoulder, Domingo.
I feel a "but" coming on.
I got caught with a gun and a bag of money.
I gotta put Estelle up front, 'cause she's been with him the longest,
I guess it's karma's way of reminding me..
I have this nightmare that...
I heard about your little beef.
I just figured you were... one of his.
I know
I know a lot of people who would pay you for this kind of protection
I know it's tough seeing the man that killed your cousin.
I like this song.
I love it when you do stuff like that. [chuckling]
I love my cousin Cornell Stokes.
I mean, that's why you were a point guard.
I might have gone a few words past necessary
I never really knew my father.
I really liked him.
I saw you looking for the shooter before you passed out.
I see everything and I forget nothin'.
I should kill Cottonmouth
I slapped you like a little bitch
I stayed and he died.
I think he wants to deep fry you...
I think he's one to watch.
I wanna hear you tell it.
I want something different.
I was bulletproof.
I was from around here long before you even knew what that was.
I was on my way home from school
I wasn't nice to him, at all
I won't.
I'd hate for us to part, too.
I'll be right back.
I'm able to do the things that...
I'm glad you came home.
I'm just letting you know.
I'm not even asking you to speak
I'm sorry, Pop.
I've got one on the way.
I've got the gun to take him out
If a rocket launcher couldn't stop me..
If I got somethin' to say to Pop, I say it to him my damn self, you dig?
If we go down, he goes down.
If we try to protect only ourselves..
If you wanna catch the bus.
In your business, people need my product like a fish needs water.
Instincts kicked in.
It makes you look weak.
It used to be
It's called deductive reasoning.
It's getting resolved.
It's hallowed ground... this park.
It's like assholes. Everyone's got one
It's miraculous
It's on me.
It's that ****a, Luke Cage
It's the part you can't fix that's bothering me.
It's ugly...
Jackie was never a hard charger. I don't see it.
Jesus saves...
Just got off.
Kept my mouth shut.
Let alone protect them.
Let me go!
Let's get him out of here.
Like I said...
Like them other fellas downtown.
Luke is innocent.
Luke, are you all right?
Ma'am, I'm the one who owes you money
Malcolm X, Zora Neale Hurston, Duke Ellington,
Malik was special, though.
Mariah scares me more than Cottonmouth.
Maybe even a buyout.
Men stand.
Mr. Stokes. That's important. Never Cottonmouth
My apartment.
My grandfather built that sign
My guess, it was babyface Chico.
My legacy.
My mother hating on Willis, even after he won the city championship
My word is still my bond
No one comes here. Period
No other leads? We need something
No, I don't do that.
No, I was a beast.
No, not yet.
Not a problem for you, Power Man.
Not anymore.
Not my breasts.
Not smart
Not the other way around.
Not today. [exhales]
Not what our ancestors fought for.
Nothing from this Earth.
Nothing like a warm welcome from Mariah Dillard.
Now I can hit you like a man
Now that's what I call style
Now, I want you..
Oh, I'm counting on that.
Oh, my God, known her since she was first born
Old Carl..
On a widely seen dashcam video.
One set or more?
Or anything he was doing.
Otherwise, you wouldn't have fronted me if you didn't agree.
Our legacy.
Outside of my conception...
Partnership that should have happened a long time ago, had...
Pops made this place Switzerland for a reason
Reva lied to me
Same time as before
Scarfe left the precinct to pick up Chico, but Chico was gone.
She is not innocent in all this.