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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
According to him, he acquired all his skills under your expert tutelage.
All of you, eat the floor!
Am I going to get in trouble?
American Express blank credit cards. I need 2,000 this time.
And I'm standing behind Rosewood on this all the way.
And if you'd bothered to take your head out of your ass,
And Lutz is about to fire our asses. I'll lose my pension, my medical.
And this is Max, and Max kills cops for a living
Anything Dent's into, he's gonna have a record of it
Axel. This guy really nailed him. He set him up. Cold blood.
Beverly Hills Police Department.
Biddle, yes! See, two more seconds and I would have said it myself
Bogomil had that red mud all over his sneakers
But I can't figure out what it was.
But you got to cool out, relax.
Cain's the Alphabet killer, Dent gets away scot free, case closed
Charles Cain. This ain't the guy we're looking for, the dude is a weasel
Come on, guys. Come on.
Come with me. Your wife left you. Come hang out. I know a lot of girls
Dent's not buying oil equipment, he's buying guns from Thomopolis
Dent's visa application to Costa Rica had today's date on it
Don't have people hanging around the car and draw attention to yourself.
Don't think it was your mother's cable TV. Your cable brought her back.
Eat the floor. Move!
Entered the third day of a hunger strike,
Excuse me. Who are you? And who are those people?
Get down!
Goodbye, Mr Foley
Grip down here. There you go. All right
Hasn't filtered down to you boys down in Beverly Hills yet
He was grazing in the pasture
He's a jerk!
He's got a .44 auto mag casing from here.
He's not gonna rip off his own racetrack.
Hey! Watch out. The deck's very slippery.
How are we supposed to find them?
How are you, Karla? Nice to meet you. Beautiful place you have here.
How'd it go?
I ain't doing nothing in front of this dude, because this dude's a cop.
I ain't gonna carry this 'cause y'all made a mistake.
I ain't said that. The first code was very hard. This is really easy
I don't like this, Billy.
I have a friend named Bootsie that got killed doing some shit like this
I know when I can smell a pig. I used to be a Muslim. I know that's pork here.
I must have been out of my fucking mind to keep letting you
I think he's out of here
I think it's time that all of you left
I used to get shot like this all the time in Detroit. He'll be fine.
I wanted to warn you, so he doesn't catch you off guard
I'll go.
I'm his representative
I'm Karla Fry, assistant manager.
I'm on the team, of course
I'm sorry, I feel like I know you already 'cause..
I'm very close to shooting you. Leave me alone, Jeffrey.
I'm waiting on you, Andrew.
If I play the Beatles, the begonias perk up.
If there is a Federal task force, I want to know about it!
If you can't help me, I'll go somewhere else. I got to move.
If you need me, just think Johnny Wishbone and I come running.
It was perfectly planned, but it was executed with Neolithic incompetence.
It's a bad idea. Of all the ideas you had, this is the worst
It's beautiful. You've done a good job for yourself
LA Times got a letter just like that two hours ago
Let's go down to Mexico and catch another marlin.
Lutz! Right? Chief Lutz, that's your name.
Map coordinates?
Maureen's divorcing him again. She moved in with her mother.
Move it
My name's Richard James. Very nice to meet you.
Naturally, I can see... I mean, I understand. Somebody... Wait..
None for you
Of this transaction out, you know
OK, listen, when Todd comes and says where am I at,
OK, OK! Don't give me this crap about loyalty though!
One thirty
Police business! I need the car!
Pull pin.
Quiet as it's kept. My name's Axel Foley.
Russ, could I see you for a minute?
Screw you cops. Signed, Carlos
Shit, we should have went left.
So I'd like to go over it and possibly avoid the same mistakes
Stop! There's the truck
Thank you, Axel... I mean, Sidney Bernstein.
Thank you. Now you're undercover.
Thanks, Axel
That's Dirty Harry himself. What the fuck is wrong with you bringing him?
That's what I'm afraid of!
That's why I need you to go along personally
That's why it rammed the police car
That's why we had to go undercover with Foley to solve this case
The man's a stud and we ain't even know it.
The slightest peep and your designer jeans ain't fit no more
There can't be that many prime targets beginning with E, so find them
There's beer in the refrigerator
There's something wrong here
Thirty seconds
Thirty seconds.
This is what the Alphabet crimes are all about..
Through that and still be here, he's got a chance
Try and get the other truck out of here
Two minutes.
Wake up! This is what we always talked about
We appreciate it. Goodbye
We came to party at 385 North. You should be proud to have him here.
We'll show it around and see who recognises it.
Well, you're not going to make it.
What are you talking about? A place like what?
What do you mean if we find him?
What makes you think they mean anything?
What the hell are you still doing here?
What the hell are you think you're doing, bringing a fire fight to my city?
What? My name's John Taggart.
Where are you going? I'm not through with you two guys.
Where have you been? Todd's looking for you
Who the hell are you?
Who's this?
Whoever did this wanted the cops to figure it
Witnesses reported a six foot blonde at the Adriano's robbery.
Wrecked the goddamn Ferrari.
Yes. But they were totally clean. Nobody could ever trace them.
Yo, baby, yo, baby, Yo
Yo, yo, yo. What the fuck is up, man? Check this out
You boys definitely get an A in high tech.
You calling me a cop? Come here! Come here!
You got to die sometime. Might as well be here
You guys hang around the back, OK? I'm gonna go check out the front
You have done a good job. Other than the house being square,
You too. You're out of here
You wanted to see me?
You, lock the doors.
You! Put the bucket down! Put the bucket down!
4 4 0..
An hour. Enjoy good health
And the Foley hit? I don't know
And your name is... Biddle.
Can you excuse us for a second? Go over there, Judy.
City Deposit
Come on, move it. Go. Two minutes.
Cut the bullshit! Why can't I frisk him?
Do turtles have dicks? How's it hanging, buddy?
Does the steering wheel work in this? I'm steering!
Gentlemen, gentlemen
He would if it was insured
Hey! You like rap music? Yeah
Hi. Hi. Trouble?
I haven't begun to annoy you yet
I need a lot this time
I'll be sure to duck. Goodbye, Mr James.
I'm here to clean the pool. Your name, sir?
I'm here to clean the shit up. I see..
Is it getting gas? I don't know.
It's our pleasure to have him. Thank you very much. Excuse me
Oil company? Several. That's his biggest business
Police! You're under arrest! I think they know that, Billy.
Pull open and... Wow! Billy!
Shoe money for my daughters. Thank you.
That too much to ask? Not at all
That's seven bucks, buddy. For a coke?
There you go. Who's the popular blond?
These are the old plans! Old?
This has got to be a mistake. There's his car.
To hell with it. To Bogomil. To Bogomil.
What about the cop in the hospital? He's guarded 24 hours a day.
What the hell is that? What?
Who's this? It's Jan
With Dent and Thomopolis? Yeah, the big bitch over there
Yeah, this is Todd
You got the money? I got the money.
You see that? Weird
...I think I've had it with your abusive attitude