Main Content OBS Streaming Integration

You can integrate into OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).
This will make the sounds you play on the web site or app output on their own audio input:

Step 1

  • Copy your personal OBS URL:

Step 2
  • In your OBS Sources panel, create a new Browser source, name it, press OK.
  • Paste your URL into the URL box.
  • Tick 'Control audio via OBS'
  • You can customize the width and height, or keep it hidden off your screen if you just want your viewers to hear the sounds.
Screenshot example of setting up OBS


The sounds you play on will now play on your OBS stream.

If you want to use your smartphone to play sounds, copy the URL in Step 1 from your smartphone to OBS, and it will act like a remote control.

Have fun playing sounds!