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The series is set in a fictional Scottish town called Burnistoun in the greater Glasgow area. The town's name is derived from the Springburn and Dennistoun areas of Glasgow. Iain Connell and Robert Florence write the show and it is broadcast by BBC Scotland. The show is produced by The Comedy Unit. The cast include Kelly McGlade, the town's answer to Beyoncé and a serial killer. Scott and Peter: Scott (Florence) and Peter (Connell) are two friends that live in the town. Kelly McGlade and the Sloppy Seconds: An aspiring girl band, led by namesake Kelly. The Burnistoun Herald: The town's newspaper, often centered around the bumbling, technologically-challenged editor. DJ Jesus: A recurring gag in the first series only, where a series of everyday sounds are created in a pattern by people, which is then revealed to be Jesus, who is told off by his father, God. The Butcher: The character killed off in the final episode of the first season by the town's murderer. The town's DJ, who is frequently annoyed by the odd guests (often played by Florence) that appear on his show. The Alex Ciderson company sells a variety of things, many of which are strange or pointless, such as a scarecrow used for scaring away teenagers. Two bumbling, immature policemen, who, despite always referring to themselves as "quality polis," often make the situations they are investigating worse. Two working-class men in a same-sex relationship who are always worried about going places and doing things that appeal to a specific demographic outside their own. The town's superhero, Doberman Man was once a chubby young boy, turning him into a crime fighter. A man who makes videos of himself doing things in his room in 'FOR REAL' 'Jolly Boy John' and 'Connell John' 'The Quality Polis: MacGregor (Connell) and Toshan' 'Big Sanny Tolan's boy' 'MacGregor' is actually just a man who used to tease him for being a virgin in school. 'Toshan' is the town's archenemy and nemesis.

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