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Play the sound Have you been injured at the work place looking for compensation frightened of hidden charges don't call butterfield direct now lucy worth was a cater...

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Brian Butterfield: An overweight middle-aged salesman who appears in various commercials for shoddy products and services of his own design, including a karaoke bar, a diet plan (where the dieter eats an infeasibly small amount of food all day Monday to Friday, such as a single cornflake for breakfast and one baked bean for dinner, then at the weekend they can gorge for twenty-four hours on pizza, birthday pie, pints o’ cream, etc.), a hotel, a firm of injury solicitors, a private detective service, and a speaking clock service, which usually gives out inaccurate times. He has a habit of mispronouncing words and using descriptive language instead of simple phrases when talking. This character is somewhat similar to the actor Basil Soper, who appeared in real advertisements on British television for the Personal Injury Helpline.

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