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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A woman appreciates a man who can make her laugh
Aladdin hello aladdin nice to have you on the show can we call you al or maybe just din
Allow me ten thousand years in a cave of wonders ought to chill him out
Also the pope decided today to release vatican related bath products an incredible thing yes it's the new pope on a rope that's right pope on a rope wash with it go straight to heaven
Can't see dick like hunting with ray charles
Cretan camouflage if you wanna blend into a crowd of drunken greeks there's nothing better
Did you bring me here and all of sudden you're walking out on me I don't think so not right now
Do you smoke mind if I do
Falling down that's a sight gag how would anyone see you fall down in the radio sir
Fine I understand after all you've lied to everyone else hey I was beginning to feel left out
Genie wake up and smell the hummus
God is it hot what a country heat humidity terrorism still it's better than new york in the summer
Good morning vietnam
Hey it's only an eternity of servitude
Hey wait a minute let's try something let's play this backwards and see if it gets any better
How would you describe your testicles they're soft they're shallow and they have no purpose they lack the physical strength
I can't bring people back from the dead it's not a pretty picture I don't like doing it
I can't help you I work for senor psychopath now
I got a powerful urge to help you out so what's your wish I really wanna know
I gotta get her something what about bananas
I have never ever in my travels come across a man as large as you with as much muscles who has absolutely no penis
I have to leave the country because of my association with him
I heard that
I've been on a greek island with a lot of women who look like zorba I never thought i'd find women attractive ever again
If it's being done correctly here or abroad it's probably not being done by the army
If someone is not telling the truth you say that they are full of shit
If you don't understand what I said maybe you should take my english class
It's so damn hot I saw one of those little guys their orange robes burst into flames it's that hot you know what i'm talking about
Itty bitty living space
Jesus that guy's as boring as whale shit
Listen let me make it up to you by buying a cup of coffee also tea would fall into that category
Mind if I kiss the monkey hairball
No I like you because you're honest because you're shorter than I am we look like a before and after picture
Oh look you've landed in saigon you're among the little people now
Oh you got it james nice shiny green suit you look like an oriental leprechaun
Rule number one I can't kill anybody so don't ask
Say you're a lot smaller than my last master either that or i'm gettin' bigger
Smile my boy, it's sunrise
Suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems #robin williams #suicide #suicide prevention
Thank you america it was fun being president
Thank you marty for silky smooth sound make me sound like peggy lee
That's the Good Stuff #good will hunting #good stuff #good work #nice #small things #sweet things
The ever impressive the long contained the often imitated but never duplicated genie of the lamp!
They have pictures of him if they find him they will shoot him
Watch out they spit
We found out that we can't find them they're out there and we're having a major difficulty in finding the enemy
Well tell him I drink so I can be this funny
Well we ask people are you the enemy and whoever says yes we shoot them
Wrong speed we've got it on the wrong speed for those of you recovering from a hangover that's gonna sound just right
Yo rugman haven't seen you in a few millennia give me some tassel yeah yo yo
You could fly to guam with those
You know you're in more dire need of a blow job than any white man in history
You're gettin' your wishes so sit down!
You're not gonna find another girl like her in a million years believe me I know i've looked