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101 Soundboards is pleased to offer a Discord bot.

101soundboards is a Discord bot that brings the popular website to your server. With this bot, you can easily play any sound from the website in your voice channel with just a few simple commands. Whether you want to add some humor to your conversation or play some music, 101soundboards has got you covered.

You can add this audio bot to your Discord server with this link:

After you have added the bot to your Discord server (or asked your server's admin), you can use these commands:

You can copy and paste a sound link from into your Discord chat, and use the /101soundboards <link> command, and the bot will play the sound in your voice channel.

Alternatively, you can use the command /101soundboards followed by a search word or phrase to have the bot search for sounds related to your query. Once the bot finds the sound you want, it will play it in your voice channel. For example, if you want to play a sound clip from a movie, you can type /101soundboards movie in your Discord chat, and the bot will play a sound it finds.

Stop a sound that is playing with /stop

You can use a computer voice to speak text with /text-to-speech. There are over 40 voices to choose from.

Have fun playing sounds!