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Catch you guys on the flippity flip!
He even figured out the different bounce you got off the different kinds of wood they used on college basketball courts you know
I just feel at this particular time that I reached the pinnacle of my basketball career and I must retire
I swear you guys rip on me thirteen or fourteen more times, I’m out of here #basketball #squeak #bully #outta here #god damnit man #bullies #whatever #rude #assholes
It's gotta be the shoes!
It's true look at that guy at the basketball game the other day
Jordan slam dunk
Let's play some basketball
Michael Jordan Shrug
Michael Jordan slam dunk
Someone is gonna have to go to my house and pick up my basketball gear
The Ceiling is the Roof
They need your talent to win a basketball game against bugs bunny
Well it's a very small university we do not even have a basketball team
What do we care they're little so we challenged them to a basketball game
Yes, I did it
You have Micheal Jordan sitting on the bench
You know my style baby it ain't my style to be running around here getting all sweaty on the court baby
You play basketball for the los angeles lakers
You think you can do this to me you motherfuckers will be playing basketball in pelican bay when I get finished with you!