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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
And what have you got to do with god once again i'm just a messenger of the truth god 's messenger lifes messenger we use the word god god hooks all the other words up i'm the pope
As long as I can reach in your mining control your fear because you were coward i'm going to play any game and I can play on you all the way to the white house and then when I take over i'm going t...
Believe me if I started murdering people there be none of your left because my children are coming I told you twenty years ago
Brain I did not break the law jesus christ told you that two thousand years ago you don't understand me that's your trouble not my fault because you don't understand main I don't understand you either
But now you owe me one and if you don't pay me when you owe me then i'm going to pay you what you owe me you see what i'm saying and there was I had to go into another person who put on another pag...
Can hate white people he scared to death this black guy he sprayed this black guys going to beam up the black guy in thinking about it though really scared of black guys 'cause he's messed over the...
Charlie manson that you created that's not me that's only an illusion in your minds I haven't gotten over here with me
Confusion that people have piled on me with lies and deceit an ambition and all the greedy little things that they play their dollar bills for comes back to the penitentiary that i've been in since...
Crime factories are buying and selling crime as one of the core in fact the crime factories this fucking thing here this is a crime this is we create our crime this is crime factor for jobs and pro...
Do you feel blame are you mad or do you feel like moose kabobs right vantage of french bridge butch booty tail rabbits teach kids keep google will have to get those camel fighters greatest rock and...
Do you read now well I found I can I had more my thoughts are more interesting than anything I can read i'm trying to everything I see everything
Drugs LSD I don't consider drug I don't consider powder drug those are more less religiously significant awareness mind expanding apparatus is that come from the intelligence of the universe
Emotions #charles manson #charles manson emotions #manson #charles manson meme
Everybody is playing a different game with the thought they they're playing boats and planes and trains and rabbits and ducks and uh swings and hot
Everything is a reflection of this will reflect that you reflect music
Give any contact with them I read prisons full of children
He's not bad it's good it teaches you things
How do you feel about spending the rest of your life prison well we're all our own prisons we charonne wardens and we do our own times we used to get stuck in our own little trips and we've kind of...
How do you feel about the fact that you're going to spend the rest of your life your my life where right here you guys employed by living a thousand illusions man rest of your life where in prison ...
I am nobody #i am nobody #nobody #charles manson #manson
I have many plans a lot of plans i'd like to clean up the water i'd like to grow up in the mountains and start at the top of the mountains and clean springs up take all the pollution allen water so...
I make the money #manson #roll in nickels #game is mine #make the money man
I reflect the will of god you can have anything I got what god is that charlie yeah the will of god whatever you wanna call it that i'm down jesus college mohammed
I tried to stop nixon and I stopped him dead in his tracks I tried to stop the vietnam war and I did it
I was even born into the universe and the perfection of that I was more eleven eleven thirty four i'd rather be a quality in the desert but I got to play at this god damn human things this form tha...
I'm a perfect servant I serve you perfect and then you say i'm wrong I don't see your own but who does charlie the board she's telling me that i'm wrong because i
I'm just another guy walking down the road one how many times
I'm upset with hard copy on this level from this perspective other inmates come to me and they say charlie wouldn't like what they said
I've had all the money in the world three times I had to give it back to keep the game going what can the game it's a game money is a game it's only real to the people who work for it
If you hold a negative up to the light you don't see the light you can see the negative so i'm a reflection of your native there's no doubt about that and I can handle that also
Indeed violence cause he needs his ass here he's begging somebody killing so he needs me to be a killer 'cause he wants to die and go to heaven and be with jesus got nothing to do with me I don't r...
Is scared to die sometimes I feel on the script and live lemons what scares me dying is easy getting up every day and going through this again
Is there any positive side with charlie manson come on man you need to beat the other thought pleasanton charlie manson i'm both negative and positive are you good and evil i'm glad to say you're e...
Isn't it funny while you would get amnesty international to take millions of dollars from the united states to help prisoners out of jail in other countries when you got political prisoners right h...
Let me say this to all of you guys the show loose things beyond our comprehension
Life is god all like bugs birds trees everything is saliva scott the son is god but we've got god we are across we've got a dying man are we own across and rolling kneeling down hoping that if we d...
Look at the science stop go turn here turn there you can't do this you can't do that you can't you can't you can't this is illegal that's illegal everything 's illegal
Mail from people who want to follow you still follow me did you have any choice will all follow me you know you got to you got these people over here that want to live you want to live
Man died in the wars arlington cemetery 's got all the men two thousand years management dying so reflection a mother
Manson is sort of a showman like when he tried to as he puts it take me to a higher level damn pandora
Music is my soul music 's the way express is my religion it's my religion thus he said sex is religion yeah sex is a reflection everything is a reflection of this when you leave
Now you run out of food with two hundred million people you run out of oil with two hundred million people you run out of thought with two hundred million people you gotta lotta meet sarah man that...
Oh my goodness i've been caring linda ding dong across these little cheeky pack soul ruby poop work with mother cook
People look at you today twenty years later and they still have no idea what you're about coming in a sentence who you are
Right man for unless I stay in a cell they crowd me not get the tool spain my life is bigger than this little space I live in a desert I live in the mountains man I bid my mind is big
Right or wrong I don't judge this once they get guys robes for they judge
Run the bondage of rum can bunnies of poop but one is his momma 's boy one is that they're trying to prove something to his own manhood that's got nothing to do with me I don't roll around with poo...
Should you be in prison at all should you have been in prison well she start with prison was originally started as a font and it's like the person that came in your portland you gave him another check
Sure have like myself and why would night
Terribly get selected british once you blame the little babies mister evans this is a this is a very hectic
That's reason I like the desert and then I get out in the desert and then I can let it out and see if I see within fifty miles they will know something I used to love it doesn't out of the woods an...
The Big Laugh #charles manson #charles manson meme #charles manson laugh #manson
The reason that the girls lightning was hannah hannah AMA haul around you loud you head how upon your heart I can sing through you and I play an icing in his hair
The young kids walking on street o'clock conviction serves shine a flashlight in space is very boy up against the wall over there and scared the cute
They came to the ranch lady I didn't go to them they came to me you're stealing my music every day you write my song
They don't have the intelligence to change once you get him hump they go the rest of your life her her they'll do that for paycheck he told don't do that in the morning they go no communication tel...
They're snaking in the county jail looking under the door to see if the man is there sneaking like little children out of town sneaking sneaking all around the courthouse sneaking in and out of the
Things that we do as human beings that are accepted in called right a hundred years ago
Those and mine who think they have a mind are not in the mag because the mine has no time
Well god I guess you're my best friend because I invented you you believe in god sure have weighed myself and why would night
Well it's sad all over really you know it's hard for me to express how much sadness that I went through to reach this point for understand and i'm now talking to you from
Well when you cut the trees down you're taking my life when you put in the water you're taking my life
When I stand on the mountain asec do it it gets done if it don't get done then i'll move on it and that's the last thing in the world you want
When you think I lied and that's because you gotta lie in your heart and then you come back and say you got heart but you got no heart without with lie the lab each that your heart beats in the tru...
Who do you think I am girl if you could pick all the words of the vocabulary that your mother told you who do you think I am this is only couple hours can you imagine what it would be like a couple...
You gotta sneak to get to the truth the truth is condemned the truth is in the gas chamber the truth has been in your stock yards your slaughter houses the truth has been in your reservations
You guys belong on a death row or a condemned row if there is such a role they belong in a place like this there have been convicted of murder and killing most of the people in here and just your r...
You know you make it just forget about it and be willing to stay here don't mean you gonna stay here just be willing to stay here see what i'm saying