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The Apprentice UK - Alan Sugar

The Apprentice UK - Alan Sugar

The Apprentice is a British business-styled reality game show. Business tycoon, media figure, author, unsuccessful telephone manufacturer, politician, and political consultant Alan Michael Sugar (Baron Sugar) hails from the United Kingdom. In 1968, he founded Amstrad, a manufacturer of consumer electronics.

A bunch of women
Anything else you've got to say chaps?
As you know
Buying is one of the most important things
Clear off
Dramatic music
How do you feel?
I booked two tables, I'm going there with my family
I want one of you
I want one of you
I want to know why
I'm going to try something very very different
I'm really angry
I'm very concerned about you being a bit weak
I've heard nothing from you Karen
Is that right?
Let's get to the calculations then, do 'em
Move over to the boys' team
Move over to the girls' team
Not a good answer
Now I've arranged for you, two marquees in pole position
Off you go
On top of that, you've got five men you've got to organise
One of you is going to get fired
Piss my money up the wall
Put yourself forward
Quite frankly, I'd like to get rid of the bleeding three of you
Right, OK
Run the girls' team
That's a first
That's a first chaps
That's what it's all about
The team that doesn't is going to lose, and in that losing team, one of you will get fired
The team that makes the most amount of profit is going to win
This was a flawed project
This week there is the Thames Festival
To put yourselves forward
To run the boys' team
We'll be dealing with that later
What about you?
What I'm going to do
What it is
When did the penny drop, it seems it still hasn't bloody dropped, when did the penny drop?
Why should I keep you here?
You said you wanted to prove to me that you could be a team leader
You think you've done a good job?
You're a lightweight
You're fired
You're fired
You're staying
You've got a big task on your hands coming up
You've got your chance now
You've spoken up for yourself