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Bryson Tiler Soundboard

Bryson Tiler Soundboard

Bryson Tiller is not a movie, television show, or a song, but rather a talented American singer, songwriter, and rapper. Born on January 2, 1993, in Louisville, Kentucky, Tiller rose to prominence in 2015 with the release of his debut album, "Trapsoul," which garnered critical acclaim and commercial success.

"Trapsoul," released on October 2, 2015, became a breakout hit for Bryson Tiller, reaching number eight on the Billboard 200 chart. The album's unique blend of R&B, hip hop, and trap influences captivated listeners, ultimately leading to its Platinum certification.

One of the standout tracks on "Trapsoul" is "Don't," which features Tiller's smooth vocals and introspective lyrics. The song explores themes of mistrust and betrayal in relationships, showcasing both his emotional depth and relatability. With its infectious melodies and catchy hooks, "Don't" became one of Tiller's most popular songs and cemented his place in the music industry.

Another notable track from the album is "Exchange," where Tiller delves into a past romance and the pain of lost love. The song's introspective and vulnerable lyrics, combined with its atmospheric production, struck a chord with listeners and further solidified Tiller's unique musical style.

Throughout "Trapsoul," Bryson Tiller's ability to seamlessly blend genres shines, offering a fresh and modern take on contemporary R&B. His distinctive voice, heartfelt lyrics, and knack for storytelling have resonated with fans all over the world.

Aside from his debut album, Tiller has also released other notable projects. In 2017, he dropped his sophomore album, "True to Self," which received positive reviews and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. This album further showcased Tiller's growth as an artist, exploring more introspective themes and experimenting with different sounds.

A few standout tracks from "True to Self" include "Somethin Tells Me," a song that exhibits Tiller's vulnerability and introspection, and "Run Me Dry," which highlights his ability to craft infectious melodies and memorable hooks.

Bryson Tiller has collaborated with various artists throughout his career, further cementing his influence and versatility. He has worked alongside artists such as Drake, Travis Scott, and H.E.R., showcasing his ability to seamlessly blend genres and adapt to different styles.

With his soulful and emotive voice, Bryson Tiller continues to captivate audiences worldwide. His music explores the complexities of relationships, personal growth, and the highs and lows of life. Tiller's ability to infuse his lyrics with raw emotions and relatable experiences sets him apart from his contemporaries.

If you're interested in experiencing Bryson Tiller's sounds for yourself, his music is readily available for play and download on various digital platforms. From the introspective and smooth tracks on "Trapsoul" to the signature melodies on "True to Self," there's something for everyone in Tiller's discography.

So, whether you're in the mood to vibe to some infectious R&B or dive deep into introspective lyrics, Bryson Tiller's music is worth exploring. So sit back, relax, and let his soulful melodies and relatable lyrics take you on a musical journey.

And that thang so fire baby no propane
Aye, I'm back and I'm better
Baby its whatever
Be damned if I let him catch up
But he the only reason that I'm feeling this way
Certain it's your love that holds me together
Do all I can just to show you you're special
Don't let me just let up
Don't play with her don't be dishonest
Fuck em girl I guess he didn't know any better
Girl he only fucked you over cuz you let him
Girl I'm that somebody
Girl that man didn't show any effort
Girl, said he keeps on playing games and his loving ain't the same
Giving you the world baby when you get space
Got good pussy girl can I be framed
Gotta be sick of this guy
H Town got a ****a so throwed
H Town got me feeling so throwd
H Town got me feeling so throwed
H Town got me feeling so throwed
I am on a whole ‘nother level
I don't know what to say ay but
I want to give you better
I want you bad as ever
If you were mine you would not get the same
If you were mine you would top everything
Its easy to see that you're fed up
Lately you say he been killin the vibe
Left hand is steering the other is gripping your thigh
Light up a spliff and get high
Looking at you I'm thinking he must be tripping
Oh baby
Play this song for him tell him just listen
Po' up we can party some mo'
Pull up, Skurt
Shawty you deserve what you been missing
So I'm Next up
Somebody gotta step up
Spit fire and the world so cold
Spit fire and the world so cold
Spit fire and the world so cold
Still not understanding this logic
Suicide in the drop switching lanes
To keep it 100 girl I ain't no saint
Yeah got this drink in my cup
Young money got a ****a feeling old