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Putlocker Cheers (1982) - Season 1

Putlocker Cheers (1982) - Season 1

Play and download sound clips from Putlocker Cheers (1982) - Season 1.

A guy in the back room tonight asked me
And her children are truly wonderful, too.
Carla's youngest kid, Gino, is seven and a half.
Down by the docks, maybe
Good evening.
How is poor little Gino?
How's your rotten, lying little mouth?
L can catch a cab to take me back here to my car.
L hate to see that kind of thing between women.
L know that sounds crazy...
L reached out to her
L think Sammy can handle that one, huh, Coach?
L think we've got your favourite. Château Guam.
L'm gonna think about personnel changes.
L've never driven straight home. l wouldn't know how to do it.
Lights over the bar. Right. Goodnight.
My Uncle Joe stumbled across it when he was making a car bomb
No one in my family lives past 43.
Oh, my God, Carla, you killed her.
Please, benefit from my depth.
Thank you.
That l've been carrying around inside of me for a long time.
This is none of your business. Stay out of it.
Unchecked rage is like a festering wound.
We'll do that, yes. Thank you, goodnight and goodbye.
We're different people. We'll never get along.
Wonderful. OK.
Yeah. People need people
You could knock me over with a feather, but he is.
You're kidding, right? Carla?
Me? Yes. She referred to it as a joke.
Thanks, l owe you one. Any time.