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KGass2 Kieron Gill Soundboard

KGass2 Kieron Gill Soundboard

The soundboard of Kieran Gill, this fantastic Sheffield YouTube celebrity. Includes his amazing singing.

A few pictures to a few lads 'cause they were saying, oh.
A gaming channel and leave me a comment or.
A little bit and you know, I just thought I'd.
A lot of the trailer for it that really looked.
A thumbs up button.
After not exactly, we don't want to.
Airport, we just. It's just business that everyone.
All lights have gone up, but they're going up really.
All of us.
All that glitter angle hey hey.
Allah Dollar dollar is what I need. Well Adam.
Amazing, I mean, I've never really, you know.
An app called Screen Recorder that I don't know if.
And and yeah, I just wanna let you guys know that.
And asked me to react to do reaction videos.
And because we've phones and stuff that these days.
And but yeah, I just I was just kind of shocked.
And check on your channel and checked on my channel.
And he's just walking. That is just down the road.
And I watched a bit of it and kind of sad in life.
And if yeah, yeah, that's it. And if you do want me.
And it might be uploaded tomorrow. I'm not quite sure yet.
And it should be start their rabbit in front of.
And just be in the mood to do with the video.
And just, you know, just being there, you know, really.
And looking around and look for a bit now.
And obviously import your clip onto the.
And the video was down 17 likes. So I was thinking.
And then yeah, I mean, we've done that before.
And then you've got your memory card in here.
And Wednesday morning, and obviously it goes in.
And when it and you know I gave it like an hour.
And yeah, and.
And you know, put under pressure with it a little bit.
Another topic, but yeah, thank you guys so much.
Answer you know I'm a channel again log.
Any videos, took laws or see any videos that?
Anything I thought you know I didn't have any.
Anyway, thank you guys for subscribing.
As a screen for so you know, recording the screen and.
As prescribed, hit the bell icon. This side of the north.
Back up from Democrat to do. We're not going to.
Bad what get what guns are best so and so then it.
Be doing some videos with fears come from now on.
Be on my plate at someone else's house.
Be that side in there or anywhere that can see.
Because I play that game solo.
Because obviously this doesn't have the blow.
Because we don't know if it's going to happen.
Before me past, we've got people's hopes up. And then.
Besides, to, you know, spread their wings. Yeah, I spread the wings.
Bloom with their stuff or or? It's just some bug?
Bobby did please comment like and subscribe.
Boeing, but when you refresh the video, the likehood.
Boy, yeah so we're going to see with this woman.
Bring videos so yeah, so I'm doing I got.
Bro, is there someone's dollars I can borrow?
Business, yeah, not with me forever. Oh yeah, so it's women is that women here.
But I try and do it and I've done worse.
But I'm like that depending what you doing.
But it still would not like the video it lightly.
But leave it be for them, but it also be for.
But now 'cause I've just been. I've been in the mood.
But now you can take that out.
But yeah, that's going on to another topic.
C as B as gangaji a few times with the like.
Can see my face and then I'm gonna be do.
Can't wait to hear what it is yet because.
Care of some business in that lot.
Certain apps it can. Well if you download an app.
Channel and boom. I add 1000 subscribers and I was.
Channel and I'm still and I'm just got.
Claire mum flatten daily. I know you can upload them like that depending what you do.
Come in and I read what I don't so.
Comes on probably need to need batch two up.
Could story more to me. There was no story to it.
Covers of song before and I just start.
Darla is what I need.
Day-to-day lives when they grow up in this side.
Describe and I will see you guys in the next.
Describing thank you guys for being with me, you know.
Different so yeah, my throat is a bit.
Do appreciate.
Do something that involves that game, maybe I might.
Does end people have their faces in like the core?
Doing other things, but yeah, I don't know.
Dollar dollar is what I need and if I share.
Don't do like my videos. I want to do more. Please comment.
Don't forget to click the Bell icon to become.
Down there, so yeah I'm gonna see him.
Download them and daily, weekly, monthly.
Drivers the part part for the weekend of fall so right now.
Emma on my channel and if you if you are new.
Enjoying this good whoever. So as you can probably.
Even know coming today guys went on money.
Even liked it, so I thought what's happened.
Everyone has to take care of in there.
Expensive one. I just really wanted something.
Falling down and all I want is for some.
Few weeks now and my throat's kind of been.
Film and then they're like, Oh yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, go off on one next minute.
First cut is mostly laughs off the whole sea.
For subscribing and I hope you guys do.
Full or afford to get it, then I'll do.
Future not quite sure yet if I can't afford.
Game video it will be on my gaming chair.
Gaming channel, which is it should be.
Garlic ground 'cause everything around me is.
Get here you know this quickly, I mean.
Get out and go ahead and subscribe to that.
Giving me 1000 subscribers literally, I didn't think.
Go back couple of days ago and it's just.
Go to the Call of Duty 4 blackout mode.
Go up, up, up, up up now. Just taking really, it's just taken.
Going to be using anything to do with this award.
Gone out the door.
Good morning guys. Welcome back to normal.
Got any suggestions for any reaction video?
Grammys Crompton down, and all I want is.
Guys he did enjoy which some of you probably did.
Guys subscribe him and if you can go over to my game.
Happened before, maybe maybe it takes like.
Have it, but if you record your screen.
Have requested me to do videos but sometimes.
Have you every week or every other day you know people up there?
Haven't charged up yet, but yes, others cares 'cause.
Having left by me liked it so I did like.
He's trying to do in the future, which.
Heard of after people and half the people.
Hey hey, it's a need a dollar dollar dollar.
Hey son, need a dollar dollar dollar is what I need.
Hey yo, darling with me bad times are coming.
Home videos and on other peoples videos.
Hope something Oh yeah, guess what?
I can do videos with friends using face Cam.
I can use a gun and get some decent kills.
I could just disappear, so it's like I never.
I did, I can't believe I actually got much scrap.
I didn't like it. I really did not like it.
I didn't think I would get here that will get here.
I don't know why. I mean I I did. I sent a few.
I have my game in China go and check that out.
I mean I I make videos, I don't get hogli that much.
I mean, I think I mean there might be wrong about this, but.
I need a dollar dollar dollar is what I need.
I really do appreciate you guys.
I share with you my story. Would you share your?
I want people to know what you know, what he's
I was using that and you know to prove that was.
I went back and went back on it, you know.
I will admit, so I'm going to probably get some.
I will see you guys in the next video and don't.
I will see you later, I guess, so we're back.
I you know when I got and you know the.
I'd listen to, but yeah, but if you guys have gotten into.
I'll go, I'll actually go and show you what it is.
I'll pull in can description on my bed my.
I'll put a link into the description of it.
I'll, I'll let you let you know it wasn't doing anything.
I'm fucking away from the mother's nest, so we'll see.
I'm just down the road from me in Lee and.
I'm new to the channel please it goes with.
I'm one video planned which might turn out.
If but yeah, I will not be buying that game.
If it's not next, it'll be maybe in the.
In bug that people are experiencing, but yeah.
In front of my like that or it's going to be that.
In out tomorrow, not quite sure it might send it.
In playing Xbox PlayStation 4, you know?
In practice, in that song or trying to press.
In the.
In this video and yeah, comment, like.
Into the hundreds. And because I don't always.
Is a consistent upload are like most people upload?
Is a problem with You Tube because the YouTube.
Is a quick message. Thank you so much for giving.
Is be used in night? It depends. 'cause it does take a day.
Is certain phones now if you download certain apps it can.
Is for someone to help me?
Is I mean, I think how long would you say?
Is what I need and if I share with you my story.
Is what I need.
Is what I need. Hey hey I need a dollar.
Is what I need. Hey I need a dollar.
It does work is driving. It's just that I haven't tried.
It looks like because a lot someone asked.
It's alright, nearly nearly got 2000.
It's been the long gone, troubled, long, long trip.
It's inside the bottle, ragazino that word.
It's on it, so it was below, so I said right there you go.
Jokes to say that I've got that much of.
Just basically it's up to him if he wants.
Just maybe, I've never heard of that per.
Just naming have gone past 12 now bulls.
Just reached 31 likes up to now so it just says.
Just second, slower normally lacks, just got up.
Just take it slow, it's just taking its time.
Just want to say thank you guys. This was an officer.
Just what you normally do, and then I, you know, got one of my.
KGass2 Kieron Gill Soundboard Sound
KGass2 Kieron Gill Soundboard Sound
Kind of no private, it's not bad. You know it's just.
Let's Oh yeah, I mean, I've already get it away.
Like A G SS2. As you can probably tell.
Like an hour or two to to do it 'cause it has.
Like I said, we were suppose be doing some.
Like in the video, but for some strange reason.
Like it's I sent a comment.
Like the video.
Likes and stuff. Whenever on my own view.
Likes button.
Literally my features like I was like. Oh my.
Literally try and play it, and if it's a game.
Load it said about doesn't last long.
Logged in, logged out and it wouldn't do it.
Long on it, so I might not always be.
Losing a tear at over. So yeah, it's like so, but yes.
Love somebody to come in and help me carry this load.
Maybe it's inside the bottle. Maybe it's inside the.
Me my last paycheck any semi. Oh now.
Me, well, I don't know if I'm walking on so.
Mean channel and basically what it is, is I'll go.
Mean channel, so if you want to go over to my game.