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Attack on Titan - Season 1

Attack on Titan - Season 1

Attack on Titan is an exhilarating and captivating Japanese anime series that premiered in 2013. Adapted from the manga of the same name by Hajime Isayama, this show takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity is on the brink of extinction due to the existence of enormous humanoid creatures called Titans.

The story centers around Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert, three young friends who join the fight against the Titans after witnessing a devastating attack that destroys their peaceful hometown. As they become members of the elite Scout Regiment, they must face not only the terrifying Titans but also the secrets hidden within their own walls.

The cast of Attack on Titan includes talented voice actors who bring these compelling characters to life. Eren Yeager is voiced by Yuki Kaji, who flawlessly portrays the determination and passion of the show's protagonist. Eren's loyal and skilled friend, Mikasa Ackerman, is voiced by Yui Ishikawa, while Armin Arlert, the intelligent and strategic member of their trio, is voiced by Marina Inoue. Together, their performances create a strong and believable bond between the characters.

The intense and action-packed first season of Attack on Titan, composed of 25 episodes, keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The animation is both stunning and gruesome, perfectly depicting the horror and brutality of the Titan attacks and the immense scale of the battles fought by the humans. The show masterfully balances heart-pounding action sequences with quieter character moments, giving the audience a chance to connect with the protagonists and feel their fear, determination, and sorrow.

One notable aspect of Attack on Titan is its exceptional soundtrack, which greatly contributes to the overall atmosphere and impact of the series. Composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, the music captures the range of emotions felt by the characters and intensifies the gripping scenes. From the hauntingly beautiful opening theme, "Guren no Yumiya" by Linked Horizon, to the explosive background tracks during battles, the music elevates every scene.

If you are a fan of the series or want to discover the extraordinary world of Attack on Titan, you can play and download these sounds here. Immerse yourself in the captivating story, the incredible performances by the voice actors, and the unforgettable soundtrack as you witness the desperate struggle of humanity against the Titans.

Experience the phenomenon that is Attack on Titan - Season 1 and prepare for a gripping journey filled with epic battles, shocking revelations, and the triumph of the human spirit against unimaginable odds.

A 10 meter and a 6 meter!
A creature of unknown origin ability or a legion to slip through and infiltrated wall Rose
A drill instructor is nothing compare that what those recruits have seen
A feeling? what if any of you actually done To be ready for him
A few days later
A good deep strike with one of these To a Titans weak spot
A guy have to be stupid to use this, I mean a knife
A leap greater than we have ever taken
A leap greater than we have ever taken
A lot of lives will have been lost for nothing
A lot of people I used to care about aren't here either
A plan worthy of the commander's fabled eccentricity was hatched
A stark illustration of the disparity between our own strength
A steamed potato it's sat there in the mess hall begging to be eaten sir
A Titan killing a Titan
Absolutely not
According to reports from the Scout regiment
Ackerman wait
Ackerman, I want you on the squad that will be providing Yaeger with backup
Ackerman, lookout
Acting as a spearhead for human knowledge theirs is a solemn and dangerous honor
Additionally anyone with family or loved ones they would spare from the same trauma may also leave
After graduating from the cadets Eren sees mankind begin to restore it's dignity
After seeing this I think we've blown any hope of reasoning with them
After that
Again with this? if you insist on worry worry about how long your hair is
Agreed we're working against the clock here
Agreed? Yes sir you got it
Ah good dr. Yeager...yeah well
Ah if they knew about Eren
Ah this vintage is worthy of your good taste
Ah yes...of course my apologies
Ah, It's Hot
AH! son of a That was a dirty move
AH...well done
Ain't nobody talking to you his temper tantrum had nothing to do with it
All because this is taking too long
All I could think was "better you than me"
All of a sudden I could do anything
All of a sudden it's raining the sound is so faint so gentle
All of a sudden my body wasn't shaking
All of a sudden the reality is sinking in
All of them 10 meters at least
All of them have mounts to nothing
All of us are monsters
All of you, stop it right now
All over
All right come on we got to get out of here You able to stand?
All right let's get you on your feet You shouldn't be out here alone
All right, together then
All right? I'll take the lead
All scratching and biting at each other for blood
All squadrons are responsible for supply running, message relay and enemy combat
All squads remain alert
All that stuff you used to say back in the day
All that's left of any value is revenge
All the livestock were so Restless
All the more reason not to waste this moment, without him the other Titans have nothing
All troops will await my signal
All we could talk about was the world outside
All we do is eat and sleep
All wretched was i
Allow me to introduce cadet Eren Yeager
Allow me to introduce myself I'm commandant Keith Sardis
Allowed us to survive
Allowing us to get back over the wall is that assessment correct?
Almost everything about them is obscure now that isn't to suggest
Alright I get it stop already
Alright lets go
Alright MP here I come three square meals a day for life
Alright sure, makes no difference to me
Alright that does it bitch I'm gonna shut your mouth up permanently
Always on the run
Always scraping by
Am I a fighter? Or am I feed?
Am I gonna be ground up to pulpy human grist between both of sides it's incisors?
Am I gonna be ground up to pulpy human grist between both of sides it's incisors?
Am I here punished for it?
Am I really one of them?
Am i right? we powered through for three years what's one more day
Am I sitting
Am I the only one here who doesn't think I'm a Titan ?..
And all of a sudden...I remembered
And as long as at least one of us can say that we're not done
And as long as that's the case
And baffling though it is their appetite seems geared exclusively towards human beings
And decreed all mankind retreat behind wall Rose
And from the looks of it, he's about to pounce on Yaeger
And get to HQ before you run out of gas
And I
And I have complete trust in the two of them
And I see since the fail of the composure she's letting eternal and destructively grief
And I'll let you in on what I've been doing in the cellar
And I'm the last thing you will ever see
And it doesn't matter how else you may look at it
And it goes without saying
And it's home
And keep security costs down by drawing Titans into specific areas
And make no mistake it absolutely is fleeting
And my gut tells me that the commander is keenly aware of it
And of course Titans have swarmed the place which means we can't get the gas ourselves
And since the Titans will all be in one area
And that creature is you
And that fact alone is all the convincing I need
And that means they saw him get swarmed by the Titans as well
And that of the Titans
And the answer has been hidden away under our house this entire time?
And the Armored Titan? The one that broke through wall Maria?
And the following year 846 the remaining refugees old enough
And the monster has left no time to regenerate
And the MP regiment Maintaining law and order under orders from His Royal Majesty
And the only way to win is to fight
And their friends a certifiable genius
And then
And then
And then utilize your friends power to retake the city
And this is where you all come in
And those who were there say they saw him fighting other Titans
And today there have been no reports of high level communication between them
And we were all out of gas of course
And what's with that look
And where exactly do you think out of here is
And why are you here cadet?
And why the hell isn't he using his gear
And without our mobility we're completely screwed
And yes I'm aware of how unrealistic this plan is
And yet despite Eren's ironclad resolve
And you expect me to sing you a happy little solemn
And you should check out all the cannon upgrades the sight alone ought to be enough to scare them off
And you will gonna hate me
Annie Leonhart Gifted with a sword but does not exactly play well with others
Annie, I know how bad things have gotten it's selfish putting personal matters in the forefront
Answer carefully Eren Jaeger what exactly are you ?, human or Titan ?
Answer me damn you evasion will get you nowhere
Answer me you little bastard You did this
Any attempt to move from where you stand now
Any other Titan would have been on top of us by now
Any risks associated with this operation are yours to eliminate
Anyone wishing to leave will by my personal order not be charged with treason
Anything I deem at least bit suspicious will be met with cannon fire, do not test me
Anyway it's a slice the situation is untenable
Anyway Mikasa alright? my name is Eren I'm dr. Yaegar's son
Anywhere but here then I head over the wall and straight to Shiganshina
Apart from this to all appearances their physique resembles the average human male
Apparently, we're now in the innards of a giant skeleton
Are a reflection of our fear
Are able to retreat deeper inward should the need arise
Are just a bunch of talk
Are they terrified of me?
Are they verified that?
Are we done here?
Are we free to act at our own discretion or what?
Are you asking me why people eat potatoes? I'm surprised you don't know, sir
Are you certain about this ? pinning our hopes on Yaeger I mean
Are you guys alright?
Are you insane
Are you trying to give me the impression you're a liability
Are you willing to cadet Yaeger or not?
Are you willing to cadet Yaeger or not?
Armin Arlert Built like a daffodil but academically brilliant
Armin Arlert from Shiganshina sir!
Armin Arlert from Shiganshina sir!
Armin head for the wall I've got Eren
Armin I trust you to make the right decision
Armin it's time to go
Armin listen
Armin pleads for the life of his friend desperate to convince their comrades
Armin what are you doing
Armin why...
Armin you best have a seat
Armin, are you okay? you're not hurt are you?
Armin, Mikasa
Armin, what's wrong?
Armin...our time's up
Artillery crew has reloaded captain it's your call sir
Artillery group get that cannon reloaded
As a result no civilians were lost to the Titans
As do i
As far as I'm concerned I am surrounded by a bunch of unskilled Cowardly worms
As for how the task will be done
As greed has grown all of every corner
As his comrades fall by the dozens
As if the situation isn't bad enough already
As it stands the garrison regiment isn't ready to assault our position yet
As long as I don't hit the center
As of this moment you have three options open to you
As the Titan onslaught advanced our only choice was to his draw behind Wall Rose
As the Titan onslaught advanced our only choice was to his draw behind Wall Rose
As the Titan onslaught advanced our only choice was to his draw behind Wall Rose
As the Titan onslaught advanced our only choice was to his draw behind Wall Rose
As the Titan onslaught advanced our only choice was to his draw behind Wall Rose
As they lack reproductive organs it's unclear how they reproduce
At any time, she could
At least I can assume Mikasa and Armin are all right judging by his attitude
At least we gonna die and be buried in graves when we get slaughtered!
At that terrible moment in our hearts we knew
At that terrible moment in our hearts we knew home was a pen....humanity cattle
At the moment of truth
At the top of your lungs, make as much noise as you can, cadet
At vital spots along wall Maria
Back off
Back when there used to be different breeds of people