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Family Ties - Season 1

Family Ties - Season 1

Family Ties is a beloved American television sitcom that aired from 1982 to 1989. Created by Gary David Goldberg, this heartwarming series captivated audiences with its relatable characters, witty dialogue, and endearing family dynamics. Set in suburban Columbus, Ohio, the show revolves around the Keaton family: Steven and Elyse, their children Alex, Mallory, Jennifer, and later added to the cast, baby Andrew.

Michael J. Fox portrays the iconic character of Alex P. Keaton, the oldest son and a self-proclaimed conservative Republican. Fox's talent for both comedy and drama shines through as he charms viewers with his quick wit and ambition. His portrayal of Alex won him three consecutive Emmy Awards, further solidifying his status as a talented actor.

Meredith Baxter embraces the role of Elyse Keaton, a loving and strong-willed mother balancing her career as an architect with her responsibilities at home. Baxter's natural motherly presence adds depth to the character, making her someone viewers could easily connect with.

Michael Gross brings warmth and humor to the character of Steven Keaton, the caring father and former hippie. His chemistry with Baxter creates a believable and endearing marriage dynamic, which explores the challenges of maintaining individuality in a long-term relationship.

Justine Bateman portrays Mallory Keaton, the popular, fashion-conscious daughter with a penchant for not excelling academically. Bateman's performance beautifully captures the struggles of a teenager trying to find her identity amidst the expectations placed upon her.

Tina Yothers shines as Jennifer Keaton, the youngest sibling, who is often underestimated due to her age. Yothers flawlessly portrays Jennifer's evolving maturity throughout the series, proving her acting prowess at a young age.

As the show progressed, new cast members were introduced, including Brian Bonsall as baby Andrew Keaton. Bonsall's adorable portrayal added another layer of joy and chaos to the Keaton household.

Family Ties tackles various socio-political issues, often using Alex Keaton as a vehicle to explore these themes. Alex's staunch conservatism contrasts with his parents' more liberal outlook, leading to entertaining and insightful discussions that resonate with viewers.

The show's theme song, "Without Us," performed by Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams, became a familiar and cherished melody for fans. Its catchy lyrics encapsulate the essence of the show, celebrating the bond and love shared within the Keaton family.

To fully immerse yourself in the world of Family Ties, you can easily play and download the episodes and sounds from this beloved sitcom. Whether you want to relive the hilarious arguments between Alex and his siblings or witness the heartwarming moments that remind us of the importance of family, this iconic television series offers an enriching viewing experience that withstands the test of time.

So, grab some popcorn, gather the family, and embark on a journey through the ups and downs, laughter and tears, and the undeniable strength of the Keaton family. Journey back to the 1980s with Family Ties, a timeless classic that continues to touch hearts and remind us of the enduring power of love and family bonds.

A a a tattoo is...
A a living, breathing monument.
A Alex, we don't want to interfere.
A all right. Thanks.
A as you get older, it gets harder.
A book about Richard Nixon in history class.
A girl like that is... is older.
A good friend's hard to find.
A good man's even harder.
A jacket like that was a symbol of rebellion,
A lot of good 77 cents is going to do the bald eagle.
A lot of good it did you.
A lot of mistakes with you, Steven.
A real fascist, but she wore it well, you know?
A simple "no" would have been sufficient.
A very good friend.
A young kid like you must have been putty in his hands.
A young lady always says "please" and "thank you,"
About a book you've read.
About an hour ago.
About catching dinner for us.
About felt tip pens?
About Friedman's economic theory.
About how he can make me feel like a woman.
About Jennifer.
About leaving the kids alone.
About the...
About this relationship stuff.
About your being at a restricted club.
Actually, I wanted red ones, but that's my fault.
Actually, I've been practicing for this moment
Actually, if anything's changed,
Actually, it's these kids from school.
Actually, Jennifer,
Actually, no.
Adiós, amigo.
After all that's happened in the past 15 years or so...
After all, Eric came to see me, not you.
After everything that happened between us last night?
After everything... We did?
After what happened between us last night...
Ah, so do I.
Ah, Steven, I..
Ah, what the hell? There is an energy crisis.
Ah, which one?
Ah, you know what I always say.
Ah, you're up early.
Ah! I was just kidding about the tattoo.
Ain't this a beauty?
Alex is gonna be gone for the whole day,
Alex is two years older than you.
Alex isn't going.
Alex p. Keaton here.
Alex p. Keaton.
Alex thinks she might be interested in him.
Alex, a Stephanie Brooks for you.
Alex, did you think that it was at all strange
Alex, don't you think i have a mind of my own?
Alex, he's captain of eight varsity teams.
Alex, I changed my mind. I don't want to wear this.
Alex, I don't have to tell you that.
Alex, I have nothing to say to you.
Alex, I know what it's like
Alex, I want you to come home with me now.
Alex, it's hard to know when to interfere
Alex, look, I could ask Pete to leave,
Alex, maybe you're getting a little carried away here.
Alex, Pete being here right now
Alex, the Carlton is a restricted club.
Alex, this is Pete drucker.
Alex, uh, you sound pretty serious about Stephanie.
Alex, what time did you get in last night?
Alex, what's an or...
Alex, you acted on your feelings tonight
Alex, you and Stephanie
Alex, you're a young man.
Alex: * birds do it
Alex: Adler's grocery!
Alex! Will you stop pacing? You're making me nervous!
Alex. Alex. I've got to talk to you.
Alex. What are you doing here?
All curled up by the Christmas tree,
All I'm saying is that the time people spend reading
All right, all right. Come on. They're here.
All right, bye bye.
All right, everybody,
All right, everybody, just stay calm.
All right, go over those choices again.
All right, i think we're all set.
All right, Sam.
All right, very good.
All right! Who wants to see the peace corps slides?
All right.
All right. All right, Mallory, take the flowers.
All right. All right. The men are back.
All right. Guys, you look great
All right. I'll come by your place at 7:00.
All the invitations are out,
All they lost was their door handle and one headlight
All they want to talk about are girls and... and baseball.
Along with numbers for police, fire,
Always worked at my school.
Am I dreaming, or did Sandra Dee just walk in?
Am I gonna be like Mallory
Am I scared?
Am not!
Am not!
An emblem of an entire generation.
And a young lady never beats a boy in sports.
And already you're talking about marriage?
And bill my account, okay?
And destroying life on earth as we know it.
And for really good reasons...
And get crazy for clothes and movie stars?
And going around the world,
And got hurt because of it.
And he buys a new one.
And he hasn't even gotten to first base.
And he's a boy!
And he's trying to take it out.
And I admit, up to now, some of it's been cute.
And I appreciate it... I really do
And I can tell by the way Louie acts
And I don't even want her to talk to you.
And I i want it to be a happy one.
And I make mistakes, like tonight.
And I really feel the absence of her in my life.
And I really hurt your brother's feelings.
And I still want to be Justin's friend, too.
And I think a restricted club is a good place to draw it.
And I thought we had a really good shot at winning.
And I wanted to acknowledge it, that's all.
And I'll tell you something else.
And I'm pretty caught up in it.
And if he wants to have a poster of William Buckley over his bed,
And if I miss him there, I'll drop him a card.
And if the boy is taller.
And if you call now,
And if you get a phone call,
And it's gonna stop.
And it's just kind of nice to see them every year.
And let her check into the holiday inn for the weekend.
And make sure you don't tumble down the stairs.
And Mallory's on her way out, too.
And maybe make them some hot chocolate
And order pizza.
And our congressman.
And reading isn't?
And refusing to hold down a decent job?!
And she keeps rolling into my room
And so you see, it's the responsibility
And some of the boys have accepted.
And spend a day with me like the one you just spent with Alex!
And take this dollar bill instead,
And that you could hold your own in a rumble.
And that's what they gave us.
And that's where the wrestling match started.
And the kids and I will bring in the food, okay?
And the rockefellers have our kid?
And then you'd be standing here asking
And there may be dancers somewhere in the world
And they sing, * I know Jennifer's boyfriend
And they're right at his cutoff level for manliness.
And unless you and Ron can work this out,
And we really don't appreciate the intrusion in our lives.
And we'll cut out the bones and then cut off the...
And when I see Kimberly blanton in a strapless evening gown,
And when I'm mad, I'm loud.
And when to let you go on your own.
And you escaped from a home.
And you know something?
And you never have, either!
And you say things you didn't want to say?
And you were a yutz.
And you won the, uh, swimming competition,
And you won't listen to a word I have to say,
And you'll wind up having a terrific party.
And you're gonna tell me exactly what you've been doing
And your calling here is childish, it's annoying,
And, still, 4th grade boys and girls
And, to tell you the truth, I'm not all that thrilled with you.
And, uh, Suzanne, the golf driving for distance.
And, well, I really want to be a cheerleader.
Any hard feelings about this at all.
Any sign of them yet?
Any torch song will do.
Anybody know the capital of Iowa?
Anything from the store?
Anyway, it was my father's fault.
Anyway, my idea is to have a '50s party.
Apparently, something good has come out of this.
Are a very rare breed.
Are an integral part of a woman's life.
Are mostly a psychological phenomenon.
Are there any without liver?
Are there sprouts in here?
Are you going to that Barry manilow concert tonight?
Are you gonna wear your hair like that
Are you in a school play you didn't tell us about,
Are you kidding?
Are you kidding? I i love Milton Friedman.
Are you kidding?!
Are you meeting the davises up there again? Yeah.
Are you on an official date right now?
Are you sure this is a good idea, Alex?