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Snow Day (2000) Soundboard

Snow Day (2000) Soundboard

Snow Day is a delightful and heartwarming comedy film that was released in the year 2000. This feel-good family movie captures the excitement and chaos that ensue when an unexpected snow day grants a group of kids the freedom to embark on a series of mischievous adventures.

The cast of Snow Day features an ensemble of talented actors who bring their characters to life with incredible charm and humor. Leading the pack is Chevy Chase, a legendary comedic actor known for his roles in films like National Lampoon's Vacation series. Chase plays the role of Tom Brandston, the father of Hal and Natalie Brandston, who try to make the most of their snow day.

Hal Brandston, the film's teenage protagonist, is portrayed by Mark Webber, a skilled actor who perfectly captures the youthful excitement and spirit of adventure. Hal's love interest, Claire Bonner, is played by the talented and beautiful actress Emmanuelle Chriqui. Together, Webber and Chriqui create an endearing on-screen chemistry that adds an extra layer of charm to the film.

Other notable cast members include Schuyler Fisk, who portrays the rebellious and independent Lane Leonard, Hal's older sister, and Jean Smart, who brings eccentricity and humor to her character, Laura Brandston, the mother of the snow-obsessed children. Additionally, the film features an appearance from the lovable Chris Elliott as the neighborhood snowplow driver, who becomes an unintentional obstacle for the kids' grand plans.

The soundtrack of Snow Day is an integral part of its charm and nostalgia. Filled with catchy tunes, it perfectly encapsulates the joy and excitement of a snow day. With a mix of classic and contemporary songs, this soundtrack appeals to all generations. From "Heatwave" by Martha Reeves & The Vandellas to "Party Hard" by Andrew W.K., the songs chosen for Snow Day add a dynamic and energetic element to the film.

If you are looking to relive the magic of Snow Day, you can easily find and download the sounds and songs from this film. Whether you want to tap your feet to the beat of your favorite tunes or feel the rush of excitement that accompanies a snow day, these sounds will transport you back to the year 2000.

Play and download the sounds from Snow Day here for a truly nostalgic experience. Immerse yourself in the laughter, mischief, and adventure that unfold on this unforgettable snow day. With every song and soundbite, you can relive the joy and excitement that this film brings to its viewers.

In conclusion, Snow Day is a heartwarming and humorous film that captures the spirit of adventure and the magic of a snow day. With its talented cast, catchy soundtrack, and unforgettable moments, this movie is sure to bring a smile to your face. So, don't miss the opportunity to relive the magic of Snow Day by playing and downloading the sounds that made this film truly unforgettable.

And in the end you might discover that you saved the universe
And when they do, watch out, Chad Symmonz.
Boys Hal's age like to experiment... Did you say ankle bracelet?
But at least she gained a little quality time.
But by the time the sun goes down, you might be amazed to discover
Can it?
Chet! Chet! Chet!
Do something. Do something!
Everybody makes fun of the mailman.
From top to the bottom, from the side to the side.
Hal, let's go. l think you made your point.
Hal, when l was your age, l used to wear cologne to get a girl to notice me.
He's just finishing his plough ride
Hi, there!
Honey, you'll freeze to death. Come back!
L wish it was this easy.
L'll see you in school tomorrow. You didn't think of that, did you?
L'll tell you what. To prove you're not a fraud,
L'm ...taking...names!
L'm going out.
L'm just kidding with you there.
Last night's record snowfall grinding the area to a halt..
Lf l'm gonna sell these, l've got to keep them mint.
Lf you kids think...
Lf you're looking for a ride, l'm afraid you'll have to wait till next year
Lt was destiny.
Lt's like Clairestock.
Meltar and l can take care of the universe no problem.
My original idea was to stay underwater until l died,
No school, no school, no school!
No... Trudy!
Of course, that was Love Letters by the sultan of smooth, Mr Al Martino.
Okay, here we go.
Old Jack Frost here takes you on a tour of this year's Winter Jamboree.
Pleh? Pleh...
Randall, is that the way we eat soup in this house?
Reaches all that cold, cold wind that comes from ol' Canada,
Snow! And lots of it, folks.
That clam dip's gotta learn that winter's not over until we say it's over.
That there's no better way to say ''l love you''
That's it from last year's stash. l guess we're out until it snows again.
That's what kids of central New York are saying as last night's snowfall...
The real winter miracle is what can happen afterwards.
Tom Brandston.
Watch it, watch it!
Well, at least l can see the outline of my car.
Well, here l come, baby. Large and in charge, and totally...
Well, with Hal there's no handprint.
What are you looking at?!
When the barometric pressure
Whenever there's weather that affects our area, he's there first.
While my sister Natalie worried about the fate of an entire season,
Why, Chad Symmonz, of course.
Chad! No... Oh, boy.
Go out with other zips. l'm not sure l'm following you
Good. Why good?
Nats? Hal.
No, not about you, about Lane. Lane.
Oh, give me a break. lt's Chad Symmonz.
Snow day... Snow day!
So, what did l miss? l can fit my fist in my mouth.
What did you do? l came here.
What is your problem? l found that bracelet for a reason.
..the white stuff.
# There she goes again Racing through my brain
# Your loving will survive... #