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Madagascar (2005) Soundboard

Madagascar (2005) Soundboard

Madagascar is a captivating and beloved animated film that was released in the year 2005. Directed by Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath, this epic adventure takes viewers on a journey to the stunning and diverse ecosystem of the island of Madagascar.

The film follows the story of four central characters: Alex the Lion (voiced by Ben Stiller), Marty the Zebra (voiced by Chris Rock), Melman the Giraffe (voiced by David Schwimmer), and Gloria the Hippo (voiced by Jada Pinkett Smith). These four friends live a comfortable life in New York City's Central Park Zoo, but Marty, yearning for a taste of freedom, dreams of exploring the wild.

When Marty's dream becomes a reality and he escapes the zoo, Alex, Melman, and Gloria set out on a daring mission to bring him back. However, their plans go awry, and all four end up being shipped off to the exotic island of Madagascar. Here, they encounter a wide array of unique and entertaining creatures, including the charismatic and eccentric King Julien XIII (voiced by Sacha Baron Cohen), the sly and loyal penguins Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private (voiced by Tom McGrath, Chris Miller, John DiMaggio, and Christopher Knights respectively), and the terrifying fossa, the island's native predators.

As the main characters navigate the challenges of the island, they also learn valuable lessons about friendship, self-discovery, and the importance of embracing one's true nature. With stunning visuals, hilarious comedic moments, and a heartwarming story, Madagascar captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.

The film's soundtrack, composed by the talented Hans Zimmer, perfectly complements the adventures and emotions portrayed on screen. From the catchy and energetic "I Like to Move It" by Reel 2 Real featuring The Mad Stuntman to the soulful melodies of "Best Friends" performed by Will.I.Am, the music of Madagascar adds an extra layer of excitement and joy to the overall experience.

If you've fallen in love with Madagascar or want to relive the magic, you're in luck! You can now play and download the sounds of this incredible film right here. Immerse yourself in the enchanting music, relish in the unforgettable voices of the characters, and let the spirit of adventure sweep you away once more.

Madagascar continues to be cherished by fans of all ages, spawning several sequels that further explore the adventures of Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, and their newfound friends. With its unforgettable cast of characters, heartwarming story, and captivating animation, Madagascar is truly a timeless classic that will continue to entertain and enchant audiences for generations to come.

A bull's eye. Excellent shot, Maurice
Alex! Come out, Alex!
Alex. Do not interrupt me when I'm daydreaming
And I am not going HMO
And I don't even know if I'm black with white stripes...
And me, skipper?
And to make you feel good,
And yourselves.
Aw, hey, thanks, man
Be gone!
But I've been thinking about what you said, and I'm sorry.
Calm down, people, okay?
Can you read?
Can't wait to see the look on Marty's face when he sees this.
Come here!
Come here. Come here. Come on, penguin.
Come on, Gloria. Get it.
Come on!
Come on. You know you know the words.
Don't do that. You really had me worried there.
Don't you love the people? Not a very lively bunch, though.
Don't you think we should tell them that the boat's out of gas?
Enough! Stop it!
Get me out of here! We got to get out of here!
Get the cake. Melman, come on.
Grand Central Station.
Happy birthday to you
He does have a point.
Hello? Somebody?
Help! Help! Help!
Here, give me a nibble.
Hey! How you doing? You know what? Everything's cool.
Hi there.
I can't. I can't. I can't do it. I ju... I can't do it!
I don't care where we are.
I don't know how things are normally run around here,
I don't know the words But we're born free
I don't know! That's what Melman said
I don't want to hurt you.
I got him! I've got him!
I have an appointment with Dr. Goldberg at 5:00.
I just want to go home
I often doze off while I'm getting an MRI.
I, Melman Mankiewicz,
I'm a monster.
I'm Alex. The Alex. And this is Gloria, Marty and Melman.
I'm in heaven.
I'm leaving today
I'm loving San Diego. This place is off the chizain.
I'm so sorry, Marty.
I'm ten years old. My life is half over
Is this some sort of inbreeding program?
It's fun people fun time!
It's no good. I don't know the codes.
It's showtime.
It's the pizza man
It's true. I'm a monster.
Last night's dramatic incident in Grand Central
Let's get our blood pumping, lungs breathing this fresh air.
Let's go, Gloria! Up and at 'em. We're open!
Let's go. Let's make a wish, babycakes
Look at him. He's so cute and plushy.
Look, I've been thinking. Maybe if you gave this place a chance,
Marty, Melman, Gloria.
Matt, Katie, Al.
Melman, just shut it.
Melman, Melman, Melman! Melman, Melman, Melman!
Morty, Morty, Gelman. Regis. Kelly.
My little filet.
No, I just want..
No, Park goes two ways. You can't time the lights.
No, thanks.
Not yet! No, no! No!
Now, where's the train?
Oh, man.
Oh, my
Oh, no!
Oh, sugar, honey, ice tea.
Oh. No, I really don't think I could... Okay.
Ooh! How about a thick, juicy steak?
Ooh! It just did. Even the star's out.
Original King Julien 'pon yer case, man
Our friends and keep them close.
Please feel free to bask in my glow.
Please. Maurice.
Right there. You see?
She like to move it, move it
So my genius plan is this:
Stay back.
Take it easy, Melman. It's going to be okay.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
Thanks a lot, officer.
Thanks for not giving up on me.
The Central Park Zoo proudly presents:
The king of New York City.
The plan failed.
The wild?
The wild? You could actually go there?
The wild?!
There's none of this in the wild.
They annoy us by trespassing, interrupting our parties
They should call it the San Di lame o Zoo.
Upstairs, downstairs.
Wake up, Mr. Alex.
We're all here together. Safe and sound
We've been ratted out, boys.
Well, boys, it's going to be ice cold sushi for breakfast
Well, great. Let's make gas look good.
Well, what are we going to do?
What are you doing?
What day is it?
What did Marty say to you? I asked you to talk to him.
What if Mr. Alex is even worse than the fossa?
What's eating him?
When ya move your body, ya do
Where are we? What the heck is going on?
Where's Alex? What happened to him? He was right behind us. Wasn't he?
While you were asleep,
Whoa! What are you guys doing here?
Why'd you tell your wish? You're not supposed to.
Wildlife preserve.
Works for me.
Would you just tell us? What could happen?
Yeah, here we are.
Yeah, thanks a lot, guys.
Yeah! You don't see that on Animal Planet.
Yes? Can I help you?
Yo, Al. Melman and Gloria are over there having a good time
You and me. Let's go.
You are, that's who. Come on! Here we go!
You just need to break out of that boring routine.
You know, I got it.
You let me handle it. Alex handles it. Marty does nothing.
You put it in behind the tooth. You all right.
You should see his act
You're joking. Right?
You're not good with the putting words together
Your black and white stripes, they cancel each other out. You're nothing!
A yabbadabbado old time! This side's the best.
and ripping our limbs off. Good.
And, you! Me?
Bye, little fuzzbuckets! Thanks for everything!
Connecticut! He wouldn't.
Connecticut? You got to go over to Grand Central.
Help! What are you doing?!
Like you said, baby, it's... Crackalacking.
No. Good.
Okay. We. We should take Lexington. What about Park?
Skipper? I always wanted to go to Australia.
Strangle you! Calm down
The whossa? The fossa.
Tighter. Yes, sir.
What about Fiji? Canada. Can we? ten more minutes.