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Atlas Shrugged Part I (2011) Soundboard

Atlas Shrugged Part I (2011) Soundboard

Atlas Shrugged Part I is a thought-provoking and captivating movie based on Ayn Rand's influential novel, "Atlas Shrugged," which was released in 2011. It delves into the themes of individualism, capitalism, and the struggle to preserve the pursuit of happiness in a society that stifles innovation and productivity. The film presents a fictional world where the brightest minds and innovators mysteriously disappear, leaving behind a crumbling society on the verge of collapse.

The cast of Atlas Shrugged Part I includes talented actors who bring the characters to life with their exceptional performances. Taylor Schilling takes on the lead role of Dagny Taggart, a strong-willed and determined woman who is the Vice President of Operations for Taggart Transcontinental, a once-thriving railway company. Schilling portrays Dagny's resilience and unwavering belief in her abilities with remarkable brilliance.

Grant Bowler portrays Henry Rearden, an industrialist and inventor who creates a revolutionary metal alloy called Rearden Metal. Bowler shines in showcasing Henry's inner conflicts as he battles societal pressure and attempts to protect his invention from oppressive regulations and unethical businessmen.

Matthew Marsden plays James Taggart, Dagny's brother and the President of Taggart Transcontinental. Marsden masterfully portrays James' weak-willed nature and his self-serving actions that threaten the company's survival.

Graham Beckel takes on the role of Ellis Wyatt, a talented oil industrialist who also mysteriously disappears. Beckel's portrayal of Wyatt is impressive, capturing the character's innovative spirit and determination to resist the oppressive forces that suffocate his success.

The film's soundtrack, composed by Elia Cmiral, enhances the storytelling experience, adding depth and emotion to the unfolding events. It gracefully accompanies the characters' journey and highlights the film's key moments, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

Throughout Atlas Shrugged Part I, the audience is introduced to the world of Taggart Transcontinental, a company struggling to survive under the weight of government regulations and public opinion that dismisses success and hard work. As the rails of the nation's railways decay, Dagny Taggart fights against bureaucratic obstacles and societal pressure to save her family's company.

In the midst of the turmoil, Dagny encounters Henry Rearden and finds a kindred spirit who appreciates her abilities and beliefs in the potential of Rearden Metal. Together, they navigate the treacherous waters of a collapsing world, forming a partnership that challenges the status quo and defies the oppressive forces that hinder their success.

The film explores the consequences of a society that punishes achievement and rewards compliance. It raises important questions about the value of individualism, the role of government in the economy, and the moral responsibility that comes with success.

Atlas Shrugged Part I combines suspenseful storytelling with philosophical depth, engaging the audience on multiple levels. It encourages viewers to question the very foundations of societal norms and to consider the importance of preserving the freedom to create and pursue one's own happiness.

In conclusion, Atlas Shrugged Part I is a captivating movie that brings Ayn Rand's influential novel to the big screen. With its talented cast, powerful soundtrack, and thought-provoking themes, it offers an engaging exploration of individualism, capitalism, and the struggle to protect the pursuit of happiness in a world that seeks to stifle it. The film invites its audience to reflect on the moral and societal questions it raises, making it a must-watch for anyone intrigued by the themes of personal liberty and the human spirit.

Abso utely
Add tional y, under my direct on..
Am I calling too ate?
An emergency board meeting has been ca ed.
And am not giving up. I am not going to quit
And Taggart Transcontinental is providlng Wyatt Oil excellent rall transportation..
And the third?
And we both know why.
And what did you say?
And what's the plan if you fail?
And, my frends, we are the band.
Are you having a good time, Dagny?
Ask yourself what it is sometime.
Atmospherc vacuum
But surely, he must have mentioned something about work?
But, apparent y, you do.
Called him a genius
Can I have one n ght?
Can I wa k you to your car?
Can you get Hank Rearden for me? EDDIE: He actually called earlier.
Can you imagine a commercial jet twice the size with half the weight?
Dagny is just being kind. LILLIAN: For God's sake, Henry, be quiet.
DAGNY: Get me Dan Conway.
DAGNY: The money would mean nothing to you
Do you know where he is?
Espec ally Rearden.
Every business must lend a help ng hand, Mr. Wyatt
Find Mouch
GWEN: It's here
Have you told them? To d them what?
He needs us just as much as we need h m
He trusted your name and your honor.
He worked w th a man named W I iam Hastings.
He'll see you now
He's in town and he wants to know if you're availab e
He's not only given us the rope, he's tied the knot.
Here he is, as promised, James Taggart
Hey, Dagny?
How are the Mex cans gonna deve op the area..
How do you explain that?
However, we're gonna need your help, Jimmy.
I can look into it f you like
I can't risk mak ng more sw tches for ycu...
I did a ittle digging around and I found these.
I do wish you best of luck, Miss Taggart.
I either own the property or I don't
I figured someone knew how to manage a crsis up here
I foresaw the poss bility of this type of event..
I guess I have two dinner dates then.
I have to go
I hope that he ps.
I know that you are very busy...
I know them
I know why you're here, Miss Taggart. Do you?
I know. I'm late. Could have called
I love it. Here we go.
I need to have a conversation with my brother
I picked it out because I know that you love banana...
I prom se you that
I studied engineering in college, Jim
I want it to be spec al
I want you to stay.
I wanted you to manage the Rio Norte Line.
I was actually grooming him for a management position...
I was just heading out myself.
I was wondering if you'd like join me for dinner
I would never force a man to do anything.
I'll be the toast of the town wear ng a p ece of the same metal..
I'm going to Philadelphia tonight to f nalize the dea with Hank Rearden
I'm having a magnificent time. Good, I'm so glad
I'm not at 100 percent bonds sold yet, but I am close
I'm Phillip Rearden.
I'm trying to survive here. And you will.
If you ever want a job...
If you have any proof that Rearden Metal poses a physical threat...
If you intend to keep your word, then keep t
In order to save my family's business..
It closed suddenly, but they might have machine tools and parts that you can use
It threatens the very existence of the stee industry.
It would put me out of business
It's going to be okay, Dagny.
It's my metal I'm sell ng. Not me. Thank you.
It's not for me, Hank.
It's sweet.
It's this small particle accelerator
It's too bad.
It's us who move the world...
James Taggart. Lillian
Jed Starnes.
Just know that this is the consequence of your policies
KNIGHT: He makes a very good point, Mr. Taggart
Let's have a toast to the Age of Rearden Metal.
Looks ike they just wa ked away
Make it a habit of letting the Institute speak for you...
MAN (ON PA): Allpassengers for Traln 1210.
MAN 1: Some sections of this rail line, one of Taggart's most important...
MAN 1: This marks the first tlme Rearden Steel has been used this extensively...
MAN 2: Government is overstepping its bounds?
MAN 2: Pull the pin.
MAN 2: Yeah, go ahead
MAN 5: Mr. Speaker, we would like to propose a bill..
Miss Taggart, it is publ c opinion that Rearden Metal is unsafe.
Miss Taggart?
MOUCH: Isn't that Francisco D'Anconia? BOYLE: That's him.
Nice try.
No, not yet. I'm trying another channel.
No. T wou d embarrass us to have you on the ist of our contributors
Noth ng, nothing on Earth.
Now are you going to forb d your men to run that train?
Oh, darling, thank you.
Oh, Lennon Couture
Okay, Paul?
One slice of cherry pie. As usual.
Other people are human.
Our nation is slipping deeper and deeper into a crisis never seen before.
Please, sit.
Rearden's p ans, research he's done. This is the greatest metal on the market
Remember that motor company I was telling you about in Wisconsin?
REPORTER: Miss Taggart, who is John Galt?
Says who?
Shifting to manual
So maybe you can see about an opportunity..
So there's nothing I can offer you?
Someone who knows what it's ike to work for himself...
Sorry, Hank, I had to.
Sorry, I'm late
Tel me if Rearden Metal is good or not and I'll sell you the rights.
Thank you very much
Thank you.
Thanks for coming.
That's depressing
That's funny
That's the trouble w th you. You work too hard.
That's three months away.
The John Galt Line's the future of rail travel.
Then I'll be brief.
There she is.
There was a call just now from the Rio Norte branch in Colorado
There. I just made up the d fference.
They expect to have Wyatt as their main account
They provided a spectacle on a grand scale, especially your brother
This is just a technicality. Hank. Okay
To a successful business partnersh p. I'll drink to that.
W ne, please? No
We all did.
We can't quit now, Hank. You're so c ose
We have to service Ell s Wyatt. He is this company's main priorty
We just need the ones we have to be rellable.
We're gonna prove it today.
We're not gonna allow you to run that train
Well, Mr. Rearden, you must be awfully proud of your man Mouch
Well, that's it for me, gentlemen. I have to go too.
Wesley Mouch?
What does that mean? EDDIE: Was explained once
What for?
What happened to you, Francisco? Where is the man I used to love?
What s this savior I ne gonna be ca led?
Which do I sacrifice?
Which policies?
Who is John Galt?
Who is John Galt?
Who is threatening you?
Who was that?
Why are you leaving?
Why do we have to be the first? Do you wanna save Colorado or not?
WYATT: But because of political shenanigans and back room deals..
WYATT: People aren't gonna be going anywhere without oll
WYATT: Who the hell are you?
Yeah? That's not what I mean.
Yes, but it's useless to get angry wth people..
You can't just take everyth ng away from people who need our help.
You don't know how.
You get a thrill from swindling people in order to watch them squirm
You have to take radica steps to surv ve
You keep him away from me. I mean it
You know it is the best materal available. What's go ng on?
You know what I like about you, Wesley?
You were saying? A simple trade.
You're not dragging the family name through this.
You're up early
You've wasted more in the San Sebastian mines.
You've wasted that on sense ess parties
Your ast appointment of the day is here.
...and Ellis Wyatt, the o and gas entrepreneur...
...and I was hoping someone in this business still had a brain.
...and It's us who will pull It through.
...and passengertransportatlon
...and recently passed the Fair Prlce Bill..
...despite strong warnlngs from the State Science Institute.
...even if the words it uses are false?
...for the collapsing vacuum pressure to be captured.
...I have issueed a set of directives.
...I would like to commiss on a Rearden Metal brdge for Wyatt Junction.
...ln orderto get his oll to the people.
...out of that unproven metal.
...over its new Rearden Metal bridge.
...quality in their once great products was gone, and that was that
...restricting Increases in the price of most goods and servlces
...stealing to g ve to the rich.
...then why hasn't a single train filled with ore left Mexico yet? which I wou dn't hes tate to sacrif ce anyone's profit.
...until the economy can stabilize.
...who is responsible for the current economic boom in Colorado
...with a s ngle passenger train once a day?