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Absentia - Season 1

Absentia - Season 1

Absentia is a gripping and intense television series that first aired in 2017. Action-packed and filled with mysterious twists, this crime drama has captivated audiences around the world.

The plot revolves around Emily Byrne, portrayed by the talented Canadian actress Stana Katic. Emily is an FBI agent who disappears without a trace while hunting a brutal serial killer named Conrad Harlow. Thought to be dead, Emily miraculously reappears six years later in a cabin deep in the woods, with no memory of where she has been or what has happened to her.

Stana Katic delivers a remarkable performance as Emily Byrne, capturing both her vulnerability and tenacity as she struggles to rebuild her life. Katic's portrayal is complemented by the stellar performances of the supporting cast, which includes Patrick Heusinger as Emily's ex-husband Nick Durand. Heusinger brings a complex and nuanced quality to the character, torn between his feelings for Emily and his new wife, Alice (played by Cara Theobold).

The cast also features Neil Jackson as Conrad Harlow, the sadistic serial killer at the center of Emily's disappearance. Jackson imbues the character with a chilling presence, making Conrad Harlow a truly formidable adversary.

The writing in Absentia is exceptional, masterfully weaving together multiple storylines to create a heart-pounding narrative. The series explores the psychological toll that Emily's disappearance has had on her and her family, delving into themes of trauma, survival, and the pursuit of justice. The script keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, as they follow Emily's journey to unravel the mystery of her abduction and confront the demons of her past.

One of the most notable aspects of Absentia is its atmospheric and haunting soundtrack, composed by Dominik Scherrer. Scherrer's score perfectly complements the intense and mysterious tone of the series, adding an additional layer of tension to the already gripping storytelling. The evocative melodies and haunting motifs heighten the emotional impact of each scene, further immersing viewers into the world of Absentia. The soundtrack is truly a work of art that stands on its own, capable of sending shivers down your spine.

Fortunately, fans of the series can easily access and enjoy the captivating sounds of Absentia. By visiting a dedicated website or platform, they can play and download the show's soundtrack. This allows fans to not only relive the intense and suspenseful moments from the series but also to delve further into the rich world of Absentia by immersing themselves in its atmospheric music, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

In addition to the remarkable performances and stellar soundtrack, Absentia also stands out for its breathtaking cinematography. The visually stunning shots capture the beauty of the series' various locations, from the vast and eerie woods to the bustling streets of Boston. The cinematography adds depth and richness to each scene, enhancing the storytelling and drawing viewers further into the world of Absentia.

Overall, Absentia is an extraordinary television series that deserves every ounce of praise it has received. With its talented cast, riveting storyline, and stunning visuals, it is a must-watch for fans of crime dramas and mysteries. Whether you binge-watch it all in one go or savor it one episode at a time, Absentia promises to keep you engrossed and on the edge of your seat until the very last moment. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and immerse yourself in this gripping tale of intrigue, redemption, and survival. And don't forget to download and enjoy the show's remarkable soundtrack to truly enhance your viewing experience.

A and B.
A conspiracy theory if you ask me,
A dead body...
A Fed. A crooked Fed.
A floater in the Charles.
A friend who I keep secrets for.
A good soldier.
A green jacket.
A hundred years ago a storage tank exploded,
A kid, actually.
A known serial killer.
A man keeps his vows.
A man keeps his vows.
A shot will calm my nerves and if...
A site she led us to.
A sudden constricting of the throat,
A suspect in several additional missing person cases,
A theory she had back before she was taken.
A very specific profile.
About information on a former professor, Lu Fang Shen.
About where she was or...
Actually, we're about to visit with him. Call you later.
Adam doesn't know
ADAM: Okay, people.
ADAM: Okay, people.
ADAM: Sure, sure.
ADAM: The Emily Byrne we knew is gone, people.
ADAM: You should have seen the look in your eyes at the docks.
Adam. Adam!
ADMINISTRATOR: And what can I do for you gentlemen?
ADMINISTRATOR: I don't know the details.
Admit it.
After Emily,
After everything that happened, but...
After flowers.
After he left MIT.
After I broke into his house.
After I do to him a bit of what he did to me.
After I do to him a bit of what he did to me.
After she saw this text exchange.
After the concussion.
After the explosion, the factory turned into a warehouse.
After we bring Emily in,
After what she's been through.
After you were taken.
Again. Just minutes before the murder.
Agent down.
Alice is pregnant.
ALICE ON VOICEMAIL: Hi, this is Alice. Leave a message.
Alice took Flynn to Morris for a few days.
Alice will die.
Alice, wake up.
Alice, you've gotta wake up.
ALICE: Flynn!
ALICE: Flynn! Flynn!
ALICE: Get the lock!
ALICE: I know where he is.
ALICE: I know.
ALICE: No. Go straight, go straight.
ALICE: Of course, this is hard for me.
ALICE: Sit there.
ALICE: The lock! Just pull it out!
ALICE: What?
ALICE: What? NICK: Start driving south.
ALICE: You did the right thing.
ALICE: You still believe her?
Alice! Alice, get in the driver's seat.
Alice. Alice.
All going to fall apart any second
All I ask is that you just take some time to really consider it.
All I can give you is in here.
All I could think was...
All of this is on you now. Nick...
All right, one more.
All right, thanks.
All right?
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Nice and slow.
All right. Ready?
All the evidence against her is just that?
All the love and the attention went to her.
All the stuff they're saying about her.
All these years I wondered why,
All those bodies in the woods, I mean... Jesus.
All units to 429 Boardman in Eastie.
ALL: Hello, Jack.
Along the orbital bone,
Am I clear?
Am I fired?
An FBI agent.
An imaginary friend.
An old employee from Barrett House.
And a friend.
And again!
And ask people what?
And believe me, I could have.
And breathe.
And do the right thing.
And everybody is so much worse off.
And everything can go back to normal.
And five missing persons cases,
And forensics?
And he could be watching you and Flynn.
And he was far from stable to begin with.
And he's gonna find us.
And his payments sync up perfectly
And hope that she's okay.
And how about some fucking gratitude, huh?
And how exactly are you trying to help, Em?
And I can't be that.
And I can't stop thinking about Harlow.
And I can't trace the cash to his income.
And I don't care.
And I had a lot more money.
And I just got to sit here and hide
And I just missed them, you know?
And I just wanted to relive it.
And I know the person who has them and I...
And I love you.
And I need you to be okay with that.
And I need you to help me make sense of it.
And I needed to step up.
And I saved someone I care about.
And I should have sooner.
And I think I can help you.
And I think I figured out a way out of all of this,
And I think I'm gonna do it.
And I think that partner killed Semerov, too.
And I thought that Radford would have a few answers.
And I tried to eat it.
And I understand why you have a blind spot for your ex wife.
And I want to know more about Yorick here.
And I was wondering if we could get a contact for that patient
And I'm going to find Flynn.
And I'm terrified of what will happen if I ever do.
And if it's still a no, no hard feelings.
And if one is good, then two is better, right?
And if the two converge, so be it.
And if you ever need any help from...
And in Harlow she finds the perfect partner.
And it just made me stronger.
And it wasn't me.
And it's blinding them to the truth.
And maybe whoever had you took you there?
And maybe whoever had you took you there?
And mine.
And New Hampshire State Police recovered six bodies
And Nick thinks that I did it.
And no one's telling it.
And now he's going to be wasting time looking for me.
And now Jack's connected to one of his girls?
And now they got Flynn... Emily...
And now you're leaving us alone to help her.
And now...
And part of me just wants to forget it
And Radford.
And she's a good mother, she wouldn't do anything
And she's kidnapped my wife and my son.
And show the world the truth about Emily Byrne.
And shows him what life would be like without him.
And some of them are in the records.
And Special Agent Adam Radford.
And that hurt.
And that is why
And that my parents were going to kick her out
And that person is afraid that Emily is onto them.
And that person was Emily.
And that tree, that place, that's her next clue.
And that vision she's been having since her return.
And that was it, you were hooked after that.
And that's just the ones that weren't destroyed.
And that's where you're gonna stay.
And that's who's behind all of this.
And the bathroom's back that way where the bedroom...
And the cabin is owned by a maze of shell corporations.
And the law.
And the other one! Go ahead...
And the other part just wants to remember.
And the records are over 35 years old,
And then we have to power it off right after.
And then we'll talk about the future.
And then we'll talk.
And then you're just gonna twist it and turn it
And then, this will all fade away.
And there was at least one other kid.
And there's no mention in his reports
And there's only Carter's statement in the files.
And they love the idea of it being a Fed.
And things are different now.
And turn around slowly.
And use it however you want against her.
And we took care of him.
And we'll be together soon, okay?
And we'll catch whoever did it.
And we'll get outta there. Okay?