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Battlestar Galactica (2005) - Season 1

Battlestar Galactica (2005) - Season 1

Play and download sound clips from Battlestar Galactica (2005) - Season 1.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
ADAMA: Clear the deck.
ADAMA: Frack the odds. We're going to find her.
ADAMA: Miss Godfrey has brought some very disturbing accusations to my attention.
ADAMA: Right.
All right.
All the evidence on Chamalla is anecdotal.
All this has me feeling more alive than I have in years.
And cry, and scream, and endure...
And I'm going to do my job.
And I'm here to see that you're exposed...
And if Zarek wins the vote, he's more than capable...
And now I'm seeing things while I'm awake.
And to underestimate her would be a very serious mistake.
And, hell, they were finished and gone while I was still waiting..
APOLLO: Kara, give me that.
APOLLO: Someone get a doctor!
APOLLO: Their ship wasn't designed for long term incarceration.
APOLLO: You're clearly a man of principle.
Apollo's one of the gods. A lord of Kobol.
Attention. This is the commander.
BALTAR: Eleven hours to test each one for Cylon indicators.
BALTAR: Indeed, every waking hour is spent...
BALTAR: What brings you to the lab at this time of the night?
Because I've left some of my things there.
Because she's a Cylon.
Because you don't!
Besides, got to make the old man look good.
Boomer, let Galactica know we have a problem out here.
BOOMER: I'm tired like everybody else.
BOOMER: Move out.
BOOMER: Probably holed up in the fallout shelters or something.
BOOMER: Turn your light off.
But I think that if you'll look at the scheduled meetings...
But isn't the fleet defenceless without the CAP?
But somewhere in that hard drive you call a brain...
But there's still a presidential election in six months.
By the skin of your teeth, but you passed.
Commander, call from Colonial One.
Corporal of the guard!
CRASHDOWN: A little bit of this. A little bit of that.
CRASHDOWN: Come on! Go!
Cut off the speakers. Put her through on the line.
Deliver me from this evil...
Do you or don't you?
Doctor Baltar, it gives me great pleasure...
Don't be too hard on Kara. She was just doing her job.
Don't have any ambrosia, but the Doc...
DORAL: If he flees, he dies.
DORAL: She's good.
DUALLA: Can you see it?
DUALLA: Roger, Apollo. Return to base.
Either way, we're going to have to take it out before we can jump.
ELLEN: I guess so.
Even the screw ups.
Feel like I'm in a movie.
Five moons, five zeroes. I'm getting thirsty just thinking about it.
GAETA: Flight Ops?
Get those wounds looked at, Chief.
HADRIAN: Your sworn statement indicates that you were on watch...
HELO: What the frack! You killed her... BOOMER: Let me see.
Hot Dog, break right.
I am familiar with his work, and may I say...
I am sure Commander Adama has considered all of this.
I am well aware of that
I believe you're involved in the attack.
I can do more.
I don't think they got the message, Apollo.
I knew I could count on you.
I know these are uncertain times...
I need large samples of tetrahydrocycline...
I really like your hair.
I was asleep, Sergeant.
I was right. I saw it. I've seen it.
I'll continue to take the Chamalla. It has other benefits.
I'll send a team over to destroy it immediately.
Ideally 1,000 men, sir.
In violation of regulations...
Is a beeping message:
It was an accident.
It's a surprise.
It's gonna hurt like hell, but it's supposed to.
It's okay.
Just do it.
Lee, if you want to ask me to dance, just ask.
Let's find out.
Like what we've done with the place?
Madame President, with all due respect...
Maybe you should read it again.
No, sir. It's just morning, sir.
No, that's okay, Lee. I've got things to do.
No. It's your last.
No. This is our perfect chance to get some intel.
Not bad shooting, if I do say so myself.
Not unless you consider a day...
Nothing. Is that thing working?
Now all we have to do is find them.
Now you've said the truth: freedom is earned.
On the playground, behind the band room.
Ones who weren't killed outright probably ran into the hills.
Open to the public. There's a can of worms.
Optical and x ray telescopes say there are five systems...
PILOTS: Watch that tin can hit the spot!
Politics is the only thing more boring than blood samples.
Probably sees all this as one big educational experience.
ROSLIN: Don't be so sure, Commander.
ROSLIN: I don't have a desk drawer yet, but I have a pocket.
ROSLIN: I'm struggling with it myself, frankly.
ROSLIN: Thank you
Send the ships below the cloud cover.
So pack your gear and get the hell off my ship. You're done.
SOCINUS: Captain. Call for you, sir.
STARBUCK: Of course. Take five, guys.
STARBUCK: Pilots call me Starbuck, but you may refer to me as God
STARBUCK: Really? ADAMA: Your feelings about Zak.
STARBUCK: Tell me where the warhead is.
STARBUCK: Why should I tell you?
Technically, I need the plutonium inside.
Termination of a pilot's rescue mission is a military decision.
That is told again and again and again throughout eternity.
That smarts.
That the tank was structurally weakened during the Cylon nuclear detonation...
That's a bunch of crap. This isn't military, it's personal.
The truth is, I might not be here in seven months.
There it is.
This has all been over exaggerated.
This is what you say:
To the scientific genius...
Two, one.
TYROL: Look, the master at arms has been over every inch of that locker.
TYROL: What do you got? CALLY: Not sure.
We have a signal from Colonial One's shuttle.
We were friends.
We're doing good, real good.
We're the children of humanity. That makes them our parents, in a sense.
What do you think?
Where the gods and man lived in paradise.
Why aren't you waiting? You keep going and going.
Why don't you just shut up for a change?
Without command review.
Yes, sir.
You are ordered to jump back to Galactica.
You don't honestly think you've been fooling everyone, do you?
You knew I wanted access to defence mainframe.
You know, I remember when President Adar sent the Marines into Aerilon.
You made a true believer out of me.
You saved me.
You'll be transported back to your ships, and we appreciate your help.
Zak passed basic flight.
ZAREK: [On radio] But I have two conditions before I release my captives.
ZAREK: Lower your weapons. PRISONER: Do what he says.
Did you shut the door? I already did.
Dr. Amarak. Yes.
Execute jump, Lt. Gaeta. Aye, sir. Jump clock is running.
How long will our water supplies last? Aboard Galactica, about six days.
How lucky for us all. Yes, indeed.
One, two? Two.
That she might be a Cylon. And if she wasn't.
You and I had talked about this. Yes, we had.
You eating this? Not anymore.
[Alarm beeping]
[Alarm blaring]
[All cheering and clapping]
[All cheering]
[Chains rattling]
[Dramatic instrumental music]
[Heroic instrumental music]
[Laughing happily]
[Leoben groaning]
[lntense instrumental music]
[lntense instrumental music]
[Music continues playing]
[No. 6 gasps]
[Ominous instrumental music intensifies]
[Pilots singing and cheering]
[Ship's guns firing]
[Snake hissing fiercely]
[Soft instrumental music]
[Starbuck exclaiming in pain]
[Starbuck gasping]
[Stepchild screaming]
[Tense instrumental music intensifies]
[Tense instrumental music]
[Tense instrumental music]
[Theme music]
[Thunder rumbling]
[Whispering] Adama is a Cylon.
[Whispering] Come on, D, tell me he's not actually gonna do this.