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Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts (2020) - Season 2

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts (2020) - Season 2

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts is an animated television show that premiered its second season in 2020. It takes viewers on a thrilling and enchanting journey as they follow the adventures of Kipo Oak, a young mutant girl who sets out to reunite her fractured world.

The show is set in a post-apocalyptic Earth where humans live underground to avoid the dangerous mutant animals that roam the surface. Kipo, voiced by Karen Fukuhara, is a fearless and optimistic teenager who emerges from her underground city and discovers a vibrant and diverse world that is teeming with wonder and danger.

Kipo's journey is not an easy one, as she encounters a variety of creatures and forms unlikely friendships with both mutants and humans. Alongside her loyal friends – Wolf (voiced by Sydney Mikayla), Benson (voiced by Coy Stewart), and Dave (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) – Kipo battles against the forces of evil, led by the menacing Scarlemagne (voiced by Dan Stevens). Together, they strive to bring harmony between the two worlds and uncover the secrets of Kipo's past.

The second season of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts takes the show to new heights with its compelling storylines and stunning animation. It delves deeper into Kipo's character, exploring her mutant abilities and her determination to bridge the gap between humans and mutants. The season also tackles themes of identity, friendship, and the power of acceptance.

The show's soundtrack, composed by Daniel Rojas, perfectly complements the vibrant and adventurous nature of the series. It features a mix of original songs and score that enhances the emotional moments and action sequences. From upbeat tunes that capture the joy and excitement of Kipo's world to haunting melodies that heighten the tension, the music adds an extra layer of depth to the storytelling.

If you are a fan of the show or simply want to experience the captivating sounds of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, you can easily play and download the soundtrack. Whether you're jogging in the park or relaxing at home, these sounds will transport you to a world full of wonder and excitement.

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts (2020) - Season 2 is a remarkable animated series that captivates audiences of all ages with its stunning visuals, compelling characters, and thrilling adventures. With its talented voice cast, gripping storyline, and memorable soundtrack, this show is a must-watch for any fan of animation and fantasy. Experience the wonder of Kipo's world and embark on an unforgettable journey by immersing yourself in the sounds of this extraordinary show.

A city like this will require a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.
A core that's on the outside.
A golden age, ruled by yours truly.
A life of luxury and respect for nothing.
A lot has happened since I saw you.
A messenger. And I come bearing a mess enge.
A pet.
A present?! How will that... What will that...
A valiant effort, Kipo, but you're too late.
About Scarlemagne's coronation.
Absolutely zero ingredients found in nature.
Absolutely zero ingredients found in nature.
According to this map, it's under some kind of orange rainbow?
Actually, that sounds like the monkey's gonna eat you. Never mind.
Actually, that's all I know about the story.
Actually, yes!
Actually, yes. I know how scary it must have been alone.
After a lengthy discussion, we've decided to come.
Ah ah ah ah ah! Sing it!
Ah ah ah, not yet.
Ah ah ah.
Ah, forgot to say herbs in.
Ah, forgot to say herbs in.
Ah, Fun Gus, can you maybe calm down a little?
Ah, that's Benjamin.
Ah, we both like flapjacks.
Ah, Wolf, I'm so sorry.
Ah, you must not know the rules.
Ah! Just "Bah!" me already!
Ah! My mom opened a jar of kimchi!
Ah! The journal!
Ah! This is where you slept! Your bed is made up of inflatable guitars!
Ah... [yelps]
Ahh! Isn't that cool?
Ahh... Ah!
All hail Emperor Scarlemagne!
All he wanted was a hug and his stupid star blanket.
All I'm missing is Kipo.
All of this is so hi tech.
All of this really began with your father... with our father.
All of you, step back!
All right Alpha team, you're heading in first.
All right, everyone. Operation: Find My Parents' Old Burrow.
All right, guys. Let's do this.
All right, Scarlemagne!
All right, Wolf, you ready for phase two?
All right! Whoo hoo!
All right.
All that's missing is...
Almost but not really, hardly at all, great.
Alone with us!
Already? Oh. I... I haven't brushed my fangs.
Also, I smell like cheese!
Also, thank you for the break.
Also, uh, what are Timbercats, and who is Benson?
Also, we're breaking out.
Although, if she could control her inner beastie,
An acid spitting Mega Walrus.
An alien! An alien! A real alien!
An an chor!
An anchor will guide you out of the beast.
And a homemade gift isn't going to convince
And action and adventure and stuff that other people like, too!
And all his meals before and after that, forever."
And as another otter who is also a member of this company,
And because of all the other bad stuff you've done.
And Belgian waffles with a raspberry reduction?!
And Benjamin... [sighs]
And combine it with the mutagen enhanced DNA of apex predators.
And dancing!
And do you know what...?
And don't hold back the truth.
And everyone's suspicious of your burrow pox.
And for my part in hurting you.
And get out of here.
And give him a hot cocoa.
And go wherever we want, with no walls to contain us!
And he had to abandon the burrow where you were born.
And he had to abandon the burrow where you were born.
And he knows how to save people.
And he molted 'cause you made him mad.
And help everyone who's counting on me!
And horrible human heathens!
And I can use it to summon my alien friends.
And I can't focus on focusing anymore!
And I can't stop thinking about it long enough to focus on being calm!
And I could make her sympathetic to my cause...
And I didn't want them to see that I had the nectar bomb, so, I kinda ate it.
And I feel like you'll find what you're looking for.
And I have. Many, many times.
And I know how to turn them back.
And I know you're wearing a mask, but show some emotion!
And I listened.
And I never will!
And I'll be bummed out for a really long time!
And I'll be Simon and it can be Fun Gus Says!
And I'll throw big parties and wear beautiful habiliments.
And I'm here to tell you,
And I'm pretty sure... I grew fur on my arm.
And I'm very likeable.
And if humans don't intervene, it won't be the last.
And if I can turn back, so can you. We'll figure this out.
And if I can't figure that out, I can't become a Mega Jaguar
And if I catch you yawning at my coronation,
And if I don't do it right even one time I'm putting them all at risk,
And if I have to eat that cheese, I'll do it.
And if you can rescue me from deathstalkers,
And is immune to my pheromones, is actually your daughter.
And it's not like anyone else can do what you can, Song.
And it's screaming that she brought friends!
And its need to hunt is insatiable?
And let all the humans go.
And look for the chef with the keys on his belt.
And look where it got me. I've got nothing. I've got no one.
And make sure to water her every day!
And mind control us all at once, in front of everyone.
And most importantly, mine!
And now we're just going to bring her back to our headquarters.
And planning on killing Kipo when we're done?
And real fake butter spray.
And save everyone before that coronation!
And saving your people should be easy as pie.
And shower me with praise as you do. [giggles]
And so is that chocolate.
And started a revolt with the farmers.
And super strength's not so bad! Might come in handy.
And that it could take years to replicate.
And that, dear Lio, is why I am so glad we are reunited.
And that's precisely why I won't let them go.
And then these frogs attacked us.
And then we will fix them. Understood?
And then, Troy said, "It's a date."
And they'll respect anyone who can wrangle Pierre.
And they've been oppressing mutes and animal kind for thousands of years!
And this is my humble troupe of traveling bards, the TheaOtters!
And took their parents.
And we can get all the cheese we want!
And we need that thing because it makes alien noises.
And we shall bravely survive to tell your tale another day!
And we're gonna do it, together.
And what if I hurt my people?
And when everyone realizes who you are, they'll come after you instead.
And when we get back, you and I are gonna talk flapjacks versus pancakes.
And where is that pig puppet?
And who knows whether this was a delayed effect or a reaction
And with that, I'm gonna try and be calm.
And with your pheromone, Dr. Emilia turned her into a weapon.
And you can love 'em forever. I got friends like that.
And you, the toad who wields his tongue like a swashbuckler's sword!
And you! You had me shaking in my shell.
And, I retract.
And, no one got hurt.
And... I hurt you.
Another brilliant idea of mine.
Any chance not going full jaguar has something to do with this?
Anything for you, Kipo, Summoner of Mega Jaguar.
Anyway, introductions: I'm Dr. Emilia, and that's Zane and Greta.
Apparently, Scarlemagne does not like mutes mixing with humans.
Are are you guys OK?
Are the future foundations of my new city, Aurum.
Are they booing us? We haven't even started yet!
Are we hugging? Bring it in. We're hugging.
Are you hurt? Did you go to the goats?
Are you ready to take your journey to the next step?
Are you ready?
Are you sure that was only one drop of nectar?
Are you sure you want to go Mega?
Are you sure you're OK with all of us coming back to Timbercat Village?
Are you sure? That looked like it hurt.
Aren't you a little sweetie Oh!
As for the rest of you!
As for you two,
As I was saying...
As in leave before I have the baby? I can't give birth on the surface.
As long as we have her friends, we can get Kipo back.
As soon as I tame this thing I'm gonna come save you!
As soon as the baby's born, we're breaking you out of here.
As soon as we get out of here,
Asher can help take care of Pierre. And Troy makes amazing flapjacks.
At least you didn't grow a tail in the lab.
Attention dinners... I mean diners! Dang it.
Au revoir, Kipo!
Aw, come here, you guys!
Aw, it's so little!
Aw, look how cute Mom and baby are.
Aw, man, now I'll never get to ride the heart swallowing,
Aw, poor flamingo.
Aw, thanks, Dave.
Aw, thanks, Mandu!
Aw, what happened to Stalky?
Aw, yeah. I'mma kick his butt so hard he's gonna be like, "Where'd my butt go?"
Aw, yeah. We got this.
Aw. Too precious.
Aw... I like that.
Awesome! Ah!
Aww, that's sweet.
Aww, the little piggy looks mad.
Aww. Hoot hoot?
Aww. Wait, she actually talked to you?
B team goes in once you've secured the perimeter.
Back inside.
Basically, I need to learn how to control my power,
Be careful out there.
Be honest. We don't stand a chance with these Timbercats, do we?
Because I don't pay to commingle with human filth.
Because I really need your help!
Because I've never said it before.
Because now our work, our home, and our car are all the same thing!
Because of what you did to her
Because they like you.
Because this used to be my home.
Because we have to find that monkey.
Because you and mom infused my DNA?
Because you need it.