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Septimus Signus Sounds: The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim

Septimus Signus Sounds: The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim

Soundboard for Septimus Signus, of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Includes several sounds of him trying to obtain scrolls.

All the secrets I can endure.
Be on your way and Septimus will find you if he has further need.
Bosmer Dunmer, Falmer. An awesome are.
But he won't reveal how to open it Madden ING.
But I cannot go to it. Not poor Septimus, for I I have a reason beyond its grasp.
But my Lord told me otherwise.
But The Elder Scrolls, they look left and right in the stream of time. How the future and past Rs one?
Elder Scrolls
Give it quickly.
Has the box contains the heart, the essence of our God?
Have you heard of Blackreach?
Have you heard of the Elder scroll?
He brought me here.
Hermaeus Mora
How long will it be sung?
I have devoted my life to The Elder Scrolls, but their knowledge is a passing awareness when compared to the encompassing mind of Divinity.
I have devoted my life to The Elder Scrolls.
I have seen enough to know their fabric, the warp of air, the weft of time.
I see it now.
In time he brought me here to the box.
Inside is the heart, the heart of God, the heart of you and me.
Into the dark with you!
It is not in my possession.
It lick the pains and smokes the glass.
It was hidden away not by the Dwarves you see. They were already gone.
It was thought to have been destroyed by the Nerevarine, but my Lord told me otherwise.
It's just a book.
Of 10
Oh and observant one.
Oh my a brutish one.
Oh, I am well.
Oh, I don't believe those rumors my friend.
Septimus has No Fear of you.
Septimus is clever among men, but he is but an idiot child compared to the dullest of the Dwemer.
Septimus Signus Sounds: The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim Sound
The Deidrick Prince of the unknown.
The elder scroll gives insight deeper than the deep ones though.
The elder scroll.
The Elder Scrolls.
The Elder Scrolls.
To harness it is to know.
Two shapes, one aged one round.
Two things I have for you.
You look to your left. You'll see one way you look to your right. You'll see another, but neither is any harder than the opposite.