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Solar Opposites (2020) - Season 3

Solar Opposites (2020) - Season 3

Solar Opposites is a wildly popular animated television series that premiered in 2020. Created by Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan, the show quickly gained a dedicated following for its hilarious and irreverent take on science fiction and family dynamics. With its unique blend of humor, heart, and intergalactic adventures, Solar Opposites has become a must-watch for fans craving a comedic escape from reality.

The show revolves around a group of aliens who escape their home planet of Shlorp and crash-land on Earth. As they navigate the unfamiliar terrain and attempt to fit in with human society, their eccentric personalities and quirky interactions lead to both comedic and thought-provoking moments.

The main cast of Solar Opposites includes an incredible lineup of voice actors who bring the characters to life:

1. Justin Roiland as Korvo: Known for his work on Rick and Morty, Roiland's voice talents create a unique and hilarious portrayal of the over-logical and often clueless Korvo.

2. Thomas Middleditch as Terry: Middleditch delivers an exceptional performance as the optimistic and childlike Terry, whose enthusiasm for Earth elevates many of the show's comedic moments.

3. Sean Giambrone as Yumyulack: Giambrone, known for his role in The Goldbergs, lends his voice to Yumyulack, a sarcastic and mischievous alien with a penchant for destructive experiments.

4. Mary Mack as Jesse: Mack's portrayal of Jesse, a human teenager caught up in the chaos caused by the aliens, adds an element of relatability and vulnerability to the series.

These talented voice actors, along with an impressive supporting cast, inject the show with energy and comic timing that keeps viewers engaged and entertained throughout each episode.

Solar Opposites also stands out for its stunning animation style. The creators successfully blend traditional animation with Roiland's signature offbeat visual aesthetic, resulting in a colorful and visually captivating series that maintains a consistent level of quality and creativity.

In addition to its comedy and unique animation, Solar Opposites explores deeper themes and social commentary. The show fearlessly tackles topics such as human behavior, morality, and the absurdity of modern life. It cleverly uses its extraterrestrial characters as a lens to reflect upon human society in a way that is thought-provoking and relatable.

The sound design and score of Solar Opposites further enhance the viewer's experience. From catchy theme songs to whimsical background music, the show's soundscape expertly complements the on-screen action. Whether it's the catchy opening tune that instantly gets stuck in your head or the immersive sound effects that transport you into the aliens' world, the audio elements of Solar Opposites play a crucial role in creating a fully immersive and entertaining viewing experience.

Fans of Solar Opposites will be delighted to know that they can easily access and enjoy the show's sounds through various platforms. Whether you want to tune in for a laugh or listen to the series' catchy tunes on repeat, you can play and download these sounds to your heart's content.

Solar Opposites' third season promises to continue the wacky, adventurous, and heartwarming journey of its lovable alien protagonists. With its captivating animation, talented cast, sharp writing, and thought-provoking themes, the show has firmly established itself as a favorite among fans of animated television. So buckle up, prepare for intergalactic hijinks, and get ready to delve into the world of Solar Opposites.

A 1929 CCR double XL triple steam liner!
A black market piercing ring at school.
A boring principal's brain would look like.
A bunch got cooked by radiation.
A fucking digital camera!
A good spot next to T‐dog.
A human can't handle the weight of silverjustice.
A life size Hungry Hungry Hippo game has consequences.
A Mech suit that looks to be some sort of con man businessperson,
A Michael Crichton's Congo Lego set instead of working on the ship.
A Microsoft Zune face tattoo?
A nice smooth dome with blue dots on it is the ideal head.
A perfect life!
A real biological marvel, this guy.
A room temperature, tan‐colored Energon cone?
A sexual relationship with an award‐winning author? I'm impressed!
A ton of forks, and so many dead gooblers.
A truncheon, a gun, a coffee mug for stakeouts:
A unified brotherhood of justice made up of aliens from different planets.
Actually falling in love with you.
After a short, angry drive,
After all the waiting we've done together?
After I was such a dick.
After I work all day to pay for your sailboat.
After that comes the really hard part
After that it's Pen15 Mountain.
After the Duke's flood, who knows what it's like down there.
After which you stabbed her and became the new ruler.
Against plant based lifeforms.
Agh! ‐ I heard on Twitter
Ah crap, that was worse. I gotta try again.
Ah, I love how funny I am here.
Ah, ow. Ow, ow, ow, ow.
Ah! That's what I'm talking about!
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
Ah. I'm not dressed for royalty.
Ah. Stop it.
Ahem. The ship is repaired again,
Ahh, you broke my Pipe r Perabo!
Ahh! ‐ Suck it, Cooke!
AISHA : Just wait for it.
AISHA, Activate pre‐launch sequence now!
Aisha, can you scan for signals from the other crews?
Aisha, have you seen my model Lululemon store?
Aisha, show us team one! Quick!
AISHA: [clears throat] Well, team 63 has been
AISHA: Actually, team one is keeping it together.
AISHA: All crew members present.
AISHA: All ship systems have been compromised
AISHA: Also, he's two hours late.
AISHA: As you wish!
AISHA: Banished Shlorpians must remain
AISHA: Commencing sympathy re education in three, two
AISHA: Cute. Now tip him.
AISHA: Damn, Korvo, that's a lot of emotional growth.
AISHA: Damn, Korvo.
AISHA: Do you wanna do seven minutes in heaven
AISHA: Eww. ‐ Did you see that?
AISHA: Fine. The shit is initiated.
AISHA: First off, who do you think you talking to with that tone?
AISHA: Give him five stars.
AISHA: Ha! You got Shawshanked, Ferris Bueller'd, and Gallaghered!
AISHA: Hey, don't cry.
AISHA: Hey, Korvo, what do you want to fix today?
AISHA: Hold up. Got a message for Yum.
AISHA: How about Korean pop sensations BTK?
AISHA: I can't afford BTS, get the fuck outta here.
AISHA: I don't know, I only have the records for the last set.
AISHA: I don't need to waste a scan.
AISHA: I got all sorts of sexcapades in my cold metal innards,
AISHA: I guess you're just regular trashy, not fuzzy insect trashy.
AISHA: I just said that. Okay, pretend I'm stupid.
AISHA: Initiating mustache and glass eye protocol.
AISHA: It happens too often to spread out.
AISHA: It's not my fault y'all suck.
AISHA: It's weird that they're carnivores and you're plants,
AISHA: It's what happened. Eh, just seems hacky.
AISHA: Jesus, you fucking aliens get into some stupid shit.
AISHA: Korvo! Get back here!
AISHA: Launch aborted. Some crew are not on board.
AISHA: Let me make sure this shit is legally clearable.
AISHA: Let's take a look!
AISHA: Mmm, more like trashy ass teams.
AISHA: No, that's you.
AISHA: None of them do. It's an American list.
AISHA: Nope. They were just way back in the cupboard.
AISHA: Not all the crew is accounted for.
AISHA: Not many.
AISHA: Now that you have a hobby, let's get back to cleaning up
AISHA: Oh dang, Korvo! You melting again?
AISHA: Okay, fine! Here's a team that did worse than you.
AISHA: Okay.
AISHA: Or until you assholes learn empathy.
AISHA: Pretty fucking exponential, right?
AISHA: Should I just play the orientation crystals?
AISHA: Shut up.
AISHA: Silvercops. Shit, they're always arresting Shlorpians.
AISHA: So? So, it's like, a double beat.
AISHA: Space is fucking dangerous.
AISHA: Sure, but there are other teams out there
AISHA: Sure.
AISHA: Team 65 landed on a beaver planet.
AISHA: That's called a hobby.
AISHA: That's not exactly true.
AISHA: The Pupa is stuck between powder blue and sea foam green.
AISHA: They were from the Shlorp that exploded before your Shlorp was made.
AISHA: They were meant to be viewed daily.
AISHA: They were the only ones who did that.
AISHA: Thousands.
AISHA: Un‐unh. All crew means all body parts
AISHA: Wait, you don't have those too? No!
AISHA: Want to see another one like that?
AISHA: What, like getting a job?
AISHA: What? They're one of the strongest dinosaurs.
AISHA: What's wrong, baby girl?
AISHA: When the Pupa's pigment blinks yellow,
AISHA: You guys can't go one day without being all,
AISHA: You just have to find an isotope Don't tell him.
AISHA: You're basically a little bitch.
AISHA: You're not. That's not new Shlorp, it's Shlorp.
AISHA: You're the one that wanted stories.
Algorithms are pure. And I can't stay mad at math.
All day, I thought I was in a line but really,
All had sex with Tyrese.
All he ever wanted to do was play the trumpet,
All his classmates donated their allowances to that
All I know is nobody touches my car. You got it?
All my life, I thought I was the one that should have died in that Mrs. Fields.
All of our cup makers refuse to take commissions.
All of this had to happen to bring us together.
All the bad ones left over from when you let the Red Goobler fuck you!
All the jerks are gone!
All the Pupa does is watch you dumbassses run around sci fi'ing shit
All this beaver fur is making me itchy.
All this time, the mayor was a jerk.
All this time, you thought you were eating turkey jerky.
All those ships ran on the AISHA OS. We're all connected.
All we have to do is find Cooke's inner child,
All we're going to do is read manuals and repair the ship
All you did was open the Boo Hoo Hole,
ALL: [chanting] Little Mountain Lake! Little Mountain Lake!
ALL: [chanting] Little Mountain Lodge! Little Mountain Lodge!
ALL: [howling] Jeeerks!
ALL: For the Pupa!
ALL: Mmm.
ALL: Ooh!
ALL: Terry watch out! Stop! The TV!
ALL: Yeah! [all laugh]
Almost home, buddy. Think solid, stay solid.
Alright! Let's go, pink hippo!
Alright. Last chance to pussy out.
Also, did that panel just make, like, a sexy beep?
Also, those are called donuts.
Although, he does make a damn good headphone.
Always the hero.
Am looking forward to this trip.
And "I'm too old for this shit."
And a couple of slabs of turkey jerky.
And a great idea for an X rated Clifford the Big Red Dog parody
And a secret diner above the log plume where they serve lamb.
And absorbed Todd Phillips' values.
And AISHA, help, my wooden penis is stuck in the hyperdrive."
And all the chains at Union Station.
And also that I'm an alien.
And based the changes around what you liked.
And basically sand our whole situation down
And basically take over your life.
And Billy Jr., my Sunday afternoon Costco husband.
And bully kids on Wednesday.
And buy all that Stella & Dot crap from her to get the ship back.
And call each other "babe" forever.
And decided on a course of action.
And eat all your friends.
And eaten all of our cigarettes!
And escaped into, uh, the space,
And escaped into, uh, the space,
And escaped into, uh, the space,
And escaped into, uh, the space,
And escaped into, uh, the space,
And escaped into... the space
And escaped into... the space,
And escaped into... the space,
And escaped into... the space,
And even if he could, he'd never stray from his puffs.
And every morning, I would chew my arm off rather than wake him up.
And exited minutes later with the stolen merchandise.
And fought over who had more Christmas spirit?
And get on with their lives.
And get your pizza. Okay?
And give them that because he's actually Santa.
And had to sacrifice that virgin e sports kid?
And have him back here before anyone knows he's gone.
And he carries tampons with him to be helpful.
And he needs to be taught that interrupting
And he will lead us out.
And her home? Lovely!
And I almost coded out because I ate all that shrimp that I'm allergic to?
And I did all the work while you guys totally shat the bed.
And I don't want this to be how my first journal entry ends.
And I have a journal from my father full of secrets!
And I have no idea what you're talking about.
And I just "Came to America" in my "Pants".
And I left it all with Joey, the homeschool kid from next door.
And I love Moana.
And I made too much gold, which reduced the scarcity,
And I realized I'd rather eat you.
And I think you need to, too.
And I was even gonna hold up my end.
And I was not... gonna get a look at those massive hooters.
And I was supposed to live
And I'll hug you later.
And I'm exposing him for the fraud he is.