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Never Have I Ever (2020) - Season 2

Never Have I Ever (2020) - Season 2

Never Have I Ever is a sensational coming-of-age television series, first released in 2020, that has captured the hearts of audiences all over the world. Created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, this binge-worthy show offers a perfect blend of comedy, drama, and teenage angst, making it a must-watch for people of all ages.

The series revolves around the life of Devi Vishwakumar, a sassy and ambitious high school student played by the incredibly talented Maitreyi Ramakrishnan. Devi is no ordinary teenager; she is determined to make her mark on the world and navigate through the challenges of adolescence while juggling her Indian heritage and American upbringing. Through each episode, viewers witness the rollercoaster of emotions Devi experiences as she deals with friendship drama, romantic mishaps, and the loss of her beloved father.

Joining Maitreyi Ramakrishnan in the cast are actors who bring the story to life with their remarkable performances. Poorna Jagannathan portrays Devi's strong-willed and loving mother, Nalini, while Darren Barnet shines as the charming and mysterious Paxton Hall-Yoshida, Devi's crush. Ramona Young and Lee Rodriguez play Devi's best friends, Eleanor and Fabiola, respectively, providing unforgettable comedic moments and unwavering support. Additional notable cast members include Jaren Lewison as Ben Gross, Devi's academic rival, and Richa Moorjani as Kamala, Devi's cousin who discovers her own journey of self-discovery.

Never Have I Ever (2020) - Season 2, takes viewers on a deeper dive into Devi's life, as she seeks to find balance and harmony amidst the chaos. With her quirky personality and indomitable spirit, Devi is determined to reinvent herself and overcome the obstacles thrown her way. However, the arrival of a new Indian student, played by the brilliant Megan Suri, adds a twist to the story, presenting Devi with new experiences and challenges that test her resilience.

The show's soundtrack perfectly complements the storyline, capturing the essence of each moment. With a mix of popular and indie tracks, the songs transport viewers into the world of Never Have I Ever, enhancing the emotions felt by the characters. From heartache to triumph, the music adds an extra layer of depth to the series, making it unforgettable.

For those who want to immerse themselves in the sounds of Never Have I Ever, the official soundtrack is available for streaming and download. Listeners can indulge in the melodic tunes that accompany Devi's journey, reliving their favorite scenes and feeling the emotions all over again. Whether you want to dance to upbeat tracks or shed a tear to a soulful melody, the soundtrack has something for everyone.

Never Have I Ever (2020) - Season 2 is the perfect blend of humor, heart, and relatability that will have you eagerly waiting for the next episode. Audiences of all backgrounds will find themselves connecting with the characters on a profound level, as they navigate the complexities of teenage life, relationships, and self-discovery. With its exceptional cast and outstanding storytelling, this series is a gem that will leave a lasting impression.

To experience the magic of Never Have I Ever, be sure to catch Season 2 and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Devi Vishwakumar. Don't forget to check out the official soundtrack, available for streaming and download, to enjoy the sounds of this sensational series.

A "B." Did Devi have a bad day?
A Absolutely. Your mom and I are colleagues. That's it.
A bird got caught in our chimney this morning. That was wild!
A bunch of us were thinking about going to an L Word trivia night tomorrow.
A couple of guys in the rotashe.
A few weeks ago, Devi had a party
A friendly telemarketer who was trying to sell knives. [laughs]
A lot of people turn their noses up to a blend,
A lot of progress.
A mock trial of what? We already know that George Wilson killed Gatsby.
A non alcoholic drink. Be right back.
A private jet.
A scientific rock star like Dr. Peters needs to return to work.
A shirt with actual buttons.
A splash of pageantry.
A vibrant immigrant community was springing up
A voicemail!
About how he's not into labels or PDA.
About how we all swallow at least 20 spiders while we sleep.
About one event in the great American saga
Absolutely not. I don't do either of those things.
According to my Titan, five to seven seconds.
According to the powers that be,
Actually, I didn't mean to interrupt you,
Actually, Sasha,
After everyone realized that the dance
After high school, I'm going straight to YouTube.
After school today, you're having salads with the cool vegans,
After we saw her insane plant collection,
After what you told me about him.
After you took her to Malibu, she wanted to choose you,
Agh! Too bad we're on the same team, because I'd kick your ass on this course.
Ah ha. Well, let's see.
Ah, hello, kanna, perfect timing.
Aiyyo! Adda katavule! Do you know what this means?
Aiyyo! Cari. I will eat before I go. I will eat before I go.
All I know is that this is the event we need to go to,
All I see are immature children who can't be happy for their friend.
All right, babe. I gotta dip.
All right, cool. We'll work as a group.
All right, I should go.
All right, I'm here. Let's flip some cups!
All right, it's time for the spotlight dance.
All right, let's do this. Let's blow the roof off this mother!
All right, who coined the term Cold War in the British press in October 1945?
All right, yes.
All right, you guys are going down.
All right! Tat me up, brother!
All right! Uh, I think we're done here.
All right? I really do.
All right? Really, I do,
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Daisy drove the car that killed Myrtle.
All right. Everybody, come on. Back to work.
All right. Let's get back to Aneesa. You remember who you heard the rumor from?
All right. Okay.
All right. See you guys later.
All right. Think. Think.
All right. This doesn't have to be weird. We can be study buddies.
All right. Well, I'll see you tomorrow, Vishwakumar.
All right. Wouldn't miss it.
All righty. Everybody partner up.
All you have to do is review them over for three days straight.
Also, he said to say hi to you, Kamala.
Also, I heard he bought his abs in Mexico.
Also, my hearing aids have been specifically tuned to eavesdrop.
Also, tell your cousin I said hi.
Also, what would Mohan think?
Also, you still kinda owe me.
Although most of the chaperones,
Amen, bitch. Oh.
Amen. So, Paxton, Ojichan called.
America was Mohan's dream, not mine.
Amma, how is going to a wedding more important than finding a roof
Among… other helpful things.
An AVN award? For MILF performer of the year.
And a former 16 year old from California, Gigi Hadid.
And a tattoo for me.
And actually, I have a surprise for you. I'm moving to LA.
And actually, it looks… it looks nice on you, Devi.
And all I saw was this 60 year old Southern white lady on the stage.
And all of Eve's queer friends.
And allowed Mr. Gatsby to take the blame for it,
And apparently, neither was Tuesday or Wednesday.
And are therefore furthering the agenda of toxic masculinity.
And are you getting that from them?
And as the day wore on, he wasn't the only one.
And as you can see here, were a little Jesus y,
And attach it to systemic racism and sexism.
And because I am one of the last people to still remember Manzanar,
And because I can't read another paper about the symbolism of the green light,
And Ben Gross had a prime time 9:00 p.m. slot.
And Ben went to Space Camp, so he knows all about gravity.
And besides, I'm moving to India.
And besides, this is an open field surrounded by parents and teachers.
And bitched me out in front of my entire family,
And can't be extradited for my crimes.
And climbing onto that man's roof, and spying on them through the skylights.
And complimented my Cara Delevingne brows.
And decided to listen to something soothing that could calm her down.
And defending their property in general.
And Devi should have known what it was.
And Devi would be free to make some apology magic.
And did you just remember what Sputnik was?
And didn't want to mess that up.
And do we like Malcolm?
And don't you try to play the race card.
And due to the severity of your injury,
And each one had so much going for them.
And even though he never knew she existed…
And even though you were an American citizen by birth,
And even worse, Devi had lost her dad's voicemails… forever.
And everybody forgets about me.
And everything she did to Aneesa was because she was jealous,
And Fabiola's dad was Cricket King.
And facts,
And feel my hand. See how cold it is?
And flip cup in the garage for Paxton 'cause he loves the garage.
And for the record, I may be a football player,
And get asked on a date by Paxton?
And get bullied by your ancient eyebrow threading lady.
And give you a speech about how girls dress like boys.
And go to…
And had a dope mansion and shit. [laughs]
And has figured out her eyebrow shape."
And have her say, "Well, how hungry are you?"
And he drives a Maybach. It would be ostentatious on anyone else,
And he told them he heard the rumor from supercouple Drewzanna,
And he used the adverb "well" instead of the adjective "good."
And he's also a widower. Can you believe it?
And he's raising a son on his own.
And he's trying to make a speech, so I better get over there. [laughing]
And her dad's voicemail had been lost to Jacuzzi water,
And here is a Spanish take home quiz on parts of the body.
And honestly, anyone's better than Shira.
And honestly, I have to get out of the house.
And honestly, me too.
And how I shouldn't keep all my money hidden in the soil of my plants.
And how nice it could be.
And I already love you so much.
And I already picked out my fit for Daisy.
And I am model, designer, activist,
And I assume you can't help me find a space for my medical practice either.
And I do have a very busy day, especially trying to figure out
And I do not know what to do because I truly do not understand her.
And I don't eat one crumb of brownie because I'm straight up anorexic! Okay?
And I don't know how to use hip phrases like "what's the tea?"
And I don't know if you know this, but Ben and I have a past.
And I don't think he ever recovered from that.
And I don't want my mom to flip out that I rode with you.
And I don't want to cheat my way into college,
And I have something special in mind for dessert…
And I just couldn't stop.
And I just say yes.
And I knocked over a bunch of your samples,
And I know you think you got two boyfriends,
And I made this serving dish for your art class.
And I stupidly suggested we do it last night to surprise you.
And I think labels are just kinda cheesy, you know?
And I want her to be my friend again.
And I was in a really emotionally volatile place.
And I would never have existed.
And I would never start a rumor that misogynistic.
And I… I have to believe that the reason Devi did that
And I'd also love to see you climb out of that pool.
And I'll tell you who's dead.
And I'm also really sorry about Paxton, Devi.
And I'm in charge of playing to the court's emotions?
And I'm sending it to all my co authors tonight
And I'm so glad I met you guys.
And I'm so impressed.
And I've been told I have a very disagreeable personality.
And I've learned a lot of really cool moves from Zumba.
And if I don't get her to stay at Sherman Oaks,
And if I were a guy, you'd be high fiving me right now?
And if she notices the hole, I'll just say I got hit by a dart.
And if they do, I'll pretend I have dementia and babble in Tamil.
And if you could give her the idea
And if you don't mind, please take off your shoes.
And if you stay…
And if you take my name off it, I will
And in his hand, lentils. [scoffs]
And invite the popular kids to get in their bikinis, okay?
And is that your mom in there? With a guy?
And it may sound silly, but it really meant a lot
And it sucks because I know he's right about all of it too.
And it'll give you what you most desperately want.
And it's kinda nice that we save that stuff for when we're in private.
And it's less boring with you.
And it's not like innocent people were taking the fall.
And it's only because, well…
And just imagine,
And just to remind you, this is, like, historic.
And Kamala's been working at her lab until 3:00 every night,
And kiss up to her family.
And later that same week, the Men's Singles title.
And let me sit in his lap while we share a chicken sandwich.