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I Love Lucy (1951) - Season 1

I Love Lucy (1951) - Season 1

"I Love Lucy" is not a movie, but rather a classic television show that premiered in 1951. It is considered one of the greatest sitcoms in television history and has left an indelible mark on pop culture.

The show centered around Lucy Ricardo, a vivacious and comedic housewife played by Lucille Ball. Her husband, Ricky Ricardo, a Cuban bandleader, was portrayed by Desi Arnaz. Together, they formed a dynamic and hilarious on-screen couple that captivated audiences.

"I Love Lucy" follows the daily misadventures of Lucy as she constantly schemes her way into show business and tries to impress her husband. Each episode brought a new escapade, whether it was Lucy disguising herself as various characters or creating chaos in Ricky's nightclub, the Tropicana.

The show's supporting cast included Vivian Vance as Ethel Mertz, Lucy's best friend and neighbor, and William Frawley as Fred Mertz, Ethel's husband. Vance and Frawley provided a perfect comedic foil to Lucy and Ricky, adding another layer to the show's humor.

The first season of "I Love Lucy" introduced viewers to its iconic characters and laid the foundation for the show's success. It premiered on October 15, 1951, and instantly gained popularity, becoming the number one show in the United States by its second season.

One of the show's defining characteristics was its innovative use of a three-camera setup and a live audience. This allowed viewers to experience the energy and laughter firsthand, creating a unique and immersive television experience. It also set the standard for future sitcoms.

"I Love Lucy" was not only a comedic masterpiece but also a groundbreaking show in terms of its production and representation. Lucille Ball, a trailblazing actress, became the first woman to create, produce, and star in her own television show. The success of "I Love Lucy" paved the way for other female creators in the industry.

Aside from its talented cast and revolutionary production techniques, "I Love Lucy" was known for its memorable episodes. From Lucy stomping grapes in a vat to her frenzied attempts at candy assembly on a conveyor belt, the show produced iconic moments that are still celebrated today.

You can relive the laughter and antics of "I Love Lucy" by watching the episodes or listening to its delightful sounds. Whether you're a fan of Lucy's infectious laugh or Ricky's catchy musical performances, you can play and download these sounds here. Transport yourself back to the 1950s and join Lucy, Ricky, Ethel, and Fred in their unforgettable comedy adventures.

"I Love Lucy" is a timeless classic that continues to entertain and bring joy to audiences of all ages. The show's legacy has endured for over six decades, influencing countless sitcoms and leaving an indelible mark on the world of television. So sit back, relax, and let the laughter of "I Love Lucy" fill your home once again.

Note: "I Love Lucy" aired from 1951 to 1957, with a total of six seasons and 181 episodes.

A babalu
A boy and a dog?
A dancer feller?
A lovely night for lovers
A man can wear.
A nice, pleasant evening at home.
A pretty girl in your act to demonstrate
A ver dejara breca del rio
A way to get rid of Lucy.
About shows like Burns and Allen.
Absolutely not.
Absolutely not.
After all, it's your anniversary.
Ah, ah, ah, ah!
Ah, ah, ah, ah.
Ah, ah, ah, ah...
Ah, ah, ah, ah...
Ah, thanks, Señor Ricardo, muchas gracias.
Ah, well, I give up.
Ah... Ay!
All I want you to do is just clean the house...
All right, all right, all right, all right!
All right, all right, fellows.
All right, all right, I'll smooch.
All right, all right.
All right, all right.
All right, all right.
All right, come on, Buffo.
All right, everybody ready?
All right, everybody wants to go to the fights
All right, give me seventh in the books.
All right, give me the clown music, fellows.
All right, honey.
All right, I guess we'll have to go
All right, I'll get up.
All right, Jerry.
All right, Jerry.
All right, Pepe, take it easy now.
All right, Ricky.
All right, wait, wait, wait a minute.
All right, you asked for it.
All right?
All right?
All right? All right.
All right? Right.
All right? Right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Start my music!
All you got to do is give us a tune,
All you got to do is just come down with me to Havana.
All you got to do is just give us a tune Right.
All you need is a little rest.
Am I?
Am I?
An eye full of splendor and you can depend upon me
And be the mama for your children.
And be the mama for your children.
And carry them in.
And celebrate the Mertz's anniversary.
And cook for you
And cook for you
And dance.
And dance.
And go to the Copacabana and keep an eye on them.
And hand me my slippers
And have more champagne
And he wants to go to the fights.
And he'll be riding up and down the boulevard.
And I bet you know a million gals.
And I hope you have
And I know my business
And I mind my business
And I need dinero
And I vowed that at least once before I died
And I won't have her in my hair during rehearsals.
And I'll go with him.
And I'll take it right back to him.
And I've been looking for somebody who can play it. Oh...
And I've been looking for someone who can play it.
And if he doesn't show up by then,
And if they like it, they'll put it on television. That's all.
And if you can play it...
And if you can play it...
And if you happen to be in the mood for listening,
And if you want to see him,
And it's after 10:00.
And Jerry will tell me as soon as he knows.
And lie down for a while.
And Lucy as the famous, uh...
And Lucy said it was part of
And nightclubs where Ricky works,
And order a couple of dancing bears.
And Ricky said I could come over here
And Sam Zabaglione.
And she knows every man in town.
And she wants to go to a nightclub.
And she's married to Ricky.
And start working with a band
And start working with the band?
And tell jokes.
And tell jokes.
And that's final.
And that's when you wear a tuxedo.
And the matches, too?
And then he can do that cello bit.
And then take in the fights.
And then they'll dance and have more champagne
And there won't be any women around
And they call him "The Cuban Cabbie."
And they couldn't get mad at us
And they'll have some champagne
And they're both tall, dark and handsome and young.
And this one is yours, Ma.
And we both got killed today.
And we both got killed today.
And we got to take them down to the attorney's.
And we have to change our plans.
And we owe it to ourselves.
And we'll all go out
And we'll get steaks this thick
And we'll have big slices
And what do you mean by that, pray tell?
And who knows what will happen.
And you got to take it down to the attorneys today.
And you got yourself a job. Right.
And you got yourself a job. Right.
And you second the motion.
Andante, moderato, por arriba?
Any time you're ready, Professor,
Any tune. Any tune.
Anytime you're ready, professor, we'll go with you.
Are they getting ready for that television audition?
Are they getting ready for that TV audition?
Are you all right?
Are you all right?
Are you kidding?
Arriba con la conga
Arriba con la conga...
As a beautiful show girl.
As a beautiful showgirl.
As a famous orchestra leader and singer
As a matter of fact,
As soon as they come into the living room
As soon as we get back in there, we'll give them
As we go riding in the dark
As what?
As what?
At Ricky's apartment at 8:00.
Aw, come on, now, honey.
Aw, isn't he cute?
Aw, Ricky, the attorney's way downtown.
Ay ay ay!
Ay ay ay!
Ay yi yi yi yi, here we go again.
Ay yi yi yi yi.
Ay, ay, ay
Ay, ay, ay
Ay, ay, ay
Ay, ay, ay ay, ay, ay
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay!
Ay, ay, ay...
Ay, colomitos lejano
Aydame un poquito.
Aye, aye, ya, aye
Aye, aye, ya, aye
Aye, yay, yay.
Babalu aye
Babalu aye
Babalu aye...
Babalu aye...
Baby sitting with his grandson.
Be you they?
Because he's really quite a character.
Because I can sing.
Because I can sing.
Because they're there with other fellows.
Because two gorgeous ladies entered the room.
Because you don't have a pretty girl in your act, that's why.
Before they know what hit them.
Boy, what is this?
Bring it out here!
Bring it out here.
Bring it out here.
Bring me my slippers when I come home at night,
Brother, will Monday be a night!
Buffo, are you badly hurt?
Buffo, aren't you ready yet?
Buffo, you scared me to death.
Burned it!
But an emergency just came up
But don't forget you can catch more flies
But ever since we said "I do"
But he works in one.
But I am afraid that we're going to close...
But I haven't got any use for a cellist.
But I haven't got any use for a cellist.
But it's a longer trip around Ethel.
But let's face it.
But the dates will be Ethel and me.
But we'll have to conclude the show because...
But who?
By a gorgeous redhead?
By being with other girls
By gosh, it is Ethel.
Call up some of my old boyfriends.
Call us again, Lucy.
Can I come and hear the rehearsal tonight?
Can you get that clown act
Can't they wait?
Can't you carry a glass of water by yourself?
Canta y no llores
Canta y no llores
Cielito lindo, junto a la boca
Come back here!
Come back here.