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Home > Albert Wesker Sounds: Resident Evil
NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
And Rico?
As my subordinate, you have wonderful talent.
But I'm not used to escorting men.
But it had nothing to do with umbrella.
But maybe it's Chris.
Don't be upset. All weak people exist to be eaten.
Don't come this way, no.
Go to hell.
I have been looking around for clues.
I hope she's OK.
I lost track of her while we were scouting around.
I met Barry too a while ago.
I think there's something wrong with him.
I'm going to show you the tyrant.
I'm sorry for my lack of manners.
I'm sorry, but I have my reasons.
I'm sorry.
If you succeeded in developing the world's most powerful biological weapon, what would you do?
Investigate if you hear any gunfire.
It was all I could do to protect myself against those strange creatures.
Jill will join you too.
Now you're wrong.
Now, Jill. Can you go?
OK, Jill and I will stay in the hall in case of an emergency.
OK, let me handle this.
Our first priority is to get out of here.
Perhaps you guys have met them?
So you're safe.
Stay alert.
Stop it.
Stop it. Don't open that door.
That's right.
This disaster can't be made public.
This is really beautiful. All this power will be mine.
This is the ultimate life form tyrant.
This laboratory has been conducting dangerous experiments. And recently an accident occurred.
Tyrant is the most powerful biological weapon in the world.
Tyrant Virus is a super virus which creates a monster which is much stronger than human beings.
We have to complete this mission.
We were attacked by a strange monster.
Well, I'm sorry, but he's probably.
Well, maybe it's quite natural under these circumstances.
What do you mean?
What if you were in charge?
What would you do?
Whether we escape or stay and look for Jill, we don't have many bullets left and we can't even protect ourselves. We are still in trouble.
Will you do that?
Wow, what a mansion.
You can make sure yourself whether tyrant is a failure or not.
You did a fine job, Barry.
You guys are idiots.
You have wonderful talent.