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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Ah there you are (laughing)
Are you trying to make me angry?
Augh, tch
Be more careful.
Come on.
Damn you.
Do you really believe the world is worth saving?
Don't be so careless.
Don't expect me to give you directions.
Don't get sloppy.
Don't make me laugh
Everywhere. Nothing but loathsome humans.
Follow me.
Found you.
Give that to me.
Go across now.
Good teamwork.
Good work.
Has it never occurred to you that this planet is over populated?
Here I am offering you my precious time, and you'll waste it by running around.
Hold on.
How disappointing.
How is this possible?
How you so love your precious self righteousness?
Humans have escaped this winnowing for far too long.
I am a God.
I can't lose. Not to you.
I don't think of myself as a king. No. I am a God, and even kings bow to gods.
I expected more from you.
I grew weary of this.
I have all that I need.
I need a grenade.
I need ammo.
I require your gun.
I require your handgun.
I require your magnum.
I require your rocket launcher.
I require your weapon.
I suppose I should. Thank you.
I think not.
I tired of wasting my time with you.
I'll handle this.
I'll leave this to you.
I'll see you dead!
I'm coming.
I'm sending you.
Ignorant cretins.
Incompetence surrounds me.
Is that all you have?
Is that all you have?
Is that the best you've got?
It was in your best interest to assist me.
Just accept your fate.
Let me clarify something for you, Chris.
Let me clarify something for you.
Natural selection leaves the survivors stronger and better.
Nice work.
No, this can't be.
Not bad.
Ohh, playtime is over. How fortunate for you.
Only a handful of humans truly matter. Everyone else is just so much chaff.
Only those fit for survival will be allowed to carry their genes into a new age.
Only those with superior DNA will be chosen by Uroboros.
Out of the question.
Pick that up.
Poor deluded Chris, how you so love your precious self righteousness.
Poor performance indeed.
Self-righteous fools.
So now I have to separate this chaff from the wheat.
Split up.
Take care of this.
Take this.
Thank you.
The end draws nigh.
The human race requires judgment.
There you are.
There's no point in hiding.
This isn't over.
This way.
Time to die, Chris.
War and pestilence wherever you go.
Why can't you understand, Chris?
Why can't you understand?
You bitch
You can't hide forever.
You disappoint me.
You failed me.
You have my permission to move about freely.
You may have it.
You may investigate on your own.
You should never have come here, Chris.
You will give me a can of first aid spray.
You will give me a machine gun.
You will give me a rifle.
You will give me a shotgun.
You will give me an egg.
You're Finished!
You're getting better.
You're merely postponing the inevitable.
You're next.
Your assistance is required.
Your future hinges upon this fight.
Your struggle is over.
7 minutes is all I can spare to play with you.
7 minutes.
10 minutes is all I can spare to play with you.
10 minutes.