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Home > Death Sounds: Castlevania Judgment
A true Lord of Darkness should command more power than that.
All that live must die.
All who stand against the master will perish.
Be grateful you were allowed to live this long.
Belmont, you dare oppose the master?
Blue Crescent moon.
But you have never fought in single combat with the master at his full power.
Death is the only constant.
Even your visage mocks me die.
Everything should be in place.
Huh. That's need only dance as their strings command.
I am the God who governs death.
I decide who lives and who dies. You could not expect to win.
I didn't come to ask. I came to destroy you.
I rule death. So how?
I see no dilemma. I will go through you if need be.
I will feast on your soul.
I will reap your immortal soul.
If it serves the master's purpose, I will do whatever is required.
If only this had happened in the true stream of time.
If you will not take your rightful place, you leave me no choice.
If you wish for death, here I am.
In the name of your father will do not change your mind.
Inside the child, you will never cross us again.
Ioffer you a glimpse of hell.
My master commands me to bring you death.
Now what feed would dare challenge my Lord Dracula?
Oh, I understand. But know that your place as a master's son will earn you no mercy this time.
One adviser is all the master requires.
Pathetic Wretch, you will die quickly.
Shared your weakness and return to our service.
So you become self aware. That would depend on your definition of humor.
That cannot have been the full straight of my master.
The capacity to ponder your existence, that is the essence of the human soul.
The master has need of you, but here that holds no meaning.
Then he must be stopped at once.
Then that was my final offer. Do you intend to fight your Lord father?
There is no escaping me.
There is nothing so beautiful as death.
These tricks of time do not amuse me.
Time to perform my duty.
Traveller of time, I will not permit you to it your fear.
Wanderer of time, is this age on the verge of collapse?
Well, well hoard Alucard, what luck to find you here.
What would I gain with a lie? Now come with me.
Who is foolish enough to challenge me?
Why would I seek escape? This is what I want.
With all respect, my master, I ask for one contest.
With the dark arts we command, your affliction can be readied.
With this, the Masters next reincarnation is assured.
With your dying breath, you will regret ever defying us.
You defeat me. How? Music.
You fool, how dare you challenge me?
You may elude time, but you cannot escape death.
You should never have betrayed your heritage.
You were not made to think. You were made only to serve.
You will learn to fear the power of the undying.
You wish to fight me, fool?
You would have done well to step aside.
Your house has plagued the master long enough. I'll feast on your soul.
Your life will die out and fade from memory. It is your fate.