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Ain't nothing better than suffering.
All happy all content.
America ain't about ignorance. It's about suffering.
And hear me when I say he taught me this.
And how do I plan to save you as I myself was once saved?
And that I promise you.
And you ignore me.
But you'll suffer.
By being punished hideously.
He taught me this.
Heed the word and the word is salvation, and salvation comes with a beating.
Heed the Word.
I am bringing you a message that is important to me.
I am here to save you.
I am your brother.
If only I had listened.
If that's what you like.
Ignore me at your peril.
In Liberty City.
It's time to take your beating.
Join me as I joined my brother.
Join me in a life of joy.
Join me.
Liberty city.
Life is awful.
Listen to me, somebody listen.
Listen to me.
Live in ignorance.
Live on credit no longer.
Los Santos.
My brother taught me out east.
My brother told me you have two choices.
My brother.
My cousin saves souls in the east and I am here for you.
No longer.
No more.
Nothing but depravity, filth, and depravity.
Ohh you miserable people need to repent and suffer, suffer.
Open your eyes.
Pain. Suffering.
Paradise is preaching my word.
Praise be.
Punishment is real.
Repent and be saved.
Repent and suffer or live in ignorance.
Repent for any and everything you've ever done.
Shame on you.
Suffer or die.
Suffer, I say.
Suffering is real.
Suffo die.
Telling people what to do and how full of evil they are.
The joy of telling people the truth, that they are filthy sinners.
This ain't real.
To save you.
Try paradise.
What is paradise?
What kind of man wants to live in ignorance?
What's wrong with you people?
When you sit at home on your comfortable couch with your family.
When you sit at home on your comfortable couch.
Why don't you people listen to me? What's wrong with you people?
You have two choices.
You think to yourself. Being beaten.
You think you're content.
You think you're happy?
You think your life is OK.
You. Are going to die a painful and horrible death.
You'll suffer.
You're wrong.
Your insults are my nectar and your downfall.
Your life ain't nothing but depravity. Depravity, I see.