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Home > Simon Belmont Sounds: Castlevania Judgment
And Simon Belmont.
As the ultimate hunter, I cannot lose.
Back again.
But I will not fight a woman.
Come, then. I will Vanquish you every time.
Count Dracula here.
Count Dracula.
Discipline is the difference between you and I.
Even gods fall before the might of the vampire killer.
Feel the sting of a vampire killer.
Finally I have my answer.
For darkness Ioffer only defeat.
Grant dynasty.
Has Ralph come here as well?
Has Trevor come here as well?
He who wields this whip is not easily defeated.
However often you return, you will always find a Belmont waiting.
I am Simon Belmont.
I have always dreamed of challenging you.
I have gained the knowledge I sought. So what are you truly after?
I know nothing of your tale but your power to Vanquish Dracula. That interests me.
I must defeat you to become a true Belmont.
I must face myself interesting.
I must triumph over you.
I see.
I shall have to take you at your word.
I understand.
I will dance with you.
I will destroy you.
I will rise above even my ancestors.
I will show you the might of house Belmont.
I will show you the power of a Belmont.
I'll not disgrace the Belmont legacy.
I'm honored.
I'm not yet ready.
If you know this whip, then you must know of house Belmont.
If you will fight, then stand resolute.
In my time, you are only a legend.
Leave the rest to me. You may look on from there.
Let no one question I bear the true power of our ancestors.
Meet your doom.
My power is more than just this whip.
Nor will I allow you escape.
On my honor as a Belmont, I will destroy you.
One of the legendary three warriors.
One of the legendary three warriors. A worthy adversary indeed.
One Simon Belmont is enough for this world.
Pardon the lady, but I will not fight a woman.
Perhaps the truth behind some legends is better left unknown.
Ralph Belmont.
Ralph is here. I can feel it.
Servant of Dracula, meet your doom.
Simon Belmont.
So now we must see who is worthy of the task.
So our path is clear.
So what are you truly after?
Speak sense, man.
That is how the Belmont clan earned its name.
That is the destiny of my clan. Nor will I allow you escape.
The true Simon is the one still standing.
The vampire killer will cleave your soul.
There is a strange air about this place.
Though shortly it will mean nothing.
To prove myself a true Belmont, even legends must fall before me.
To prove myself a true Belmont, I must triumph over you.
Trevor Belmont.
Trevor is here. I can feel it.
Two arms.
Very well.
What do you mean by lost?
Witness the power of the Belmont clan.
You are not fit to face me.
You believe you can defeat me?
You can't be.
You lack the guts to face Dracula.
You never had a chance.
You will not stand in my way.