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Birds Sound FX

Birds Sound FX

The package of sounds titled "Birds" is a diverse collection of audio clips capturing the natural symphony of avian life around the globe. From the coastal calls of oystercatchers and skylarks against the backdrop of a heavy sea, to the gentle cooing of pigeons in a coop, each sound immerses you in the unique world of feathered creatures.

In the British countryside, you can listen to the melodic chirps of house sparrows and the haunting calls of tawny owls, accompanied by a chorus of dark bush crickets. The atmosphere is further enriched by the flapping and cooing of pigeons, the singing of linnets, and the general ambiance of turkeys in a field.

Venturing across the Atlantic to St. Simons Island, Georgia, you can hear the lively chatter of birds near the sea, painting a picturesque scene of nature at its finest. The package also includes sounds of geese cackling, swan geese calling, and the enchanting melodies of a sedgewarbler singing.

In a more rural setting, you can experience the peaceful countryside with a tractor ploughing in the background, complemented by the cries of seabirds. Meanwhile, the dawn chorus of birds with a distant cock crow heralds the beginning of a new day.

Switching gears to urban environments, the sounds of a city park in Asuncion, Paraguay, capture the bustling atmosphere of heavy traffic, footsteps, and speech, interspersed with the soothing sounds of birdsong. In contrast, the old barn filled with rock doves cooing and calling, alongside the wing flaps of other birds in the distance, offers a glimpse into a simpler, more rustic world.

This eclectic collection also features sounds from exotic locales such as the Amazon rainforest, with macaws adding their vibrant calls to the mix, and the lakeside atmosphere near Wuhan, China, where a blackbird's song fills the air.

Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a bird lover, or simply enjoy the soothing sounds of the great outdoors, this package of bird sounds has something for everyone. You can play and download these captivating audio clips to transport yourself to different corners of the world and immerse yourself in the diverse and enchanting world of birds.

Birds & Backgrounds: Churchyard, Night, owls hooting, clock strikes 12 midnight at 14" birds, backgrounds, churchyard, night, owls, clock, midnight, chuchyard
Birds & Backgrounds: Dawn Chorus with distant cock crow. birds, backgrounds, dawn, chorus, cock, crow, distant
Birds & Backgrounds: Devon Hedgerow, dawn. birds, backgrounds, devon, hedgerow, dawn
Birds & Backgrounds: Nightingales singing in close perspective. birds, backgrounds, nightingales, dawn, chorus
Birds & Backgrounds: Rooks in the tree tops. birds, backgrounds, rooks, tree, tops, chuchyard
Birds at watering hole, Madumbalai National Park, Tamil Nadu, late afternoon with mynahs, barbets, parakeets, bulbuls and crickets birds, hole, madumbalai, national, park, tamil, nadu, afternoon, my
Birds flapping wings with faint calls (rec. Petersfield, Hants) 1986 (1B19,reprocessed) birds, wings, calls, petersfield, hants, interiors, shops, cash, registers, faint
Birds near sea St Simons Island, Georgia. birds, simons, island, georgia, america, near
Birds taking off 1967 (7C, reprocessed) birds, comedy, comic
Blackbird singing in quiet town garden, with dawn chorus & occasional distant car. blackbird, town, garden, dawn, chorus, british, birds, quiet, occasional, distant
Blackcap singing. blackcap, british, birds
Border Collies & Labradors, exterior, playing & fighting, with some early morning birdsong. border, collies, labradors, exterior, morning, birdsong, horses, birds, early
British Saanen Goat, exterior, bleating, with some birdsong. british, saanen, goat, exterior, birdsong, livestock, birds
Chaffinch calling. chaffinch, british, birds
Chiffchaff singing, with distant Bullfinch, Wren & Sheep on slightly windy day. chiffchaff, bullfinch, wren, sheep, british, birds, distant, windy
City park, Asuncion, Paraguay with heavy traffic, footsteps, speech and some birdsong city, park, asuncion, paraguay, traffic, footsteps, speech, birdsong, urban, south, america, birds, heavy
Coal Tits, two pairs displaying to each other on territorial boundary. coal, tits, pairs, boundary, british, birds, territorial
Common Gulls, calls of 10 pairs at breeding colony with lapping water. gulls, pairs, colony, water, british, birds, common
Country scene sheep and lambs with birdsong and stream in meadow 1973 (1B6, reprocessed) country, scene, sheep, lambs, birdsong, meadow, british, rural, backgrounds, birds
Country scene tractor ploughing with seabirds 1973 (1B6, reprocessed) country, scene, tractor, seabirds, british, rural, backgrounds, birds
Crowd: Background, expectant, with birdsong, occasional footsteps and speech. crowd, background, expectant, birdsong, footsteps, speech, crowds, footste, occasional
Crowd: Large, expectant, with birdsong. (Wide perspective recording) crowd, large, expectant, birdsong, recording, background, crowds, wide, perspective
Ducks quacking, with occasional flap of wings. ducks, flap, wings, farm, birds, occasional
Dusky Lory. lory, animals, birds, dusky
Exterior goose run, peasant farm goose run, animated honking and movement (rec. in Romania). exterior, goose, peasant, farm, movement, romania, birds, geese
Father owl hooting 1972 (7K, reprocessed) father, comedy, birds, comic
Geese cackling. geese, farm, birds
General farm bird atmosphere with chickens, cockerels, geese and turkeys. farm, bird, atmosphere, cockerels, geese, turkeys, birds, general
Great tit, teacher song. teacher, song, british, birds, great
Horse approaches snorting four times. horse, times, animals, birds
House sparrow, several birds calling with feral pigeon. house, sparrow, pigeon, british, birds, feral
House sparrows, two adults singing and chirruping. house, sparrows, adults, british, birds
Housemartin, female calling at nest entrance. housemartin, calling, nest, entrance, british, birds, female
Lapwing, female ground anxiety call with distant aeroplane. ground, anxiety, aeroplane, british, birds, female, distant
Linnet singing. linnet, british, birds
Many turkeys. turkeys, farm, birds, many
Morning Chorus of house sparrow. chorus, house, sparrow, british, birds
Mute swan, calls wings whistling in flight, landing on water, whooper swans and wigeon in background. swan, wings, flight, water, whooper, swans, wigeon, background, british, birds, mute
Nightingale singing. nightingale, british, birds
Outdoor Crowd: Fete, children and adults, distant birdsong. crowd, fete, children, adults, birdsong, crowds, henley, regatta, outdoor, distant
Oystercatcher calls, with Skylark & heavy sea in background. skylark, background, british, birds, heavy
Persian cat miaowing. animals, birds, persian
Pigeons: Flapping and Cooing in coop. pigeons, flapping, cooing, coop, birds
Pigeons: Flying off. pigeons, flying, birds
Pigeons: Flying off. pigeons, flying, birds
Pigeons: Flying off. pigeons, flying, birds
Pigeons: Flying off. pigeons, flying, birds
Pigeons: Flying out of coop. pigeons, flying, coop, birds
Pigeons: Flying, Chasing in coop. pigeons, flying, chasing, coop, birds
Pigs in field. pigs, field, animals, birds
Pigs in shed. (with distant birds.) pigs, birds, animals, distant
Rainforest 07.30 hrs rainforest, south, america, amazon, birds, macaws
Reedwarbler, song of unmated male with very distant cows. (Recorded approx. 1900 hrs.) reedwarbler, song, cows, approx, british, birds, distant
Restless sheep in shed. (With distant birds.) sheep, birds, animals, distant
Ring Ouzel singing, with song of second bird, Red Grouse & Cuckoo in background. ring, ouzel, song, bird, grouse, cuckoo, background, british, birds
Robin singing, with distant Sheep. robin, sheep, british, birds, distant
Robin singing. robin, animals, birds
Rock Dove, coos and calls from several in old barn, wing flaps, chaffinch, jackdaws, wren and other birds in distance. rock, dove, coos, calls, barn, flaps, chaffinch, jackdaws, wren, birds, distanc
Rook, adult calling. rook, calling, british, birds, adult
Rookery, nests with nestlings. rookery, nests, nestlings, british, birds
Seagulls: Fighting for food seagulls, fighting, food, heavy, breaking, promenade, birds
Sedgewarbler singing. sedgewarbler, british, birds
Skylark, song flight with occasional gusts of wind. skylark, song, flight, gusts, british, birds, occasional
Smoked herring gull 1972 (7L, reprocessed) gull, comedy, birds, comic
Spain: Countryside atmosphere, with birdsong & some wind noise in trees. spain, countryside, atmosphere, birdsong, wind, noise, trees, birds
Stonechat, singing, with Chaffinch & Skylarks in background. stonechat, chaffinch, skylarks, background, british, birds
Swallow, song, with farmyard background. swallow, song, farmyard, background, british, birds
Swan Geese calls. swan, geese, animals, birds
Tawny Owl, hunting calls with chorus of dark bush crickets. tawny, chorus, bush, crickets, british, birds, dark
Turkeys, interior, general atmosphere of turkey hens. turkeys, interior, atmosphere, turkey, hens, livestock, birds, general
Water: Gently running stream with birdsong, season unknown water, gently, birdsong, season, unknown
Wheatear singing, with Sheep, Cuckoo & Willow Warbler in background. wheatear, sheep, cuckoo, willow, warbler, background, british, birds
Whitethroat sining, with Willow Warbler in background. whitethroat, willow, warbler, background, british, birds
Willow Warbler singing, with distant cuckoo. willow, warbler, cuckoo, british, birds, distant
Winter Migrant Wildfowl, including Berwick Swans, Canada Geese, Tufted Duck, Pochard & Pintail. winter, migrant, wildfowl, berwick, swans, canada, geese, tufted, duck, pochard, pintail, animals, bir
Wuhan: Lakeside atmosphere, with Blackbird's song (lake near Wuhan). wuhan, lakeside, atmosphere, blackbird, song, lake, china, birds, blackbirds, near