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Hardball (2001)

Hardball (2001)

Hardball is a captivating sports drama film released in 2001. Directed by Brian Robbins, this inspiring movie takes viewers on a journey that amalgamates the realms of baseball, teamwork, and redemption. It revolves around the touching story of a man whose life takes an unexpected turn when he becomes a coach for an inner-city youth baseball team.

The film features an outstanding ensemble cast that brings the characters to life with their exceptional performances. Keanu Reeves leads the cast as Conor O'Neill, a down-on-his-luck gambler who finds himself coaching a team of underprivileged kids in the Chicago Housing Projects. Reeves' portrayal of Conor flawlessly captures the character's transformation from a self-centered and troubled individual to a compassionate and dedicated coach.

The young actors who play the members of the Kekambas, the team Conor coaches, deliver heartfelt and realistic performances. Diane Lane also stars in the film as Elizabeth Wilkes, a teacher who supports Conor's endeavors and becomes an essential part of the team's journey. John Hawkes and Michael B. Jordan are also part of the cast, playing vital roles in contributing to the film's emotional depth.

The subject matter of Hardball dives deep into the lives of inner-city kids struggling to overcome adversity. It explores themes of friendship, teamwork, and the power of sport to unite individuals. As Conor guides these kids through the baseball season, he forms unbreakable bonds with them, ultimately teaching them invaluable life lessons while discovering his own redemption.

The film's score, composed by Mark Isham, adds depth and emotion to the narrative. From intense and triumphant moments on the baseball field to tender and poignant scenes, the music masterfully enhances the overall viewing experience. The soundtrack also includes songs by various artists that perfectly complement the film's tone and theme.

To fully immerse yourself in the powerful world of Hardball, you can now play and download the captivating sounds associated with this film. By visiting our website, you can access the official soundtrack, complete with the instrumental score and inspiring songs that encapsulate the essence of the movie. Whether you wish to relive the exhilarating baseball games or embrace the emotional moments, these sounds will transport you back to the impactful world of Hardball.

Hardball leaves a lasting impression by showcasing the transformative power of friendship, compassion, and the unyielding human spirit. Woven with emotion, conflict, and ultimately triumph, this film serves as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, when we come together and believe in each other, incredible things are possible. So, immerse yourself in the world of Hardball with our curated sounds and experience the magic for yourself.

A better person,
A Wrinkle In Time is an important book...
About how you need $5,000 to bury your old man.
Account 27, Kekambas.
Actually, she said she had a good feeling about them all playing ball.
After that, it's you, Kofi.
Ah, that's shit. I hate it when people mess with kids, it's so wrong.
All I got is what, uh, Coach Fleming at...
All right, Andre.
All right, listen up, Kekambas, back on the field.
All right, O'Neill. I want my money tomorrow.
All right, see you. Hurry up, okay?
All right, that's a start.
All right. Let me break it down to you right quick.
All right. We're tied two two.
All right. Wednesday night, practice.
ALL: Sammy! Sammy!
ALL: Yes!
Am I supposed to be?
And as he was falling, he grabbed my backpack.
And at first, some little girl didn't even know who you were.
And because you played like a team...
And guess what he tells me?
And here's my Sugar Babies for when my blood needs sugar.
And I liked it very much.
And I only do that...
And I really don't give a shit how much you owe the bookies.
And I wouldn't be callin' in a favor if I wasn't completely racked.
And if you were there to offer me a job, it might still stand.
And now they're makin' Miles take his headphones off
And she ain't having it.
And stand naked in your hallway to prove it.
And submit a roster by Friday.
And that is the coach of the goofiest team in the league.
And The Big Hurt will attempt to break out of his dreadful 11 game hitting slump.
And the other team would have five kids.
And then we got Jefferson.
And then you can talk to Kofi and Raymont about their reports.
And they called me 'hombre.'
And they kicked Jamal off the team because he was born two weeks early,
And they're not emotional about it.
And told me you were out of the office today.
And wait till we get a little breathing room
And watching him...
And we have shitty T shirts.
And why Miles can't wear headphones.
And why the Bua Was and Waatas have nice uniforms
And with two outs in the last inning...
And you can read it.
And your check.
And your mother's gonna want me to call her.
And, Clarence, you play third and bat ninth. Okay, let's go.
And, uh...
Andre and Jamal.
Andre say he can catch any pop up ball anybody can throw.
Andre, that's enough.
ANNOUNCER: Chicagolanders brace for the long awaited infer league
ANNOUNCER: They need a three pointer and a foul.
Anybody hungry?
Are they in my class? Yes, they're in my class.
Are you on crack? You laid 12 grand on those bums?
Are you telling me that some jack off goombah
Are you the Kekambas?
As he ran to first base...
As soon as you're ready, we expect you back, huh?
At second base?
Aw, fuck this.
Back catcher or center field.
BARMAN: You're into Duffy for at least five grand.
Because I'm in a big hole with two bookies who are looking to kill me.
Because the two best records in Division A play to see who goes to the 'ship.
Because they're never wrong.
Because those kids trust you and they don't trust anybody.
Because you played like a team.
Before they start playing baseball in the spring.
Besides their mother or me telling them what to do.
Between 4:00 and 5:00.
Between the Sox and the Cubbies tonight at Comiskey,
Both mothers agreed, the boys need to read one book
BOY #1: Come on, right here, right here!
BOY: Do it, Jamal.
BOY: I got four, baby, four!
BOY: Let's go, Miles...
BOY: We're gonna tear them up!
BOY: Yeah, baby! Whoo hoo!
Bring 'em to the baseball field on Loomis tomorrow
Bring it in, fellas. Come on. Bring it in!
Bullshit. First lie.
Business part the whole time, though.
But because they were Spanish, they didn't understand me.
But don't come around here unless you got the money.
But first I have to re gotiate his contract.
But he wanted to be a part of the team so badly
But I'm paying the Barber off. What should I do?
But I'm willing to get together with you and help the boys out.
But if you want to swing, swing.
But my mom said it was okay.
But some don't make it because they don't have anybody
But the kids told me
But you showed up.
But you start shit with Andre and you're done, okay?
But, but...
But, uh, we only have eight players, so...
But... but I wanna play. [SNIFFLES]
Call me when you get to the 'ship without me.
Can we please go?
Can you produce birth certificates for your players?
Canada. That must've been nice.
Check out Coach Jimmy's whip. Damn, this shit is pimped.
Chicago's down by four.
Coach Conor, just stopped by to give you the equipment.
Coach, I can't pitch. These guys are really gonna sweat me.
Coach, I need a shirt.
Coach, is there any chance that we get trophies this year?
Coach, she said they couldn't play ball until they do these book reports.
Coach, thanks for the seats, they are hot.
Coach, we're concerned about the age of some of the boys on your team.
COACH: Come on, come on, get down! Get down, now!
Coach? Coach?
Coaches, get back to the dugouts.
Come back in here.
Come on, baby, you can do this!
Come on, Dre.
Come on, G. Come on. [CRYING]
Come on, Kofi!
Come on, let's go!
Come on, let's go. Get out there.
Come on, Ticky, you're killing me.
Come on!
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. Just for dinner.
Come on. Let's go. Get in the car. Game starts in an hour.
COMMENTATOR: He gets hammered and it goes!
Conor O'Neill, coach of the crack babies.
Conor O'Neill.
Conor, Duffy's here. You better have his money.
Conor, I do this to give something back to the community.
CONOR: Can you lend me...
CONOR: G Baby.
CONOR: Hey! That's it! That's it!
CONOR: Is he okay?
CONOR: That's ridiculous. Five hundred.
CONOR: Time, Blue!
CONOR: Yeah, I shined him this week. Why?
Conor. Hi.
Cool it! What's going on?
Could we talk outside without the bat?
Cross town matchup between the Sox and the Cubbies tonight at Comiskey.
D did you call Fink? Are we down on the Bulls?
Damn, Miles, you don't even know how to throw the ball!
Damn, Miles, you suck! Just like my girlfriend.
Damn, that's nasty.
Did the Bulls cover last night?
Did you pay them? They said it was $580.
Did you read the book?
Did you really fill out an application to work at the school?
Do you even remember making that phone call from Michael Pistone's wedding?
Do you have any idea how much that meant to them?
Do you know she called my house every night last year. Every night.
Don't you talk down to me!
Don't you think I might have something more important to do
Done deal.
Duffy, I'm desperate.
Duffy, you knew my dad.
DUFFY: Hey! Hey!
Easy, Coach. You're already on a warning.
Elizabeth, I get paid under the table to coach that team.
Enjoy the game.
Even if just for that moment.
Every Monday, Ellen will have a check for you.
Every run I score I get one slice.
Everybody listen! That gentleman behind you is Coach Conor.
Everybody sit down.
Everyone, the shirts go up in sizes from two to 11, okay?
Everyone, this is Mr. O'Neill, who coaches the baseball team
Everyone's sitting on the floor.
Excellent choice. A strong piece of literature, a great read.
Excellent use of the first person narrative.
Excuse me. I'm Conor O'Neill, I got an 11:30 with James Fleming.
Fellas, you have to understand that everyone has to follow the same rules.
Fine, I'll lay on the ground and slide my nuts under your door
Fink wants to see I still got his money.
FINK: Don't you want your number?
Fink's minimum bet is two grand.
Flagrant foul, he shoots that first.
Flash him a little cash and bet the 12 grand like we said, eh?
Fool, I called you at Smyth and Stevens Security,
For a guy who's paying me $500 a week.
For G Baby!
Forever grateful to Jarius for that.
Forty seven dollars.
Four months ago you come in here crying
Fourth quarter, we're up by two points. You're getting six.
G BABY: Kofi wanna come back.
G Baby.
G Baby.
G Baby. You're up.
G, come on. Get up, G, come on.
G, hang on. I wanna talk to you.
G, we're okay.
G? G.
Get down!
Get off of me!
Get out of here. Don't make me freakin' shoot you!
Get your bummy ass out. We a better team without you, anyway.
Give it to Jamal.
Give me an example.
Give me Miami minus six. 12 grand.
Give me that.