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Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny (2006)

Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny (2006)

"Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny" is a musical comedy film released in 2006. It follows the journey of two aspiring rock musicians, Jack Black and Kyle Gass, who form the band Tenacious D and set out on a quest to find a mythical guitar pick, known as "The Pick of Destiny," which possesses the power to make them the greatest rock band in the world.

The film stars Jack Black as himself, and Kyle Gass as his bandmate and best friend, also named Kyle Gass. Along their adventure, they encounter various characters played by well-known actors such as Meat Loaf, who portrays Jack's religious, rock-hating father; Ben Stiller as a guitar store employee; and Tim Robbins as a mysterious guru. Dave Grohl, the Foo Fighters frontman and former Nirvana drummer, makes a special appearance as Satan.

The comedic storyline of the movie revolves around Jack and Kyle's determination to win a rock music contest called "The Battle of the Bands" in order to fulfill their dream of becoming rock legends. To achieve this, they believe they need to possess the legendary pick used by their favorite rock stars. They embark on a wild, humorous, and often absurd journey to find the Pick of Destiny, encountering numerous challenges and obstacles along the way.

What sets this film apart is its musical aspect. Tenacious D is a real-life rock band formed by Jack Black and Kyle Gass, and their music, which blends elements of rock, comedy, and even folk, plays a central role in the movie. Throughout their adventure, Jack and Kyle enthusiastically perform several original songs, showcasing their tremendous musical talents and unique brand of humor. The combination of hilarious dialogue and catchy tunes creates a truly memorable viewing experience.

The soundtrack of "Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny" features a collection of energetic and comedic rock songs that capture the essence of the film. Audiences can appreciate the music both within the context of the movie and as stand-alone tracks. Some iconic songs from the film include "Kickapoo," "The Metal," and "Tribute."

To relive the hilarity and rock out to the memorable tunes of "Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny," you can play or download the film's songs by visiting (website or application name). This allows fans to enjoy the music whenever and wherever they want, whether they are jamming out at home or revisiting the film's comedic moments with friends.

In conclusion, "Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny" is a cult classic comedy that combines rock music, humor, and an outrageous adventure. The film showcases the comedic talents and musical abilities of Jack Black and Kyle Gass, appealing to fans of rock music, comedy, and unique storytelling. It remains an entertaining and beloved movie that ensures countless laughs and excellent music.

A cock push up, my friend, is where you lay on your stomach...
A gentleman named Salvatore Papardello.
A horrific battle ensued.
A legacy.
A what?
Aaaaah oooh!
Aaaaah! Sweet baby!
Aaagh! Aaah, aaah!
Aaah, man, that was a monster jam that we played.
Aaah! Aaah! Aaah!
Aaah! Mmm!
Aah, fuck!
Aah, that's all right.
Aah! Oh, God! Oh!
AC/DC. Van Halen.
Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Ah ha ha ha!
Ah, we're just regular guys.
Ah! Aaah! Oh! Aaah!
Ah! Ahh!
Ah! Argh! Ow!
All in Latin.
All of a sudden it reappears in the American South...
All right, dude. Roger that.
All right, get outta here. I told you enough already.
All right, Kage, let's do it, man. Two, three.
All right, man.
All right, no more fucking around.
All right.
All right.
All right. Just play it cool.
All we have to do is step into that magic circle...
An even greater energy source.
An official professor bullshit degree?
And cry like babies.
And fuck you, Jables.
And have sex with each other all night long.
And he promised to come here tonight...
And I aims to keep it that way.
And I got news for you.
And I made them both poke each other's eyes out.
And I will put them in your eyeholes!
And I'll be like, "No way, cockshiner."
And if I find anybody in there...
And if you feel it, just fuckin' lay it on me.
And it's not just a list of bullshit...
And it's the truth.
And let him read it too?
And lift yourself off the ground with nuthin' but your boner.
And mental power necessary to evolve to new heights.
And now our masterpiece will never happen.
And play some of your songs at the party.
And play us a few of his hits.
And so the wizard fashioned the demon's tooth...
And so, uh, they're inductin' us...
And the chicken fried steak.
And the dark wizard was totally stoked to be alive.
And the masterpiece is ours.
And then he'll be like
And then I am going to stick your eyes in your ballsacks...
And then I will take your balls...
And then we'll do bongloads and play Maximum Overthruster.
And then we're gonna fuckin' do a little mini tiger roll...
And then...poof!
And there's two guys goin', "I'm We're gonna punch you."
And they want us to play a gig.
And things got crossed, chakras were fucking exploded.
And transportation, the clothing and entertainment...
And we're gonna totally win that money next week...
And we're not leavin' here without it.
And you get inside and cry like little girl.
And you know when I go quadruple plat he'll come a knockin'
And you're driving away my crowd.
And, uh, it's called The History Of Tenacious D.
And, um, we wrote this song that gives you a little taste...
Animal power would give him the food...
Anything you need, man.
Are using the same guitar pick
Are you ready to write a fucking masterpiece?
Are you ready?
Are you stoned?
Are you with me?
Are you, uh, going to, uh...
Aren't you hungry? You should eat somethin'.
Aren't you the guitar guy from the boardwalk?
Ask for Jojo.
Assailants turning south down Lexington Avenue.
At the crack of noon!
At the open mic contest.
At the open mic night tonight.
At the top of Guitarway to Heaven.
At the turn of the century, in Robert Johnson's fingers.
Awesome. I'll tell you about it later.
Back to the Dark Ages.
Backstage at the Kyle Gass Project.
Be careful.
Bean and chee
Bean and cheese burrito.
Because I wrote it...
Because Satan's not in a guitar pick...
Big hit in Canada.
Big power meeting you guys had?
Boo! Boo!
But compared to the greats?
But dick ass had to follow his cock.
But I can't reach it.
But I think we can make some dreams come true tonight.
But I was caught. Set off a laser.
But if the D's gonna win that prize money...
But keep going, yes.
But thaaaaat's my life.
But that's definitely the wrong part of the cosmos.
But the great demon was far too powerful.
But then we broke it...
But then you did pass it later?
But we're not gonna be called the Kyle Gass Project.
But you just stumbled onto...
But, God damn it, I'm going to read it anyway...
C'mon, get outta here.
C'mon, Kage, you're comin' with me.
Can I be a Sasquatch too?
Can I help you gentlemen?
Can you hear me?
Catch me if you can.
Check out the Rock & Roll History Museum?
Check this out, this guy's insane.
Check this out.
Check, please!
Check. Uggh.
Classic Rock is clear.
Come back with my pick!
Come on, come on. Stand up. You're all right.
Come on, get up, get up.
Come on, helmet head.
Come on, Kage!
Come over here.
Cool. Well, how was that, uh...
Count me out.
Daaah! Fa gaah!
Did you see that?
Do it!
Do you know where I can find the Pick of Destiny?
Do you think you can handle a woman like that?
Don't forget to fucking bring the thunder.
Don't make a sound unless it's a masterpiece.
Don't walk away from me!
Don't you know genius when you see it?
Draws like a pencil.
Driving a blue Cutlass Supreme.
Dude, hold on. That's good stuff.
Dude, it's Jables. Pick up, man.
Dude, let's see the pick.
Dude, look at this place.
Dude, pick up.
Dude, we are gonna smoke the competition...
Dude, we can still use the pick.
Dude, we could totally outrun him.
Dude, will you just teach me that one thing that you did?
Dude, you heard that guy.
Dude. I can't believe you'd pass by a gig opportunity...
Dude. I got some smokin' bettys over there...
Dude. The party?
Dust off the stage, open mic host. Step aside.
End of the show, he flicks it back into the audience.
Engage Kage!
Every day.
Everybody, we have got a special surprise tonight.
Excuse me, um, are you gonna charge us for all the refills?
Exercise, or tell the truth.
Eye of le tigre!
Fifty miles to Los Angeles.
Finish me, foul beast!
Focus, Jables.
Follow me. We are the shadows.
From now on, I want you to do one cock push up a day...
From now on...
From whence you came you shall remain...
Fuck a luck a ding dong.
Fuck you, Kage!