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The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

"The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" is a lively and entertaining musical that debuted on Broadway in 1978. It was later adapted into a film in 1982, starring Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds. This iconic production tells the story of the fictional Chicken Ranch, a famous brothel in Texas, and the efforts to close it down. With its catchy tunes and charismatic characters, "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" continues to captivate audiences, and now you can play and download the sounds from this beloved musical.

The film version of "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" features an all-star cast that brings the vibrant characters to life. Dolly Parton shines as Miss Mona Stangley, the bawdy but kind-hearted madam of the Chicken Ranch brothel. Parton's powerful vocals and natural charisma make her the perfect leading lady for this rollicking musical. Burt Reynolds portrays Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd, a tough and lovable lawman torn between his duty to uphold the law and his romantic feelings towards Miss Mona.

Joining Parton and Reynolds in this star-studded cast is Charles Durning as the infamous television personality and moral crusader, Melvin P. Thorpe. Durning's energetic performance as Thorpe adds a dynamic element to the story, as he launches a campaign to expose the Chicken Ranch and shut it down once and for all. The beauty and talent of Dom DeLuise as the Texas Governor, playing a key role in the final climax of the film, adds an extra layer of humor and charm to the production.

The film's soundtrack bursts with memorable songs that range from heartfelt ballads to rousing ensemble numbers. Dolly Parton's signature song, "I Will Always Love You," resonates with emotional depth and vulnerability, becoming an instant classic when it was released. Other standout musical numbers include the catchy and energetic "The Aggie Song," performed by a group of enthusiastic football players, and "The Sidestep," a humorous and politically-charged song performed by the Governor and his staff.

For fans of this beloved musical, downloading and playing the soundtrack is a must-have experience. Relive the infectious tunes and dynamic performances that sealed the legacy of "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas." Whether you want to sing along to Dolly Parton's powerful vocals or dance to the lively ensemble numbers, this soundtrack will transport you back to the charming and colorful world of the Chicken Ranch.

To download these sounds and immerse yourself in the unforgettable melodies of "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas," simply click the link provided. From there, you can choose to play the songs directly or download them to your own device for a permanent addition to your musical library. Whether you're a longtime fan of the musical or discovering it for the first time, this soundtrack is sure to bring joy and toe-tapping fun to your day.

In conclusion, "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" is a timeless musical that has captivated audiences for decades. With its star-studded cast, catchy tunes, and engaging storyline, it has become a beloved classic. Now, you can play and download the sounds from this iconic production, allowing you to experience the magic of "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" over and over again. Don't miss this opportunity to relive the fun and excitement of this memorable musical.

A ballerina?
A bunch of crazies break into my house tonight,
A chicken shit sheriff in a chicken shit town.
A feller could ask a girl to dance,
A flame about three feet high.
A sock? Yeah.
A year with you is like a minute of sheer happiness.
About signin' that petition to keep her open!
About the other night.
About this and other cases.
Admit that they put less peanuts
Aggies have the ball, second down at eight.
Ah! Well, she didn't. I was out there earlier this evenin'.
Ah. I'm glad I was late.
Aha. I'm sorry, Ed Earl.
Ain't that funny? All this time Miss Mona
Ain't that the truth.
All I'm askin' for is for you to give me a little cooperation
All mornin' long. Sheriff's office.
All right, take this!
All right!
All right! Come along!
All right! Hey, boys!
All rolled up like a Jimmy Dean sausage.
All this publicity's makin' folks think twice
All we wanted to do was keep it quiet.
Already in the legislature, while traditionalists and fundamentalists
Already this bumper sticker is beginning to appear around the state.
Also held a press conference explaining his involvement.
Although petitions are being circulated to save the Chicken Ranch,
Amen to that, Ed Earl.
An eyesore, a fire hazard, I would close it down!
And after we see who wins, we put up the orange or the maroon.
And again, the Longhorns' break is stopped.
And aimed to keep it that way.
And all of this bad publicity's flat ruinin' business.
And all of your big dreams of goin' to the legislature.
And as much as I'd love for it to work,
And coffee over at Dulcie Mae's cafe.
And get those cameras and the rest of that crap off the street.
And give them a little bad publicity
And he actually called my name on television.
And he was a big influence on me,
And he was a heck of a speaker.
And how about Austin? Why, two blocks from the state capitol,
And I became the Sheriff.
And I can only say, as the most dedicated
And I can tell when somebody's peein' on my boots
And I can't go changin' now.
And I figured your phone was out, because...
And I know you're gonna do a real good job in the legislature.
And I saw that Melvin P. Thorpe and a bunch of other fellers
And I think you still could be a ballerina if you wanted to be.
And I thought you might try that on for size.
And I'll take it out back as soon as we're finished.
And I'm proud to have it in my district.
And I'm runnin' a bit behind time.
And I'm talkin' full nuts. I'm not talkin' a half nut,
And I've lived here all my life.
And if they don't do that, they'll run to other women and get diseases!
And it don't make money. Beatrice?
And it was a sorry day for Lanville County.
And it wasn't poultry.
And just get drunker than Cootie Brown?
And Langston downtown is gonna sell the rest.
And makin' civic contributions,
And mighty useful, if you get my meaning.
And Miss Mona, she's gonna get hers, too.
And neither did Miss Wulla Jean's strict set of rules.
And nobody gives me advice!
And now, our own Melvin P. Thorpe Singers.
And now, the Watchdog man himself.
And people can't. Now why is that?
And placed there to harm my reputation and good name.
And potential customers,
And pretty soon it just clears out of the air.
And pretty soon they'd get a little business goin'.
And quiet.
And sayin' "yee haw!"
And she insisted that each girl
And she moved there with her girls from over
And so, as feminists line up behind the bill
And tellin' me it's a rainstorm.
And that one there, there...
And that's a hell of a lot of overhead
And that's close the place down before
And that's how the place got its name.
And the man who turns his back on her illegal operation
And the mayor and the people of my county that voted for me,
And the people of Texas, well, they got what they wanted.
And the principals are not talking.
And then you can let your regular customers...
And they got what they wanted.
And they look like it.
And they shape up faster than goose shit slides through a tin horn.
And they was all headed out towards the Chicken Ranch.
And they're gonna be out there lookin' for women.
And to hell with what Melvin P. Thorpe says!
And wash him off with soap and warm water.
And we are closed down.
And we broke a 30 share.
And we had some tough ones. Right in front of my car!
And we have seen an amazing ball game.
And what kind of pay off you're acceptin' to protect
And what's goin' on is evil, immoral,
And when I start the music, I want you Dogettes to start with me, brisk!
And you even use that little boy of hers
And you wanna know what the law's gonna do about that?
And... Thank you. Thank you very much.
Announcin' it straight out on TV.
Another legend, the legend of the Chicken Ranch.
Anticommunist in the state legislature,
Anyway, just about the time he became sheriff,
Anyway, the mayor was thinkin' maybe
Apres vous!
Are you listenin' good?
Are you serious, Ed Earl?
Aren't you afraid of possible pay offs and bribes?
As a newsman, I have First Amendment protection.
As the Sheriff of Lanville County,
At least, so I've been told.
At the capitol today, the Governor made no statement,
At the Chicken Ranch?
Aw, come on, Ed Earl. For me.
Aw, no, thank you. That stuff always tears up my stomach.
Aw, shit!
Aw, shit.
Aw, you paid $20 for these?
Be better to do it as soon as possible.
Be careful of the box.
Be like puttin' two bowling balls in a marble bag.
Because I wear the badge in this county!
Because there's a hook in there that's gonna
Because they have a his 'n' hers sexy department at Frederick's
Before they leave. Good seein' ya.
Ben Sawtuck bought all my furniture and fixtures
Billy Joe, light switch.
Both of us are interested in protectin' the public.
Boy, I sure didn't know you had dreams that big.
Boy, you sent him hightailin'. I was so proud of you!
Boys, boys! That was the greatest victory
Boys, I got myself a pretty good bullshit detector.
Braggin', braggin', braggin'.
Brazen and against the law!
Brewin' about three days before.
But actually, the real trouble started
But before you closed down the Chicken Ranch,
But he's a sensationalist, Ed Earl.
But here in the town of Gilbert,
But I do believe I can fill it out.
But I don't believe that.
But I don't know what to do now.
But I figure there's only one thing left to do.
But I haven't made that decision yet! Good.
But I read the Bible. I believe in Jesus.
But I've thought about this for a long time.
But if you was to marry me...
But it didn't faze Ed Earl.
But it wasn't always easy in them days to come up with hard cash.
But it's gonna always be just like it is.
But it's not what my people want.
But just like you don't want to mess with the Chicken Ranch,
But let's not confuse crime with committin' a sin.
But never in an unladylike way.
But now everything's openin' up.
But one thing I ain't never seen, man nor woman, is a grown up.
But Senator Charles Wingwood,
But that don't mean they don't feel it in their heart.
But the Chicken Ranch loses, 42 to 37, with 21 % undecided.
But the law is the law!
But the moment her luck ran sour, you want to run out on her.
But there's nothin'.
But there's one thing you can't do and that's broadcast gutter talk on TV.
But these afternoons with you have got to top the list.
But they heard it in their livin' room.
But think of the people out there.
But this is serious! Honey.
But we can't just sit around here waitin' to grow tits!
But we're gonna beat this thing. I ain't worried about it.
But when I was gettin' me some sexy things, I thought about you,
But with television broadcasting this from hell to breakfast,
But you know, Jesus was really good
But you show up with your TV camera
But... Governor! Governor...
By communists or communist sympathizers
By their alumni association.
Call the Sheriff! It's that Melvin P. Thorpe sucker!
Calm down, Rufus! It can't be as bad as all that.
Can you believe that man?
Can you dig it?
Can't it wait?
Check her gentleman for the clap
Close it down!
Close it down! She was just fine as long as she was bringin' in the money
Come in.
Come on in, Fred!
Come on over here and give me a little lip lock.
Come on over here. I'd like you to meet my girls.
Come on, boys!
Come on, boys! We gotta leave.
Come on, Deputy Fred!
Come on, Ed Earl!
Come on, move this thing! I'll get you for this.
Come on, Rufus! I'll make some phone calls.
Come on!
Come on! Look who's here.
Come on. No!
Come on. One itsy bitsy peek?