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Little Voice (1998)

Little Voice (1998)

Little is a heartwarming and delightful movie released in 1998. Directed by Nicole Conn, this charming romantic comedy tells the story of Jordan (played by Kate Mara), a woman who mysteriously wakes up one day in the body of a 10-year-old girl. As she navigates her way through the challenges of being a child again, she forms an unlikely friendship with her unsuspecting neighbor, Rebecca (played by Amy Linker).

The film takes an imaginative and playful approach to explore the themes of self-discovery, friendship, and the importance of embracing one's inner child. Through Jordan's journey, Little reminds us of the value of innocence and the joy that can be found in the simplest of moments. Kate Mara delivers a stellar performance, effortlessly capturing both the mannerisms of a child and the emotional depth of an adult.

Little also features an incredible supporting cast that brings the story to life. Amy Linker shines as Rebecca, an introverted artist who begins to open up while spending time with Jordan. Linker's performance perfectly captures the complex emotions of her character, as she grapples with her own feelings of loneliness and the excitement of having a true friend.

The film's soundtrack, composed by renowned musician Rachel Portman, adds an extra layer of enchantment to the story. Portman's beautiful melodies enhance the emotional beats of the film, adding a sense of pure joy and wonder to Jordan's predicament. The soundtrack is an exquisite blend of whimsy and tenderness, perfectly capturing the essence of this endearing movie.

If you're interested in experiencing the enchanting sounds of Little, you're in luck! You can easily play and download the magical soundtrack from a variety of platforms. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the delicate melodies of Rachel Portman or relive the heartwarming moments from the film, the soundtrack is readily accessible for your enjoyment.

Little (1998) is not just a movie; it is a beautiful reminder to cherish the child within us and celebrate the magic that can be found in unexpected friendships. With its captivating storyline, stellar performances, and a captivating soundtrack, this film continues to capture the hearts of audiences even years after its release. So go ahead and embark on this delightful journey – let the sounds of Little transport you to a world where age is just a number, and the spirit of youth is eternal.

A bit of a...
A brown envelope? What's on telly?
A little girl that's big... a northern light... a rising star...
A long time since I've been dragged down the Northern clubs, Say.
A spot of "Who do you do?" For Mr. Boo, like.
A talent... an undiscovered treasure...
A the one, a the only Little Voice, ladies and gentlemen!
A tribute to his life's loves.
About services and all that.
Acts that can be bothered. Night, all.
Ah, Sadie, it's me.
Ah, well, I didn't think he looked like the shirt liftin' type somehow.
Ah, yes, you little bastard.
All I can say is that she might stand an outside chance as a mime act.
All right, Mari? Okay?
All right, then. Get 'em back up.
All right?
All right?
All right.
All right. Well, hold him there. I'm coming down now.
All she did was keep it shaded and safe...
All that cooin' and flappin' and shittin' all over shop. They want shootin', them.
All you're doin' is gettin' in the way.
All you've got to do is step on from the side.
All your records all around ya.
An act of wonder, ladies and gentlemen.
And a gob on me for every occasion.
And after a while, it gave her his heart.
And all you can dream about is bloody Duane.
And at least there's the thick wad of his wallet...
And double me palpitations.
And even you squeak from time to time, don't ya?
And guess which exotic part of the world I came across tonight's star turn?
And he knows everyone.
And I always liked a man in a uniform, me.
And I'm not gonna leave here ever, ever again,
And let me rustle up one of Ray Say's famous breakfassays.
And now, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for our first act...
And see 'em fly, and better still, see 'em back, well, it's, it's dead exciting.
And some shit tight bloody bra.
And the duck says, "Certainly not. What sort of duck do you think I am?"
And the lovely Elaine!
And the lovely, lucky Elaine!
And then sing to it and stroke it...
And together... you and me... we could set this place on fire.
And under the bloody stars.
And we all know what that entertainment is, don't we?
And you can do nothin' but whisper and whine like your father before you.
And you're feeling, "This is it."
And you're still in the way now.
And your nights and your nights and your nights...
And your nights and your nights...
And your pals and your nights...
And, to her great surprise,
Any new star you name, love, he got 'em started.
Anyway, pretty people, enough of me.
Are you receiving me?
Are you watching this or what?
Aren't we all, love. She'll be all right once she gets on there.
Arndale Centre weren't built in a day, you know.
As a matter of fact, here. Take one of me new cards.
As you know, Boo braves anything,
At all times,
At last! Yes! Yes!
Aye, but look at me, luvvy, eh?
Aye, callin' long distance, me.
Aye, well, I'm off out on the razz.
Aye, you see, that's all you get when she's upset...
Aye. Come in, Ray. Come in.
Aye. There's a big race today. They start off from France at 9:00.
Aye. Where's the first call?
Aye. You let 'em out, they fly around and come back.
Bangers and bubble and a fuck hot tea, ta. Twice.
Because we've pulled out all the stops for your Friday night frolickings!
Been workin' on the act... planning and that.
Believe me. Let's do it, eh?
Bit of gray matter and a bit of gray matter. All it takes.
Bit of nouse, bit of coat hanger, and, bingo, let there be light.
Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the Earth. But when, eh? When?
Bloody hell. All right, all right.
Bloody hell. That's gratitude for ya.
Bloody hell. This is it, eh?
Bloody marvelous, that. Who else you do?
Boo! Boo!
Boo's? You what?
Bright lights, a bit of glitz, snazzy frocks. All that.
But at least he knows how to slide and dart and take a throat.
But before it flew to its freedom,
But I'm a big noise in these parts.
But I've got 'em in the fuckin' used car business.
But she's going to have to in a minute, otherwise she'll be going on like she is.
But that's all in the future. That's to look forward to.
But we're not doin' it now.
But what she did was so simple.
But with fine lights.
But you wanna get this lot seen to, you know. Could bring the house down.
But, really, you're a devious little bastard, aren't ya?
But, Sadie, what a night I had me last night, eh.
By wasting my time listening to singers that don't sing.
Called, "It's Over."
Christ. Do you think I don't have birds I go to?
Clean and tidy. That's nice.
Come in.
Come on then. Lead us to the dotted line.
Come on, love. Enough of this.
Come on, love. Squeak to me, eh?
Come on, then. Let's roll about.
Come on! You can do better than that. How are you all doing? All right?
Come on. I've had enough of you lot tonight. Dress on now. Move it, will ya?
Come on. Look after me.
Come on. Off out of it. Make way for a woman in lust.
Come on. You can do better than that. How y'all doin'? All right?
Come on. You can do better than that. So how you all doin'?
Cooped up there in the dark all day, like a friggin' bird trapped in the rafters.
Couple of bloody nothin's, the pair of ya.
Crappaty records full bloody blast.
Did he ring, LV? Did he ding a ling? Eh?
Did you ever meet...
Did you get her dress from the dry cleaners okay? Yeah?
Did you not see her? Legs of jelly she had for me.
Didn't your mum tell you? No?
Do another one. Go on. Do some more.
Do anything. Anything. And, Jesus, look happy!
Do what?
Do without that sort of crap just before show, eh?
Do you want to give me an 'and?
Does, does that stand for something?
Don't come the fucking impresario with me.
Don't go. I'm just interested. You know, what with me being in show business myself, like.
Don't speak for a minute.
Don't spoil it, Raymondo. We go so well together.
Don't think she liked it. Won't be doin' it no more.
Don't worry, Billy.
Don't you think it's like puttin' me face in flowers after you?
Double, and a Campari chaser.
Down as likely as up,
Duane's a pigeon, right?
Dump her home. Let's go eat.
Eh, and listen, you.
Eh, come on, lover. I'm mad for it here.
Eh, do it for your mum, eh?
Eh, don't know. Hello. You must be George's wife.
Eh, I'm doin' it now, Ray, love. Yes, I am.
Eh, it was Mr. Boo himself introduced us the other night.
Eh, listen. You, me, cafe, now. Last one out door pays, all right?
Eh, look at the red on him now. Lookie. Oh, dear.
Eh, speakin' of which, I can call Sadie on me new instrument.
Eh, you're too quiet to be me friend, you. Fuck off!
Eh, your mom's a live wire, ain't she? Bloody hell!
Eh? [Whispering] And fuck off.
Eh? And you know me.
End of story. Now come on, Ray.
Er, a big, flashy set.
Er, I forgot to leave you this... reading matter.
Er, mine's, mine's a double Scotch, Boo. I'll see you up there, eh?
Even taught one of them to talk once.
Everything all right then?
Everything your throbbin' throat could desire, lover boy.
F Forgot to leave your, er, reading matter...
Fine lights.
Fine. Is that Duane?
Finished, fucking finished me.
First that little phone fart, and now you all droolin' over that little stick of shite.
Five lads all built like Buddha.
Five minutes, tell 'em. All right? Toodle pip.
Flyin' all over her house.
Flyin' free.
For fresh talent to spice up your midweek merriment here.
For God's sake, wise up, woman, eh?
For one not known for his over usage of words, you don't half pick 'em, do ya?
For the turn of turns... a the one, a the only...
For Wild Trigger Smith...
Freddie "Mr. Parrot Face" Davis?
Frig me. That's ama... That's amazing.
Fuck me.
Fuck off, ya jumped up little prat.
Fuckin' hell.
Giving Mr. Boo here a shufti at me clients.
Go on, love. Fire away.
Go on.
Go on. Go on. Go on. Sing.
Go on. I bet you can.
Go on. Slap some food about for me.
Go on. What's that you're eatin', anyway?
Go upstairs now, Sadie. See if star turn's ready.
God! The little bird's bleated and died with all the shock.
Goes anywhere in his perpetual quest...
Good boy. Jump!
Good fucking bye!
Got Boo to let us have another go. I've worked it all out.
Got it nice here, haven't you?
Guess who I just spoke to... only Bunny Morris.
Happens sometimes, once they're out.
Happy as a lark. Oh, there be no bloody croonin' for your dead mum.
Has, has Duane come home?
He knows all about showbiz, and all you have to do is sing.
He never spoke up to ya,
He puts 'em in all the big clubs and all the TV shows.
He wants you down anyway. Show Mr. Boo what you can do.
He went into a library in Essex...
He'll make it in anything, Ray Say.
He's down at Mr. Boo's nightclub all the time.
He's one of them lovable twat sorta types.
He's quiet, isn't he?
He's, er... He's not in yet.
Hello, me.
Her and that Shirley Bassey drinking our bloody cocoa.