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Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas

Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas

Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas is a heartwarming and festive movie that captures the magic of the holiday season. Released in 2004, this animated feature follows beloved Disney characters as they navigate the joys and challenges of Christmas.

The cast of Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas features a lineup of iconic Disney characters voiced by talented actors. Mickey Mouse, the lovable and optimistic leader, is voiced by Wayne Allwine, while his mischievous pal, Donald Duck, is voiced by Tony Anselmo. The charming and resourceful Minnie Mouse is portrayed by Russi Taylor, and Daisy Duck, known for her sassiness, is voiced by Tress MacNeille.

The movie also includes appearances from other beloved Disney characters, such as Goofy (voiced by Bill Farmer), Pluto (barks voiced by Dee Bradley Baker), and Santa Claus (voiced by Jeff Bennett). Each character adds their own unique flavor to the story, creating an enchanting tapestry that appeals to both children and adults alike.

The storyline of Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas is composed of five heartwarming segments, each exploring different themes and messages of the holiday season. From the importance of family and friendship to the true meaning of Christmas, the movie captivates audiences with its heartfelt storytelling.

What sets Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas apart is the animation style. The movie blends traditional animation with cutting-edge computer-generated imagery, bringing the Disney characters to life in a visually stunning way. The vibrant colors and attention to detail create an immersive world that captures the essence of the holiday spirit.

For those who want to relive the magic of Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas or introduce their children to this festive tale, the sounds and music from the movie are available for play and download. The delightful songs evoke the joy and cheer of Christmas, while the sound effects immerse the listener in the whimsical world of Disney.

Whether you're a longtime Disney fan or simply looking for a heartwarming holiday movie to enjoy, Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas is a must-watch. Its timeless themes and beloved characters make it a delightful addition to any Christmas celebration. So gather your loved ones, grab some hot cocoa, and let the magic of Mickey and his friends enchant you as they embark on heartwarming adventures during the most wonderful time of the year.

To experience the enchanting sounds and music from Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas, you can play and download them here, immersing yourself in the holiday spirit whenever you please.

A beautiful surprise
A little food for thought.
A little. Does it show?
Absolutely. We've been very good this year.
Accident prone...
Ach. There's more to life than just money.
Actually, it's for you, Uncle Scrooge.
After all you've filled my life with laughter
After you eat a hearty and nutritious dinner.
Ah, Minnie, you're not nervous, are you?
All alone, miserable. Christmas is ruined.
All available, please assist.
All elves are to party down...
All I do is think of you
All I want for Christmas is my best friend back.
All I want is peace, quiet...
All right, boys... and Murray...
All right, inspection, you jingle headed quadrupeds.
All right, now, what do we got here?
All right, who let the dog out?
All right!
Almost done.
An excellent drill
And a cup of good cheer
And a happy
And a Happy New Year
And a Happy New Year
And a Happy New Year
And a Happy New Year
And a Happy New Year
And a Happy New Year
And a Happy New Year
And a Happy New Year
And a Happy New Year
And a Happy New Year
And a Happy New Year...
And a happy, happy
And all through the house...
And an Olympic size swimming pool with your own submarine.
And breakable.
And elves.
And found his own beat.
And having a different private jet for every day of the week.
And he checks this twice?
And I hope he'll do his best
And I know you will
And I said I wouldn't, but I couldn't...
And I said that to Forget it.
And I want to make a good impression.
And I wonder if you feel the same way, too
And I yelled, so he was in the doghouse.
And I'm so proud of you
And my hot chocolate.
And not lose his cool?
And now it's the perfect disaster.
And now, for your viewing pleasure...
And smell lots of greasy grub in the food court?
And the people who love you.
And the people who love you.
And then...
And there was this crazy snowplow...
And they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks.
And to wrap up tonight's forecast...
And wander around aimlessly looking for the perfect gift?
And you ruined it.
And, Santa, you shake that bowl full of jelly!
Are you OK?
At least not much is broken.
At this grand, stately mansion, three kids decked the halls
Attention, everyone. Time for dessert.
Aw, come on, Pluto.
Aw, good times, huh?
Aw, Minnie, you're going to love it.
Aw, Murray, do it for Donner, OK?
Aw, no.
Aw, no. You're going to be great.
Aw, Pluto... if only I hadn't yelled at you.
Aw, shucks.
Aw, who's my pal?
Aw. Who's my pal? Who's my pal?
Awesome Christmas, Dad! This is great!
Back up on the shelves.
Be careful!
Be good this year, see? And have a merry Christmas.
Be patient.
Became reality
Because Pluto broke it.
Before closing.
Bells and holly mean little...
Beneath the wreaths of green
Best friends. Finale?
Better get ready.
Blitzen, wait. I've got another genius idea.
Boy, that's bad on the ear.
Boys, I want to tell you something important.
Boys, please!
Boys! How could you?
Boys! There are more presents back here!
Brings me one step closer to you
But can both share the stage with the lights shining bright?
But could you just try to prove
But Donald just wants peace and quiet this yule.
But embarrasses Max with his pratfalls each year.
But he can be a bit clumsy...
But he lost the key to the men's room.
But he wasn't in his doghouse...
But I sent him to therapy, and he got better.
But I think something's wrong with your dog.
But leave me some Christmas cheer.
But made Christmas magic by thinking of others.
But Minnie said I shouldn't.
But not a dog.
But now Max has grown up, will Dad still play the fool?
But Santa lives way up at the North Pole.
But soon they may wish they'd shown more self control...
But the only gift I need
But the only gift I need
But when decking the halls, if your master says, "Sit"...
But when they danced together, they came out on top.
But you're missing the point.
Can he enjoy Christmas...
Can I have some cocoa, too?
Careful, careful.
Careful, Donald!
Catching hopes and dreams
Christmas is ruined!
Christmas is ruined.
Christmas is ruined...
Christmas is the time to be with family and friends...
Christmas is the time to be with family and friends...
Clean up in action figures.
Cleaning up our act by tomorrow or going to the North Pole?
Close, but we still failed.
Come in.
Come on inside, son. We'll make cookies...
Come on, boys.
Come on, come on, come on!
Come on, Donald. Hurry up, before the ice melts.
Come on, everybody!
Come on, everybody. Let's go inside.
Come on, Murray.
Come on, Uncle Scrooge. Give us just one little cookie.
Come on, who's my pal?
Come on! Follow that key!
Come on. Together! On the down beat.
Comin' right up.
Dad, please! I'm just going to take a walk.
Daisy, it's perfect.
Day with you
Day with you
Deck the halls with boughs of holly
Dewey! Hey, Dewey, you got the key?
Did I mention you ruined Christmas?
Ding, dong
Ding, dong
Ding, dong
Ding, dong
Ding, dong
Ding, dong
Disaster waiting to happen.
Do something!
Do you think it's a nervous tic?
Don't be such a big old grump.
Don't dawdle, Donald.
Don't get me wrong. He's really funny.
Don't make a big deal out of nothing.
Don't panic! Thank you.
Don't you want to see the Christmas window at Mousey's?
Donald, say something.
Donald, stop being so selfish.
Donald! Where are your manners?
Dong, ding, dong
Donner, I told you never
Donner, you haven't done anything wrong.
Dum dum dum da da dum da da da
Easy for you to say.
Easy, pal.
Emergency! Emergency!
End up miles apart...
Enough reindeer games. Back to the sky, boys.
Even for you.
Every single time you get the chance
Everybody... clap your hands!
Everything's fine
Everything's fine
Except for you, of course, Santa.
Except that.
Excuse me. I'm out of
Fa la la la
Fa la la la
Fa la la la la
Fantastic! Yeah!
Feel like I'm floatin'
Figgy pudding
Find Santa, and we find the key. Back to the map.
Flying dog good idea.
Flying higher on my angel's wings tonight
For cryin' out loud, where's your Christmas spirit?
For cryin' out loud, where's your Christmas spirit?
For me?
Gawrsh! It's freezin' out.
Get it? Because they're short!
Get off the table! Where are your manners?
Get out and stay out!
Get out and stay out!
Get that Aw, perfect!
Give me that, you.
Give me that.
Glad tidings for Christmas
Glad tidings for Christmas
Glad tidings we bring
Glad tidings we bring...