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The Incredible Hulk (2008)

The Incredible Hulk (2008)

The subject of The Incredible Hulk (2008) is indeed a movie. Directed by Louis Leterrier, this action-packed film is based on the iconic Marvel Comics character, the Hulk. Released in 2008, it serves as a standalone entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and is a reboot of the 2003 film Hulk directed by Ang Lee.

In The Incredible Hulk, the role of Dr. Bruce Banner aka the Hulk is portrayed by Edward Norton. Through a compelling performance, Norton captures the inner struggle of a man plagued by a destructive alter ego. Liv Tyler stars as Betty Ross, Banner's love interest, bringing depth and emotion to the role.

The antagonist of the film is General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, played by William Hurt. Ross is relentless in his pursuit of Banner and is determined to capture or eliminate the Hulk at any cost. Tim Roth portrays Emil Blonsky, a British special forces soldier who becomes the Abomination, the Hulk's formidable foe.

The cast of The Incredible Hulk also includes talented actors such as Tim Blake Nelson, who plays a scientist named Samuel Sterns, and Ty Burrell as Leonard Samson, a psychiatrist trying to help Banner control his transformations. The film features notable supporting performances from Christina Cabot as Major Kathleen Sparr and Peter Mensah as General Joe Greller.

The Incredible Hulk stands out for its thrilling action sequences and intense visual effects that bring the Hulk to life in stunning detail. From the opening scenes in Brazil to the climactic showdown in New York City, the film takes the audience on a wild ride full of epic battles and heart-pounding moments.

The movie explores the themes of identity, power, and the consequences of scientific experimentation. Bruce Banner's quest for a cure and his struggle to control his anger and the destructive force within him humanize the character and make him relatable. The film also delves into the emotional complexities of his relationship with Betty Ross, adding another layer of depth to the narrative.

The Incredible Hulk effectively taps into the larger MCU, referencing other characters and events within the shared universe. It features a cameo by Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man, which serves as a precursor to the formation of the Avengers.

With intense action, compelling performances, and a gripping storyline, The Incredible Hulk continues to be a fan-favorite and a significant entry in the MCU. The film's success led to the character's further appearances in subsequent Marvel films such as The Avengers and Thor: Ragnarok.

If you're a fan of the film and want to relive the thrilling moments or enjoy the iconic sounds associated with the Hulk, you can play and download these sounds [here]. Take a trip down memory lane and immerse yourself in the world of the Incredible Hulk with the incredible audio experience provided.

So, whether you want to witness the incredible transformation of Bruce Banner or revisit the exciting battles between the Hulk and his adversaries, The Incredible Hulk delivers an action-packed cinematic journey that will leave you cheering for the big green hero.

A man drank one of those guarana sodas.
A military officer, an Idaho state trooper and possibly two Canadian hunters.
A person with that much power lurking in him.
Absolutely. Okay. The gamma pulse came from the amygdala.
Across the hall, they were trying to arm you better.
All of us.
All right.
All right. Come.
All right. We set to pop?
Alpha team?
An abomination.
An oversimplification, but yes.
And he goes, "Not where you been at."
And he was not alone, sir. We had him.
And he... I go, "So, yeah, I mean, where were you?
And I can't help either one of them.
And I don't feel inclined to step away from it.
And I dusted it off, got 'em doing serious work again, bold work.
And I pulled you one ace.
And if we let it go, we will never get it back.
And if you were, what would it look like?
And it's beautiful.
And local PD have been placed on alert.
And on loan to SOCOM from the Royal Marines.
And something went very wrong.
And that's served me pretty well. So, are we going to do this?
And then something hit us, something...
And we still don't know which is more toxic, the gamma or your blood.
And we'll take the cash, obviously.
And what if you can't?
And when he slips up, we'll be ready.
And you are.
And you've given it.
And, with respect, you should be looking for a team that's prepped and ready to fight,
Any last words?
Anybody else seeing this?
Are you hurt? Let me help you.
Are you okay?
Are you out of your mind?
Are you ready?
Are you telling me you can make more like him?
As far as I'm concerned, that man's whole body is the property of the US Army.
Ask him yourself.
At your discretion, shooter.
Banner's work was very early phase. It wasn't even weapons application.
Basically, we can't use any of this, because they can track all of it.
Because if that thing shows up again,
Because none of our test subjects ever survived.
Betty, I've got to try.
Betty? What's going on?
Between forces of the US military and an unknown adversary
Blonsky and the Major are still inside!
Blonsky, now you're up!
Blonsky, pull back now.
Blonsky, stand down. My daughter's in there!
Blonsky! Not yet!
Blonsky's going in.
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
Breathe. Breathe.
Bruce, I don't understand why we can't just go in there together and talk to him.
Bruce, look at me. Look in my eyes. Please, look in my eyes.
Bruce, wake up. There's something going on.
Bruce! Bruce, look at me.
Bruce! Bruce, stop! Stop! What are you doing?
Bruce! Bruce!
Bruce! Bruce!
Bruce? Bruce, can you hear me?
But clearly it worked.
But he was so sure of what he was onto, that he tested it on himself.
But if you'll just get back on the table,
But it just completely fried them, so we had to go bigger.
But live fire is for backup only.
But that Super Soldier programme was put on ice for a reason.
But this?
But you're being a little paranoid, don't you think?
But, look. We're not strolling into the park for a picnic, here.
Captured this on his cell phone.
Clear everyone out!
Come here.
Come here. Come this way.
Come on, light him up!
Come on, now! Let's go! You're too slow! You drive like a woman!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on! Move, move, move, move!
Come with me.
Coming through.
Cover me.
Cut the other one in half!
Damn it!
Damn it! Give me eyes down there!
Damn it! We'd have had snipers on target in three more minutes.
Delta 4 to Leader! Go, go, go, go, go!
Delta 4 to Leader.
Do it now!
Do it now!
Do not engage! Repeat, do not engage!
Do not lose him!
Do you think a rifle's gonna hurt that?
Doesn't anybody want to talk about what went down in there? 'Cause...
Don't ever speak to me as your daughter again.
Don't go. Don't go.
Drop them!
Emil Blonsky. Born in Russia, raised in England.
Even if everything goes perfectly,
Except the antidote will only take hold once we've achieved a full reaction.
Excuse me. Dr Sterns?
Excuse me. Pardon me.
Fear no good. So emotion and control.
Federal is already monitoring phones,
Find cover!
Fire at him, fire at him!
Fire, goddamn it!
First sign of any side effect,
First thing's first.
For Bio Tech Force Enhancement.
Forgive me, sir?
From who?
Further search for the mysterious "hulk"
General, please!
General, you should hear this!
Get around behind him!
Get her back here!
Get him!
Get out of there, soldier!
Get out.
Get rid of the damn dog.
Gimme that! No!
Give me a real fight!
Glad I could help. Just make it good.
Go live! Go live! Go live!
Go, go, go!
Go, go, go!
Go! Go!
Good. That's good.
Guess it had a little more kick than he was looking for.
Has anyone found out if he has next of kin or family?
Have been added to the SHIELD Operations Database.
Have our people look for a white man at the bottling plant.
He didn't lose us.
He had it on him when he bolted.
He is also implicated in the deaths of two scientists,
He is not one of us.
He made it five years and got across borders without making any mistakes.
He protected her. You almost killed her.
He thought he was working on radiation resistance.
He told me what he wanted to do. He wants it out of me.
He wants to be alone. But see if he's been talking to anybody.
He wants to dissect it so that he can replicate it.
He wants to make it a weapon.
He was a freak accident! The goal is to do it better!
He's a fugitive.
He's fine. This is fantastic.
He's heading 2 7 0.
He's locked in.
He's looking for help and that's how we're gonna get him.
He's not gonna use a damn credit card now.
He's not trying to escape this time.
He's on the ground.
Help the green one, damn it! Which one do you think?
Here we go.
Here you go.
Here's something a bit more interesting.
Hey, pal. I got a delivery on five.
Hey! That's a great punch.
Hold your position!
How do you feel?
How will we get where we need to go on $40 and no credit cards?
How you feeling, man?
Hulk smash!
I can fix this.
I can make it work for a while, but you need...
I can't get too excited.
I can't.
I didn't say I was unwilling.
I don't know how you've done this on your own for all this time.
I don't know what you've been ladling into yourself.
I don't know what you've got inside you already.
I don't know where he's going.
I don't know.
I don't know. In the cave, I really felt like it knew me.
I don't think there's anybody up there.
I don't want to control it. I want to get rid of it.
I give you my word, her safety is my main concern at this point.
I got him!
I got in there before they carted it all away.
I got nothing but marinara now.
I got to tell you, I've been wondering if you were even real.
I got you who I could. Short notice, but they're all quality.
I hate the government just as much as anyone,
I have done this before, you know.
I have.
I haven't spoken to him in a couple of years.