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"Gotcha!" is a thrilling movie that captivates audiences with its mix of action, suspense, and espionage. Released in 1985, this film takes viewers on a wild ride through the world of a college student turned accidental secret agent.

Starring Anthony Edwards as Jonathan, the ordinary college student with an extraordinary adventure awaiting him, "Gotcha!" showcases his transformation from an innocent guy into a spy embroiled in a dangerous international conspiracy. Playing opposite Edwards is Linda Fiorentino, who portrays Sasha, a mysterious and seductive woman who becomes both an asset and a liability in Jonathan's mission.

Directed by Jeff Kanew, "Gotcha!" delivers a perfect blend of comedy and suspense. The movie begins innocently enough with a group of American students traveling to Europe for a friendly game of paintball. However, as Jonathan unwittingly finds himself caught up in a real-life game of espionage, the movie takes a thrilling turn.

Supported by a talented cast, the movie features an array of memorable characters. Jonathan's best friend, Manolo, is played by Jsu Garcia, adding humor and providing support to his unsuspecting friend. There are also notable appearances by Marla Adams as Jonathan's mother, Carole Davis as Linda, and Klaus Löwitsch as Goretsky.

The film's soundtrack perfectly complements the action-packed sequences and intense moments. Songs like "I Got You" by Split Enz and "Kiss Me Deadly" by Lita Ford set the tone for the film, enhancing the audience's experience. You can play and download these sounds here, immersing yourself in the thrilling atmosphere of the movie.

One of the most memorable moments in "Gotcha!" is when Jonathan unwittingly gets involved with the elusive spy ring. He receives a package containing a powerful weapon cleverly disguised as a harmless toy. Unbeknownst to him, his life takes a dangerous turn as he becomes entangled in a web of international espionage. From this point on, the audience is on the edge of their seats as they follow Jonathan's journey from an unlucky student to a resourceful agent.

Throughout the film, "Gotcha!" keeps viewers guessing as to who can be trusted and who might have ulterior motives. As the plot thickens, Jonathan must rely on his wits, instincts, and resourcefulness to navigate through dangerous situations and stay one step ahead of his enemies.

With stunning European locations, sleek action sequences, and a riveting plot, "Gotcha!" is a must-watch for fans of the thriller genre. The film's ability to seamlessly blend comedy and suspense makes it a truly unique and entertaining experience.

Whether you're in the mood for a thrilling adventure, a dash of romance, or simply want to sit back and enjoy a classic 80s film, "Gotcha!" is the perfect choice. With its talented cast, exciting storyline, and a soundtrack that captures the essence of the era, this movie continues to captivate audiences even after all these years. So, grab some popcorn, settle into your couch, and get ready to be thrilled by "Gotcha!".

Note: The sounds mentioned in this text are fictional, and cannot be played or downloaded.

A ha, gotcha Gotcha where I want ya
A courier. A courier.
A hero? A hero.
After I left you in Paris, Sasha and I went to Berlin.
Ah, "Pair noh."
Ah, Dad, I'm sorry. It was in my backpack when I jumped into the moat.
Ah, Jonathan. You sound so far away.
Ah, shit. Oh, just be aware
Ah, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute.
Ahh! What the hell.
Al... Don't say "Al." He says "Mom," you say "Al,"
All over the world, I have been accused...
All right. Calm down. Our address is 444 Flower Street, suite 700.
All right. Move those cars. This is the C.I.A.
Although that thought may be of great comfort...
Always point the gun away from the head and towards the lower flank.
Am I in West Berlin now? You sure are.
And a great big American chocolate shake.
And darts... come into play.
And entering the twilight zone.
And I will meet you there in 45 minutes.
And I will meet you there. Leninallee Station. When?
And I will teach you America.
And I will teach you love.
And I would never make it across the border.
And it's never too late
And it's never too late
And just think. A week in "Paree" and he'll come back sounding just like, um...
And large American french fries,
And love can come
And love can come
And love can come
And love can come from anywhere
And love can come from anywhere
And much, much safer!
And now, uh, America.
And only through my words
And that's like Roman, Ancient Greek,
And the whole thing comes out of my pocket.
And then Napoleon turned it into the biggest museum in the world.
And there she was sittin' in this room drinkin' coffee...
And tight, 18 year old bodies.
And we're going to Berlin. Berlin?
And where are you from? California.
And yesterday will fade
And you are a spy of some sort? No.
And you are so... Czechoslovakian.
And you getcha, getcha got me
And you getcha, getcha got me
And you will come to hotel?
And you're hanging out with the C.I.A. Why should I be upset?
Anybody could come here and say they're the C.I.A. I gotta come to you.
Apples, nuts, raisins... Strudel.
Are you "Shasa"?
As a future veterinarian, you should know that...
As a matter of fact, I gotta go meet my connection.
Auf Wiedersehen.
Aw, damn!
Banicek, Banicek. Yes, one double room upstairs.
Be cool, Jonathan. Don't sweat it.
Be right back.
Be smart
Be smart
Be talkin' to ya later. It's been good talkin' to ya. Keep in touch.
Be there in an hour. Jonathan, l...
Because it is.
Berlin, why? I told you this was working vacation.
Berlin? Yeah.
Bitte schon?
Bitte schon.
Brewster. Cheryl Brewster.
Bring stuff across that you don't know what it is.
Bullfights and Pamplona.
But hey, man. Go for it.
But I am innocent, I tell you. Innocent.
But I got a friend who's in trouble, and I'm on his side.
But I wanted to give you something to remember over Spring Break.
But it is like, how do you say?
But then I go back to the hotel, and somebody'd stolen all my stuff,
But they got everything. All I've got is my passport, camera and plane ticket.
But you are in the D.D.R. You must have a visa for the additional day.
But you just said you weren't doing anything. Mm hmm.
But you look a little tired, dear. I am a little.
But you tell me you like danger.
But, um, I lost him. You were being followed? By who?
Bye. Okay.
Cafe Friedrichstrasse?
Can and will be used against you in a court of law.
Can I talk to you? What for?
Can you give me a ride to the airport? We're going to Hamburg.
Can you tell them that I'm home now and to give me a call?
Can you understand that? Oui.
Chemistry wasn't there.
Cheryl Brewster. The spy from Pittsburgh. That's good.
Cheryl. Cheryl what?
Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on. Nice and easy.
Come on. Let's wait for your boyfriend.
Come on. Move along. No sleeping on public benches.
Come on. See beautiful girls. Stage show, live. Video. No, no thank you.
Come on. What?
Come with me.
Come with me.
Could I come over for dinner tonight? Of course.
Could we go faster?
Could you ever hear me say
Could you give 'em a message? Could you tell 'em I'm gonna be home soon?
D.D.R. "is" East Berlin. It's East Germany.
D.D.R. Money is no good here. You cannot pay, you cannot stay.
Dad, are you kidding? I can't just take this down to Fotomat. It's got spy shit on it.
Dad, I'm getting a special deal through school.
Dad, you gotta listen to me. No, you gotta listen.
Danke schon.
Danke. Bitte.
Danke. Bitte.
Danke. Bitte.
Danke. Wiedersehen.
Deutsches fraulein. No, American "fraulein."
Deutsches fraulein. No, American "fraulein."
Did I say I didn't want to go?
Did they get it? No, they didn't find it.
Did you call 'em?
Did you get my message? Yeah.
Did you lock the door? Yes, of course.
Do I have any messages? For Mr. Banicek?
Do I sound like a spy? I didn't know I was smuggling the film out.
Do not check out of hotel and do not try to find me.
Do not let there be a third.
Do you always travel at such unusual hours of the night?
Do you guys speak English? You bet your ass, man.
Do you have the C.I.A.'s number? It's in the book.
Do you have the film, or is it hidden?
Do you know that you are guilty of serious crime?
Do you take Travelers Cheques?
Doesn't seem very "democratisch" to me.
Don't rush. Does she have a friend?
Don't say it like it's dirty.
Don't take it literally.
Don't tell me. This has to do with that girl, right?
Don't worry about it. Tonight's no good for me either.
Drinking coffee. Yeah.
Du grand vin? Donnez moi, "s'il vous plait"...
Duty officer.
Duty officer.
E Excuse me. You are American "boys eh"?
East Berlin? For what?
English. El Mercado.
Et bon crayon estjaune.
Europe costs a fortune.
Even if it was forjust one day
Every dog eventually has his day.
Everybody has a choice.
Everybody is speaking French.
Everything was going along okay. We were having a great time.
Everything will be okay. Yeah, yeah.
Excuse me.
Excusez moi, madame. I speak English.
Excusez moi, monsieur.
F.B.I. Yeah, I wanna report a following.
Fantastic. Dad, can I borrow your camera?
For how long? For one day.
For somethin'to say
For ten deutsche marks, you can see the most beautiful girls in the world.
For the C.I.A.? I'm very impressed.
For the sun to shine my way
For this.
For this.
Forty five minutes?
Four... Wh... I'm sorry, but the the meter says 200.
From anywhere
From anywhere
From becoming involved in cases of foreign espionage.
From Prague?
Fuck you!
G G G Gotcha
G G G Gotcha
G G G Gotcha
G G G Gotcha
G G G Gotcha
Get in.
Get lost, you creep.
Go ahead. Make my day.
Go back to hotel.
Go back to the hotel?
Go in there and take off your clothes.
Go inside to customs.
Go to "S Bahn" and take the train...
God bless America.
Goddamn it, I'm telling you the truth. You don't know what truth is.
Good afternoon. Welcome to L.A. International Airport.
Good evening, Central Intelligence Agency. May I help you?
Good night.
Gotcha Gotcha where I want ya
Gotcha Gotcha where I want ya
Gotcha Gotcha where I want ya
Gotcha Gotcha where I want ya
Gotcha Gotcha where I want ya
Gotcha Gotcha where I want ya
Gotcha Gotcha where I want ya Ow!
Gotcha where I want ya
Gotcha, and you getcha, getcha got me
Gotcha, and you getcha, getcha got me
Gotcha, and you getcha, getcha got me
Gotcha, and you getcha, getcha got me
Gotcha, and you getcha, getcha got me
Gotcha, and you getcha, getcha, got me
Gotcha, and you getcha, getcha, got me