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Title: Antz - A Revolution Under Your Feet

Year: 1998

- Woody Allen as Z-4195 "Z"
- Sharon Stone as Princess Bala
- Sylvester Stallone as Corporal Weaver
- Gene Hackman as General Mandible
- Jennifer Lopez as Azteca
- Christopher Walken as Colonel Cutter
- Dan Aykroyd as Chip
- Anne Bancroft as Queen
- Danny Glover as Barbatus

Antz is an animated comedy film released in 1998 that takes us into a bustling, underground world inhabited by a determined ant named Z-4195, or simply "Z." Directed by Eric Darnell and Tim Johnson, Antz showcases an impressive voice cast including the talents of Woody Allen, Sharon Stone, Gene Hackman, Sylvester Stallone, and Jennifer Lopez, among others.

In this backdrop, we embark on the captivating journey of Z, an individualistic worker ant who questions his monotonous existence within the highly structured society of the ant colony. Yearning for something greater, Z ventures beyond the colony, unveiling a courageous tale of self-discovery, unity, and standing against societal norms.

Z's life takes an unforeseen turn when he becomes enamored with the captivating Princess Bala. Voiced by Sharon Stone, Princess Bala challenges Z to question the rigid caste system that governs their society. Together, they venture into unknown realms, discovering their worth and the power of their own voices.

Throughout their adventure, Z and Princess Bala encounter a motley crew of fellow ants who all bring their unique personalities and quirks to the story. From Corporal Weaver (Sylvester Stallone), Azteca (Jennifer Lopez), Colonel Cutter (Christopher Walken), Chip (Dan Aykroyd), Queen (Anne Bancroft), to Barbatus (Danny Glover), the voice cast brings these characters to life, adding depth and humor to the narrative.

As Z's journey progresses, he becomes entangled in an uprising against the oppressive General Mandible (Gene Hackman), who aims to create an exclusive utopia while sacrificing the well-being of countless worker ants.

Antz offers a thought-provoking exploration of themes such as individuality, societal conformity, and the power of collective action. Through its witty script and remarkable animation, the film manages to captivate audiences of all ages while delivering a resonating message.

As we delve into the captivating world of Antz, it becomes clear that the film's real strength lies in its ability to entertain with both humor and heart. The outstanding voice cast and exceptional animation breathe life into a story that ultimately emphasizes the importance of embracing diversity, fostering unity, and challenging unjust hierarchies.

For those willing to experience the world "under their feet" all over again, the sounds of Antz can be enjoyed through playing and downloading throughout its runtime. This unique feature allows fans to relive the memorable moments and distinctive voices that make Antz an animated classic.

Whether it's appreciating the humor of Woody Allen's Z, gazing into the enchanting world through the eyes of Sharon Stone's Princess Bala, or feeling the intensity of Gene Hackman's General Mandible, the array of sounds available contributes to a richer, immersive experience.

Antz offers an exciting and inspiring journey that transcends its animated form to bring forth a powerful message. With its talented voice cast, captivating story, and enduring themes, it continues to be enjoyed by fans of all ages.

Play and download Antz sounds here, and rediscover the intricate world that lies beneath our feet, reminding us of the transformative power of unity and the strength in questioning the status quo.

A colony we can be proud of.
A dream of a proud colony.
A fresh start.
A good attitude, even though I'm utterly insignificant.
A little combative at times, but I think we can work on that.
A massacre upon a massacre.
A pure colony. A colony reborn.
A soldier knows that the life of an individual ant doesn't matter.
A stirring speech, General.
A war hero?
A worker? That's impossible. A worker can't do anything, except work.
Absolutely. Wonderful. That's an appealing offer.
Actually, my middle name is Marion, but...
Actually, now that you mention it, there is a certain strangeness to me.
After all, it's not about you.
Against us?
Ah, don't get all sappy about it.
Ah, Princess!
Ah, you've got a fighter's spirit, Bala.
Ah! Me, I'm cuttin' loose.
Ahh. All you think about is yourself.
All my life, I've lived and worked in the big city,
All right, everybody. I want all teams in place,
All right, gentlemen. Time to take your positions.
All right, look, look. Let's be rational about this.
All right, then. Let's wrap this up.
All right. Fine. No problem.
All workers are to report to the tunnel opening ceremonies.
Aloha, dude. Welcome to Insec...
An adorable little insect like you.
An ant that looks Death in the face and laughs.
And And believe me, they will definitely go for
And And what about my needs? What about me?
And as for Z... kill him.
And as further reward for your heroic efforts,
And every one of you will get the day off!
And extraordinary courageousness, you know.
And head back to the colo
And I don't like the way you run this colony.
And I don't like you. The wedding is off.
And I think he's going to try to kill my mother.
And I'm a soil relocation engineer.
And I'm workin' with a new therapist, you know, terrific, absolutely terrific.
And let me assure you, the Colonel is not as understanding as I am.
And my job, don't get me started on, because it really annoys me.
And out here, you can't order me around.
And snicker behind Death's back.
And somewhat overbearing at times,
And that's just what we need to start our new colony.
And the Royal Princess Bala.
And then then again.
And they shoot acid from their foreheads.
And this whole desert thing?
And we can bid final farewell to their kind of incompetence.
And we're just sick about it.
And we're just, like, part of this whole other huge universe that's, like,
And when we've completed this magnificent structure,
And you just happened to find it...
And you know what? It's right back where I started.
And, for cryin' out loud, try to be happy about it.
And, when you get down to it, handling dirt is, you know
And, you know, I finally feel like I've found my place.
And, you know, the guy flew away when I was just a larva.
And... here's the lake.
And... you know, he just died in my arms like that.
Anybody who doesn't meet his quota is going to be downsized.
Are being washed away.
Are you askin' me out to dinner?
Are you kidding? They always go after the new guy.
Are you listening to me out there? I'm a princess,
Are you nuts?
Are you out of your puny little mind?
Aren't you even gonna defend yourself?
Arrest him.
As a matter of fact... it does.
As for your friend Z, why should I hurt him?
As I look out on this magnificent tunnel,
As I was saying, son, you are an ant after my own heart.
As you can see, Your Highness, the battlefield is fresh in his mind.
At 0800 hours, we received word that the termite enemy has mobilized.
At least, they seem to have some fun every now and then.
Attack a termite colony, sir? That's suicide.
Baby love.
Back up, everybody, back up!
Bala and I, incidentally, are thinking of starting a family,
Bala, do we have to argue about this again?
Bala, look, what have you got to lose?
Bala, you must encourage the troops.
Bala! Where've you been? Are you all right?
Barbatus, hang on.
Barbatus, you saved my life.
Be honest, kid. Am I hurt bad?
Beautiful worker girls.
Because I'm gonna try and find your body.
Because you're the one who has to continue my work.
Because Z doesn't give a damn about us.
Because, um, it might be nice if we had a conversation
Believe me, Your Highness, we will spare no effort to bring her back.
Believe me.
Below us right now, the weak elements of the colony
Besides, it's what my waddly kittles would want.
Besides, no one's gonna recognize us.
Big trouble!
Boy likes girl, boy changes underlying social order" story.
Boy, talk about a rough day.
Boy. You really chose the right husband.
Brother, I'm asking the wrong guy here. Look, think for yourselves!
Buckle up, Spanky.
Buddy. Hey, hey, buddy.
But everybody is working full tilt as it is, and
But I have to try.
But I know that he cares about you.
But in spite of your limitations,
But maybe I Maybe I think too much.
But my scouts are on her trail and it's only a matter of time before
But now you can just forget that.
But now, you're a war hero.
But personally, this beats digging.
But the difference is, this time I chose it.
But the point is, I'm convinced the place definitely exists.
But they're gonna seal everybody off in the MegaTunnel.
But this is the perfect time to debrief the private.
But we don't have to work on the tunnel anymore.
But where is he now?
But why me?
But you get to spend all day with those...
But you know what? I can admit it when I'm wrong.
But you said he didn't matter.
But you seem to have a certain weakness for the lower orders I find disturbing.
But you should have seen how persistently he asked for your hand in marriage.
But, considering the options, you go back. Okay? 'Cause I'm going on to Insectopia.
But, listen, you can... share my rations. Whoa.
But, sir. You don't understand.
Buzz off, pawn of the oppressor.
By taking away your rations for the day?
Call me crazy, but...
Can anyone point him out?
Can somebody help me here? Can anybody Hey.
Can't you just once think for yourself?
Certainly, we don't need to send soldiers.
Charmed. Charmed.
Chippie, we have a social obligation to the less fortunate.
Chippie, we have a social obligation to the less fortunate.
Come hell or high water.
Come on, girls. What do you say?
Come on, Z. Help us build a bigger, better colony.
Come on.
Come on. Before you get in trouble.
Come on. Cut him a break.
Come on. The city's deserted. We'd better get outta here.
Come on. We gotta get down there.
Company halt!
Congratulations, soldier.
Course they're all a little, you know, from inbreeding.
Cutter, did you hear me?
Cutter, schedule some private time for me and Princess Bala.
Cutter, we just got word that a termite army has mobilized against us.
Cutter, you're a fine officer.
Damn it!
Damn! Good. Damn good.
Darling, they're poor. They're dirty. They're smelly.
Declared war?
Deeply in... engaged.
Definitely. You were born two seconds after me.
Did I happen to mention that heights make me nauseous?
Didn't we just get out of the water?
Do we need to go through with this?
Do you know how much trouble you can get into
Do you really want to be Mrs. Raving Lunatic?
Don't be scared, kid.
Don't follow orders your whole life.
Don't let me Don't let me go, Z.
Don't make me hurt her. Ow!
Don't tell that tight ass anything, Weaver! Ahh!
Don't we need the queen's approval to declare war?
Don't worry, kid. I'll watch out for ya.
Don't worry, Princess, you'll be back home soon.
Don't worry.
Don't you get it?
Don't you realize I'm out of your league?
Don't you want your aphid beer?
Drown! This tunnel is going to flood.
Eh, you got a problem?
Every ant in this colony is so precious to me.
Every ten seconds for the rest of your life?
Every worker in the colony is here.
Everyone, listen to me!
Everyone, listen to me. We've all been deceived.
Exactly. Do you have the list I asked for?
Exactly. You were a worker.
Excellent. Princess.
Excuse me, please. Tunnel opening ceremonies.
Excuse me, sir.
Excuse me, Your Majesty.
Excuse me! Sorry about that. Excuse me.
Excuse me. You kidnapped me, remember?
Eyes right!
F Fiancée? W W Wait a minute.
Firm grip. Swing hard. Back straight. Concentrate.
Follow me.
Follow through.
For even talkin' about impersonatin' a soldier?
For your information,
Four more days, Cutter. Four more days.
Frankly, I'm beginning to doubt your ability to handle this.
From now on, anyone who falls behind
Fully prepared, ready to seal the doors here and here.
Gee, I think I'm about to become the strong, silent type.