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Noelle is a heartwarming holiday film that was released in 2019. Starring Anna Kendrick, Bill Hader, and Shirley MacLaine, this delightful comedy tells the story of Santa Claus' daughter, Noelle Kringle, as she embarks on an adventure to save Christmas.

Anna Kendrick portrays the charming and endearing character of Noelle Kringle, who has grown up in the North Pole alongside her beloved Santa Claus father and her brother, Nick, played by Bill Hader. Noelle has always embraced the joy and spirit of Christmas but finds herself yearning for something more than just being Santa's daughter.

As Christmas approaches, Noelle's father suddenly passes away, leaving Nick as the heir to the Santa Claus crown. However, Nick is filled with doubt and insecurity, struggling to step into his father's shoes. Noelle, accompanied by her determined and optimistic attitude, takes matters into her own hands to help Nick and save Christmas.

The talented cast also includes the legendary Shirley MacLaine, who portrays Elf Polly, Noelle's witty and wise guide on her journey. Alongside these leading characters, the film boasts an ensemble of talented actors, each bringing their unique charms and personalities to the story.

Noelle takes audiences on a whimsical adventure filled with laughter, heart, and an inspiring message about the true meaning of Christmas. It embraces the holiday spirit and delivers the message that anyone, regardless of gender or preconceived notions, can embody the values and joy of Christmas.

The film's soundtrack adds to the enchantment, featuring catchy and festive tunes that will have you humming along in no time. From lively and cheerful melodies to heartfelt and emotional ballads, the music perfectly complements the story, capturing the essence of the holiday season.

If you're looking to immerse yourself further into the world of Noelle, you have the opportunity to play and download these delightful sounds. Whether you want to relive the joyful tunes that filled the film's atmosphere or simply create a festive ambiance, these songs are sure to bring a smile to your face and evoke the holiday spirit.

As you listen to the enchanting melodies, you can't help but be reminded of the joy and magic that Christmas brings. The power of music lies in its ability to transport us to different worlds, and the Noelle soundtrack does just that.

So, gather your loved ones, curl up by the fireplace, and let the sounds of Noelle transport you to a world of holiday cheer. Whether you're watching the film or simply enjoying the soundtrack, you'll find yourself filled with warmth and a renewed sense of the Christmas spirit.

In conclusion, Noelle is a heartwarming holiday film that captures the essence of the holiday season. With its talented cast, charming story, and enchanting soundtrack, it is a must-watch during the most magical time of the year. So, grab a cup of hot cocoa, cozy up on the couch, and let Noelle transport you to a world where Christmas dreams come true.

Remember, you can play and download these sounds here to keep the holiday spirit alive all year round!

A child wakes up, wants to talk to me, I don't speak their language.
A girl? Santa's not a girl!
A grumpy, bitter, miserable elf.
A hysterical woman...
A little town up north.
A pathetic mall Santa?
About Christmas? How's that possible?
About the perfect Christmas getaway.
About two months ago, we had a guy with a sleigh and a reindeer
After visiting his grandmother in the nursing home.
After you.
Ah! Cousin Gabe.
Ah! Mmm!
Alex doesn't cook.
Alex is into music now,
Alex is spending Christmas with his step dad and my ex, Jessie.
ALEX: Where are you from?
All I have ever done is try to help you.
All right, thank you for being so nice to Alex.
All right.
All right. Good luck in there.
All that matters is what's happening to you.
ALL: Yeah!
Alone. That's a jolly idea.
Also, can we stay here tonight?
Although, this Christmas is a sad one.
Am I supposed to land on the house?
An iPad. You got it.
And a woman who's certain she's Mother Nature.
And a wonderful dad.
And after he passed, my brother was supposed to take over,
And also, iPads.
And always be ready to run away.
And always keep his Christmas spirit up.
And arranging each present with love and care under the tree.
And as for me, I mean, I'm Santa. It's great!
And check this out. Three Weeks To A Jelly Belly...
And do our traditional Sun Ming red and green eggroll thing, but I just...
And encouraging them to do better next year.
And fly the sleigh, and do something really important.
And have the red and green egg rolls.
And he seemed a little overwhelmed. So I mentioned, almost as a joke...
And Helen finally got her vacation.
And her Christmas wish wasn't for herself.
And his father
And how your advice affected Christmas and all of the children in the world.
And I don't know if my brother's okay.
And I feel guilty and...
And I found a Christmas Yoga Class taught by a Nick K.
And I have another patient who's convinced he's Frosty the Snowman.
And I hoped everyone at home had come around to the idea of a girl Santa.
And I hoped everyone at home had come around to the idea of a girl Santa.
And I know Christmas can't solve all our problems.
And I met a woman at a marketplace
And I met this sweet, wonderful boy who has this big heart.
And I see that you don't believe her.
And I think our customers deserve better.
And I thought they might brighten the place up a little.
And I'll find some. I will bring some.
And if you don't, no more pressure. I will leave you alone. I almost promise.
And if you know what Christmas means to you,
And it got me thinking.
And it turns out there's nothing there that says a woman can't be Santa.
And just making everyone feel jolly.
And making your silly cards?
And maybe bring back some new magazines. That's probably what that's about.
And nobody's giving me my Kringle discount anymore.
And now he wants to stay and do yoga,
And now it's my big brother's turn,
And now my brother is Santa Claus. You can start laughing now.
And now my ex wife's...
And our dearly beloved Santa Nicholas, passed away.
And presents are part of it.
And put some butter on it, it gives it this crunchy texture each bite.
And really listening to what they have to say.
And red is totally your color.
And satellite surveillance,
And say, "You're not Santa."
And sell them as reindeer treats, like you said, Helen?
And so do you. I saw you speaking Arabic to Elf Tippy.
And stop eating waffles in bed.
And tell us about his night, and that was my favorite present.
And that looks like, uh, an old guitar.
And that's gonna be your job, okay?
And the big question is: will he be ready by Christmas?
And the world just gets more awful and miserable. So what's the point?
And then Dad would sit with us
And then I made sure to keep a promise I'd made to Alex.
And then I overcompensate and...
And then, Elf Polly, now Aunt Polly,
And throw in a pair of noise cancelling headphones for dad. Great.
And visited a few other places I'd missed,
And was wondering if you knew where Cousin... Santa, you know, was.
And watch some basketball. Like a total loser.
And we have no idea where Santa is.
And we'd hang stockings together.
And we're way, way behind schedule at the workshop.
And when those blue memories start calling
And where are you from?
And why are you wearing a winter hat and mittens in Phoenix?
And you can't keep me safe if you're here and I'm in Phoenix.
And you don't tell anybody who you are or where you came from.
And you know how much your brother depends on you. So you can help him,
And you still get a present from Santa.
And you're very generous with sunblock.
And, um, everybody in the North Pole is really mad at me.
And, um...
And, yes. I know how strange that sounds.
And... I'm sorry.
And... peppermint.
Another boy was rejected because of his failure to floss.
Anyway, here we are.
Are you a part of this?
Are you sure?
As Christmas is just six days away, we must have a new Santa.
As Nick becomes the 23rd Kringle to wear the red hat.
As specified by the Christmas covenant.
As you may know, my cousin Nick, the ex Santa,
Ask him.
At home, he doesn't even go indoors.
At the Desert Ridge Marketplace today.
At the urging of his sister, Noelle.
AUTOMATED VOICE 1: You've got presents.
AUTOMATED VOICE 2: Merry Christmas.
AUTOMATED VOICE 3: Feliz Navidad!
AUTOMATED VOICE: Destination, Phoenix, Arizona.
Aw. Well...
Because for 2,000 years,
Because I kicked a policeman,
Because instead of getting the presents,
Because it allowed us to develop...
Because it reminds them they don't have enough food to eat or a place to live.
Because it's an ensemble.
Because my job depends on not getting caught.
Because we must select the next adult male Kringle
Because you were so mean to Jennie Stalts just 'cause she has a lisp.
Because you're nice. I mean, officially.
Besides, you're the one that told me to go.
BOY 1: What's gonna happen with Christmas?
BOY 2: This never happened before.
BOY: Look, Santa's back!
BOY: Look, there's another Santa!
Bring me back some issues while you're down there.
But Dad always told us that Christmas must go on,
But he left and came to Phoenix,
But he was in charge of putting lights in the tree
But I also met a girl at a shelter who drew these beautiful pictures,
But I can give you $150 in retail merchandise.
But I can't be Santa.
But I got you something.
But I met people for whom it isn't the best day
But I need Miss Kringle on official police business for a second.
But I need you to track him. Okay?
But I overheard it, and oh, my garland, was he right!
But I told you, Jessie and I don't get along.
But I would like to help decide what toys to make,
But I'm here 'cause I'm looking for my brother.
But I'm in the Tech department. And loving it.
But it gives us hope.
But let's keep it between us,
But now, I think it's not just about the presents we get.
But once that happened, I was ready to go to work.
But there's no Santa.
But they might be great.
But they're for all of us to enjoy.
But this time, it was better than ever.
But to get out of here, stop talking about the North Pole,
But we can't take you out looking like this.
But we have to find him because I know,
But we really need you.
But we're not going to a workshop. Are we?
But while I was away, I...
But you guys seem mad.
But you need to Santa up. You've gotta show them who's boss.
But you're gonna get your wish and spend Christmas with your whole family.
By order of the council, the pom pom now rests upon your head.
Can I come in?
Can you not do that, please? Thank you.
Can you see joy?
Can you see love?
Can you see sorrow?
Can you stop, please? Or I will have to have you arrested.
Can you... This is my desk.
Can't go down chimneys. I'm claustrophobic.
Can't treat them like your cuddly pets.
Cheap suit, no one's gonna believe that.
Christmas Eve was always the best night of the year.
Christmas Eve was my favorite night of the year.
Christmas means spending time with Alex.
CLARA: Jake? It's Clara. Open up.
CLARA: Jake? Open up.
Come by the office tomorrow at 9:00. Bring non edible money.
Come on, give me a shot.
Come on.
Come on. Go.
Come on. Thanks, guys. It was...
Come on. Wake up.
COMMENTATOR: Team tracks for Texas.
Congratulations, my boy. It's time to start your Santa training.
Congratulations, Santa.
Could've come in the front door, but he wanted to give us the full treatment.
Crashing all the way Ha, ha, ha!
CROWD: Santa's back!
Cute? That's a common misconception.
Dad always said you never forget your first Christmas as Santa.
Dad passed away five months ago, and I miss him every day.
Dad said, "It's not about what the kid looks like.
Dad, I never told Noelle that.
Dad! The sleigh is amazing.
Dad! You're home!
Dasher nearly broke an antler.
Definitely not one of ours.
Deliriously joyful.
Did I do it wrong?
Did we miss Greece?
Did you fly here all by yourself?
Did you tell Alex that I would spend Christmas with him and my ex wife?