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The Stepford Wives

The Stepford Wives

"The Stepford Wives" is a thrilling and thought-provoking movie that was released in 2004, directed by Frank Oz. Adapted from the classic 1972 novel by Ira Levin, this film presents a chilling tale that takes a critical look at gender roles and feminism within suburban America.

The movie boasts an outstanding cast, led by the remarkable Nicole Kidman as Joanna Eberhart, the main protagonist. Kidman's portrayal perfectly captures the transformation of a strong-willed woman who becomes increasingly suspicious of the idyllic Stepford community. Matthew Broderick takes on the role of Walter Kresby, Joanna's husband, who appears to be actively involved in the Stepford community's sinister conspiracy.

As the story unfolds, Joanna and Walter move from bustling New York City to the seemingly perfect town of Stepford, Connecticut. Joanna soon realizes that something is amiss in this picturesque town, where all the women appear to be impossibly perfect and cater entirely to their husbands' desires. Her suspicions deepen when she befriends Bobbie Markowitz, brought to life brilliantly by Bette Midler, who also begins to suspect the eerie behavior of the Stepford wives.

Kathryn Hahn shines as the sassy and progressively defiant character of Claire Wellington. Hahn's performance adds a touch of humor to the movie as she rebels against the expectations placed upon her by the Stepford community. Glenn Close delivers a memorable performance as Claire's soft-spoken but calculating husband, Mike Wellington, who is deeply invested in maintaining the Stepford wives' loyalty.

The Stepford Wives also features talented actors Jon Lovitz, Christopher Walken, and Roger Bart, each seamlessly embodying their respective roles. Lovitz adds a comedic touch as a flamboyant Stepford husband, while Walken brings his trademark intensity as the enigmatic Stepford creator. Bart portrays the eccentric Roger Bannister, who seems to have a hidden agenda of his own.

Throughout the film, the Stepford wives are portrayed as robotic, submissive, and pandering to the men around them, which challenges traditional gender dynamics. This portrayal raises important questions about the pressure society places on women to conform to idealized standards, while also exploring themes of identity, independence, and the desire for control.

The Stepford Wives captivates viewers through its intricate plot, compelling performances, and stunning visuals. Its suspenseful and satirical nature keeps audiences engaged as they delve further into the mystery behind the Stepford wives. The film provides a critique of the societal expectations placed on women, while also serving as a cautionary tale against the loss of identity in the pursuit of perfection.

If you are intrigued by the themes presented in The Stepford Wives, you can delve deeper by watching the movie or exploring the original novel. Additionally, you can play and download the chilling sounds from the movie, allowing you to immerse yourself further into its eerie atmosphere. Whether it's the sound of a seemingly perfect suburban neighborhood or the unsettling discordance hidden beneath the surface, these sounds will enhance your experience and deepen your understanding of this gripping tale.

In conclusion, The Stepford Wives is a captivating film that challenges traditional gender roles and delves into the desire for control and idealization in society. With a stellar cast and an immersive plot, it offers a thought-provoking experience that is sure to leave viewers questioning societal expectations. So sit back, watch the movie, explore the sounds, and prepare to be captivated by the unsettling tale of The Stepford Wives.

A black family's moving into town.
A change for the better, Walter.
A German Virgo. Their thing is, you know, to serve.
A lot of little ones? Is that fair to say? I mean, is that what you're...?
A messy kitchen. It's beautiful. A home away from home.
Absolutely not.
Absolutely unbelievable.
Actually, we moved here about two months ago,
Admit it, Joanna, I was a joke.
Ah, yes.
All he wanted to do was to please me.
All I ever thought about before was just me.
All of them in the Association.
All of them.
All right, ladies? Got everything you want?
All right, Mommy.
All right, now listen.
All right, you just stay in there, then.
All right?
All right. Bye bye.
All right. Here we go.
All right. Why don't we write the state environmental agency
All right. You're right. Look, that was rude of me.
All they did was sort of confirm my feelings.
Am I crazy?
And a lot of thinking.
And after four months there, be told by my sweet wife we got to move again
And because it's safe, and because I can warm my ass by a real fire.
And believe me, if that's the prize, I'd enter,
And believe me, they'll survive.
And Bobby, my best friend, changed in four months,
And Charmaine changed in four months and ripped up her tennis court.
And Ed joins this Men's Association.
And faked her up to his room.
And give him a hand.
And have them check the water in the reservoir.
And he blamed the city and all its pressures.
And he doesn't have to worry about getting lost.
And he doesn't want to spend his life moving from one house to another.
And he hated any sort of violence. But I kept it going.
And he put his hands on her boobs?
And he's nothing.
And I bet even in Scarsdale, it'd take 45 minutes. Six minutes or so.
And I don't even wanna think what that means.
And I don't know what's going on.
And I found you'd already been looking at a house.
And I found you'd already made a down payment.
And I give him a good home.
And I gotta pay for a new mailbox for the Van Sants.
And I have to tell you
And I know what I'm gonna say is gonna sound crazy,
And I mean, if they're way above average or any good at all,
And I think maybe it's the best I've ever done. And I wanna stick with it.
And I thought there might be something in the water.
And I'm here all the time. I...
And I'm here, and I'm on the New Projects committee.
And if I'm right, it's worse than if I'm wrong.
And if it's hard on the kids,
And in a few days,
And it could be making its way to us.
And it's got some chemical tranquilliser in it and... Well, read.
And it's quite obvious you've already joined.
And labs. Who knows what?
And lke was there, and...
And now he's going to get it.
And now I want to move out.
And once, by mistake, I happened to hear them making love,
And reminisce about the good old days.
And she was carrying on incredibly, like he was some kind of God's gift.
And so have all those other women's club members.
And that can hurt.
And that doesn't leave me with a whole lot of extra time.
And that was Mrs Frank.
And that's that.
And that's what convinced me.
And the Easy On people asked me would I do a commercial,
And the housewife with the neatest place
And the tag sale together at the same time.
And the women all look neat and pretty.
And then get it to a trustworthy chemist.
And then you don't talk to me.
And there were only 13 in El Paso.
And they asked me if I wanted to join. And I said, yes, I did.
And this guy is still in New York, then he's our man.
And this here's easy to operate. Just push the switch and talk into it.
And this is just standard vocabulary.
And those are someone else's, my best friend's little boys.
And we had a gag, a sort of stupid, private thing going.
And we had a gag, a sort of stupid, private thing going.
And we had the first women's club
And we had the most terrific time.
And we were buying our kids shoes. And I got to talking, and she said,
And we're not after you to change your whole lifestyle,
And what you're saying isn't you.
And you're not going to leave Stepford either, are you?
And you've got to think so too.
And you've just got to tell me,
And your husband wants you to see me because...?
And, oh, I knew I shouldn't have touched the stuff.
And, well, it's best for you. You know, I mean, you got more space here.
And, yes, very.
Any move is traumatic, and a city to suburbs move
Any of the rest of you wanna have an accident,
Any soft core porno like you, so it's dull by comparison.
Any...? Anybody else want a nightcap?
Anybody have any questions?
Anyway, I saw your name here.
Anyway, I think if I look in the phone book
Apparently, it's the thing to join.
Are two teenage boys with permanent erections.
Are you two fighting?
Aren't they good?
At The Plaza, some guy tried picking me up in the lobby.
Avid shutterbug, ex Gothamite who misses the noise of the naked city?
Because he can take walks by himself,
Because I had to get them into some sort of shape for you to see
Because I think they're an improvement,
Because I used to work at Disneyland.
Because I'm not too anxious to move to Eastbridge
Because she doesn't like the way her neighbours keep their houses clean.
Because we can.
Before I pay off the mortgage.
Before that, we lived in Manhattan.
Before the Men's Association took it over, it was a wreck.
Believe me, I know that it's unfair and sexist,
Besides, I'm just swamped with work.
Bobby and I tried to involve her in one of our projects,
Bobby Markowe buys a new bra,
Bobby really has changed. Believe me.
Bobby, stop it! Look at me. Say I'm right.
Bobby, you're not at The Plaza now, so why are you wearing all that makeup?
Bobby. Bobby, listen.
Boy, am I game!
But apparently, it's gonna be changed in, oh, six months or something.
But doesn't it ever bother you that the most important organisation
But how do I amuse them?
But I did, and I'm sorry I ruined it all.
But I guess most of them just plain got bored.
But I wouldn't see them.
But I'd stick a little closer to home.
But I've got three kids, and the oldest is 6.
But if you laugh at it, I swear to God I'm gonna be sick.
But maybe if we're lucky, we can get into something more constructive.
But nobody will tell what the contest rules are.
But she had too much ironing.
But she won't take pictures, and she won't be me.
But Stepford, I know, has a reputation for being unsocial.
But still...
But that year, there were 242 murders in Dallas.
But the women in Stepford just seem to be on a different wavelength.
But then, you're new here, and Stepford wasn't ruined in a day.
But then, you're new here, and Stepford wasn't ruined in a day.
But there's one condition, or we don't go anywhere.
But they could certainly use something around here.
But this is a pretty quiet town.
But Truro, Massachusetts, is this sort of elephant's graveyard
But we're not supposed to delve quite so specifically into housework.
But what fascinates me is,
But what's that got to do with you going crazy?
But you do go out sometimes, don't you?
But you want me to disrupt our lives for the second time
But, frankly, anything that gets him out of the house nights is fine with me.
But, oh, I did meet some of the other Stepford commuters.
Bye bye.
Bye, kids. See you.
Cakewalk is not a dance.
Can I have some more coffee, please?
Can I leave the kids here a bit while I go look for him?
Can seem like a jaunt to Siberia.
Can you believe all this?
Can you sleep?
Can't arrive in Stepford loving housework.
Changed me? What's that mean?
Charmaine won't hear of him going back.
Charmaine's changed, Carol Van Sant's changed,
Claude Axhelm.
Clearly, you are a crazy lady, but clearly, again, these are nice.
Come back and see us.
Come on back here now. Don't give me a hard time!
Come on, Daddy's waiting. Yes, you may. Come on, come on.
Come on, Ed, let me drive.
Come on, Fred. Come on, Fred.
Come on, Freddie, you want a little water here, huh?
Come on. We'll just go and get a little coffee.
Commuters and townies. I mean, everybody,
Cornell call you? Yeah, yeah.
Dallas is over two times as big as El Paso,
Dave bought it for me for the weekend. He spent a ton on me.
Dave brought us here because of land values.
Dave works hard all day long, and what does he come home to?
Dave wouldn't miss.
Dave's working late, so I shooed my boys off with friends
Definitely. I'm sure she's got a lot to contribute.
Did anybody say something to upset you?
Did he do it on Blue Cross?